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Nick Teti: Making Music With Meaning

Stefanie | PopWrapped Author


03/21/2015 9:29 pm
Nick Teti: Making Music With Meaning | Nick Teti
Media Courtesy of MTV
In this day and age, it isn’t very hard to find new music. All you have to do is hop onto Twitter, search the catch phrase "music" and thousands of people’s opinions on music will pop up. It’s always great when you come across something like this: Music with meaning. Music that sparks conversation and really makes you think. It was intriguing, and curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to check it out. Now, I’m calling on you to let you know that you should click play, too. The song is powerful and brings awareness to just how serious food allergies can be.
Nick Teti wrote the song, “Coming Home," after he went to visit Chantel Giacalone at her home in Detroit, Michigan. He went through a wide variety of emotions seeing her in her current state and wondered what he could do to make things better. Teti decided to write a song about her story, something to try to communicate with her to let her know that everyone is still there for her and cheering her on to finally make her way “back home.” The meaning behind the song initially may not make sense to you, but there’s a story to be heard. Teti hopes that his song will bring awareness to food allergies, celebrate the life of his friend and serve as a pathway of communication with her. Chantel Giacalone has a severe peanut allergy. It’s a deadly allergy that has left her in vegetative state. She is unable to talk, walk or communicate, and she lives in her family’s makeshift hospital room that is set up in their dining room. It’s been 2 years since she accidentally ingested peanut butter and she needs care 24/7. This is how doctors say she will spend the rest of her life and she’s only 28. She still has her whole life ahead of her.

How did something like this happen? Are food allergies really that serious?

Back in 2013, Chantel was in Las Vegas working at a convention. She had ice cream as a snack, on top of that ice cream was a pretzel infused with peanut butter. As soon as she discovered the ingredient, she immediately spit the pretzel out, but it was too late. Chantel’s throat was already closing up and the initial EpiPen shot she received did not help. The additional shots administered to her in the ambulance failed to provide relief as well. The next course of action was placing her in a medically induced coma to let the swelling in her brain go down. She remained in the coma for 10 days until doctors tried to administer their first doses of medication to bring her out of it. Unfortunately, nothing was able to bring her out of the coma. For several months, Chantel laid in a hospital in Vegas and eventually did wake up. She was taken off of the respirator that she was on, but the reaction, medication and more had left her in a vegetative state. Since she has been out of her coma, a trust was set up in her name, and Chantel was flown home to her family in Detroit. Today, the trust remains open, and is always accepting any donations and support. For more information about Chantel or her recovery, please visit here.

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