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New York New York! See What Happen's When "Glee" Heads To The Big Apple

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04/01/2014 11:18 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
New York New York! See What Happen's When
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Christa Tintelnot

Staff Writer


Hey Gleeks! Who is ready to leave Lima behind and settle in New York? This week on Glee, we find ourselves a few months following graduation. Random Glee fact: This is the first episode in the history of the show to not have any scenes in McKinley! Let's begin... The "New New York" episode starts on Broadway, right outside of the "Funny Girl" theater. Rachel is stopped by Sydney, and as a thank you for all that she has gone through, he gives her access to a car and driver, 24/7. Once in the car she begins to sing "Downtown" (a favorite of mine) by Petula Clark. She is soon joined by Kurt, Artie, Blaine, and Sam singing at different points of the city. Rachel meets up with the guys, tells them about the car, and it is revealed that she has moved back into the loft before they head off to lunch in her new ride. Unfortunately, the driver tells them that the truck, and front seat are full, so they don't have room for Artie's chair. Presumably the next morning, Blaine and Kurt are in bed, and we see Blaine getting up to make breakfast. They have a very cute conversation about their relationship and break into song, "You Make Me Feel So Young" by Frank Sinatra as they do their morning chores and get ready for their day. Everything seems perfect until Sam comes in after a run, takes some ice cream and heads off screen. Kurt tells Blaine that Sam has to go... We then meet up with Artie who seems to have getting around the city in his chair down to a science...until he gets his laptop stolen on the subway. Back to the loft, Sam is playing video games when Blaine comes in...and Sam guesses they want him to move out. Blaine says he knows Sam's work has been slow, but Sam definitely seems to have issues getting auditions because he looks like "a dirty hippy", according to his agent's secretary, Pam. Sam gets angry and says he hates New York, everyone is rude, and it's easier if you stay inside. Blaine makes him change clothes, the go outside, and start singing "Best Day of My Life" by American Authors. Next we find Kurt and Blaine in some type of miming class. They are bickering a bit, first about Sam, but the scene indicates Blaine might be smothering Kurt. Sam gets the next scene, and he is getting his gorgeous little ponytail cut... *sad face*...but he looks good. Back to the loft, Artie is on the phone reporting the theft of his bag and laptop. Kurt is trying to help, but Blaine is using the Soda Stream at the same time. Rachel comes in, acting a bit like a first she seems quite concerned about Artie's ordeal, but then she shares a story about how she felt violated (she wasn't) and vulnerable (she wasn't) because she accidently gave a homeless man $10 instead of $1, and asked for it back. *sigh* Thankfully Artie calls her out...and Kurt looks like he is about to lose it. Apparently Kurt escapes the chaos of the apartment as we next see him with Elliot at the music store. He tells him that they were up all night disinfecting the loft because Blaine brought home a couch with bedbugs in it...and he admits that he is feeling smothered by Blaine. Elliot gives him great advice; then they start singing "Rockstar" by A Great Big World. We return from commercial to see Rachel in her car, and her voiceover talking about how she might be losing who she is, and she knows she isn't getting any real life experience like other Broadway greats. So, she asks the driver to let her out, and he does, right in the middle of Chinatown. Back at the loft, Blaine is planning out a loft floor plan. Sam comes in, revealing his new cut. He announces he booked a new modeling job for men's underwear called Bubble. He also says he is moving out. Blaine seems sad. Meanwhile, Kurt walks in and totally loses it about the floor plan. They get in a pretty major fight. (*sad face* #2 for the night) Artie isn't fairing much better on the mean city streets. Next we see Blaine confronting Elliott and asking him to admit he is trying to steal Kurt away. He tells Elliott to back off. Elliott tells Blaine he is wrong; Kurt loves him, Elliott isn't interested and then gives Blaine great advice. (Wondering if I can hire Elliott as my friend) On the street again, Artie and Rachel meet up. She tells him that she has had an epiphany; he's right, and she wants to live in the world, not be sheltered from it. She convinces him to take the subway...and they sing "Don't Sleep in the Subway" by Petula Clark. We then find ourselves in Sam's new place. He has a roommate named Sam...and she is pretty gorgeous. Again, back at the loft, Blaine walks in, and he and Kurt begin to talk. Blaine wants to move out and take a step back. Kurt isn't sure that's what he wants. They aren't looking at this as a step back; they are still apparently together, and engaged, and going to have hot make up sex... At Sam's new digs, Sam is trying to impress Sam with impressions...and she loves them...but she might be high. (She was cute, but she is also a pill pusher...and now I don't like her.) Back at the loft again, Rachel and Artie come in, presumably post make up sex, and they are seems as if they see the guy that mugged Kurt on the subway. Artie proceeded to mace him, the guy got arrested, and he got his laptop back. Kurt and Blaine tell them that Blaine is moving out, but it will help their relationship. Sam is there too, and announced that he has moved perhaps he and Blaine can move in together. Then Mercedes (?!) walks in. She is in New York too! Next scene, we see Blaine and Kurt moving a sofa into an apartment, and Sam and Mercedes inside...alone. She tells him that she was lonely, so she decided to come to NYC with the rest of her friends. She offers to rent out her extra room to Blaine and Sam...and apparently their attraction is still alive and well. *eyebrow raise*. At the theater, Rachel is singing "People" from "Funny Girl" on an empty stage with scenes from the rest of the New York gang helping Mercedes move in, exploring the city and hanging out together as friends.

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