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PopWrapped | YouTube

A New Thor In Town? YouTuber Builds Mjölnir Replica Only He Can Lift

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

Updated 10/19/2015 4:59am
A New Thor In Town? YouTuber Builds Mjölnir Replica Only He Can Lift | Mjölnir
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Despite the various different versions of Mjölnir that people may see in stores or at Comic Con, Thor's hammer shouldn't be something just anyone can handle.

Only very few people in the Marvel Universe can technically wield Mjölnir, including Thor (of course) and Captain America, but one fan was able to put his brains to the test to show that only he was worthy - through science.

YouTuber Sufficiently Advanced built his own version of the God of Thunder's Hammer that only he could lift. His hammer's secret? A built in electromagnet from an old microwave and a thumbprint reader that only deactivates when his thumb print is scanned. So when taken to the streets, it wasn't surprising to see people rise to the challenge.


Many tried, and failed, to lift Mjölnir from the various places he challenged them to lift it. Although the little girl might be the next Captain America since she was able to make it budge just slightly like in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

This was probably one of the best Mjölnir replicas I've ever seen and somewhere in the multiverse, Tony Stark is super pleased with this YouTuber.


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