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New Website Helps You Find "Furry" Friends

Margie Patton | PopWrapped Author

Margie Patton

03/23/2015 4:17 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
New Website Helps You Find
Media Courtesy of Ace of Geeks
More and more people are holding their large, cartoon animal heads high and coming out in public as proud Furries. Furries are simply creative people who love to dress up in full body anthropomorphic animal mascot costumes. Many Furries often design or hand make their own one-of-a-kind costumes, and most create alter ego "fursonas" based on their chosen character. Once a more hidden and fringe pursuit, now many participants are taking their fursuits "out of the closet" and sharing their hobby with the world. Furry conventions and parties such as AnthroCon and Eurofurence attract thousands of attendees and take place all over the world. And now, with a new website called Furrymap, you may be able to find a Furry to hang out with right in your own neighborhood! Furrymap lets Furries share their information and locations to facilitate finding fellow enthusiasts in any given area. So far 7,476 users are connected to the site. You also needn't worry if the creativity and fun of Furrydom appeals to you, but you don't necessarily want to dress up yourself. Much like most other types of cosplayers, Furries have open arms and open hearts for anyone who appreciates what they do. So get a hug from a Furry! It'll definitely be a soft and cuddly one!

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