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New Power Rangers Set Photos Feature Rita Repulsa And Becky G

Matthew Dandridge | PopWrapped Author

Matthew Dandridge

07/23/2016 8:10 am
PopWrapped | Movies
New Power Rangers Set Photos Feature Rita Repulsa And Becky G | Power Rangers
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Power Rangers was the TV show that many of us millennials watched in the morning before we went to school or ate our Frosted Flakes.

Since Hollywood is currently in the golden age of film remakes and reproductions, it is no surprise that Power Rangers is now officially a silver screen movie set to hit theaters in 2017.

Recently Entertainment Weekly (known for their exclusive movie photos) released a gritty set picture featuring Elizabeth Banks and Becky G. Elizabeth Banks is playing the movies main villain as she takes on the classic and infamous role of Rita Repulsa.

Power Rangers

Rita Repulsa (as you can see from the picture above), is in an action sequence with Becky G, who is taking on the role of "Trini," the Yellow Ranger.

Becky G, who is most well known for her part in the TV show Empire, got to speak with Entertainment Weekly first hand as she stated what it was like to film such an intense scene.

Entertainment Weekly states:

 Things aren’t looking so great for Trini in this photo. Why is Rita after her?

Becky G responds:

Rita tries to make Trini feel like she’s the weakest link of the Power Rangers, and she feels it’s easiest to go for her. Rita’s the type to play a lot of mind games, and Trini’s [thinking], “Can I really overpower Rita Repulsa or can I not?”

Becky G even did a little of her own stunt work, as she said her own stunt double had to walk her through it as her body actually broke the wall behind her:

Becky G:

". . .I got to run through the wall a couple of times. I got thrown up against it and I got to break it myself. My stunt double of course was there, talking me through it, but I was really, really excited. It was a bit intimidating for me because, you know, it’s Elizabeth! I look up to her a lot as an actress, so getting to work one on one with her is really cool. I learned a lot, and there were moments when I had to hit her, and I was like, “Oh my God, I hope I don’t actually hit her!” She really let me be hands on in a lot of the fighting, so it was cool."

While Power Rangers is still over a year away, fans have grown steadily more excited for the new film as multiple theories and rumors have emerged.

One of the most popular rumors to emerge is that Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks character), is actually the fallen Green Ranger who is a missing vital piece from the current cast of the movie

Power Rangers

As you can see from the photo above, the Green Ranger is completely missing from the Power Rangers crew. On top of the missing Green Ranger, Rita Repulsa's satanic uniform does kind of resemble one of a fallen Green Ranger.

Power Rangers

While the missing Green Ranger may not be Rita Repulsa at all, the theories certainly seem to show the excitement Power Ranger fans have as they hope this new movie will bring back the nostalgic feelings they all deserve.

Power Rangers is set to hit theaters March 24th, 2017.


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