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Nicolas Brendon And Emma Caulfield Discuss Their Time On 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

09/11/2014 2:12 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Nicolas Brendon And Emma Caulfield Discuss Their Time On 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' | Buffy The Vampire Slayer
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Emma Caulfield and Nicholas Brendon sat down with BrisbaneTimes to talk in detail about their time on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and how the show has impacted everyone. Caulfield, who played beloved snarky vengeance demon Anya, says if social media had existed (or have been as big as it is today) Buffy would have attracted its own media frenzy. Caulfield observed that "it would have been an even larger cultural phenomenon with the presence of media like that. Just the power alone that would give the creators and the network to keep moving probably would have pushed past the 'cult' section." I wholeheartedly agree. Don't get me wrong, Buffy is an iconic show that is remembered to this day (and will definitely be remembered for decades to come) but if it had the social media exposure that beloved series such as Supernatural and Game of Thrones get, then it would have become an even larger phenomenon--the possibilities would have been endless. Nicholas Brendon, who played one of Buffy's "ordinary" best friends Xander Harris, admits that the closest they got (in terms of social media) was by checking internet fan forums at head honcho Joss Whedon's house where they watched each episode that aired. Brendon recalls that they shot in Santa Monica and it felt "just like a family, like we were doing a high school play almost, just with cameras. It was so special to see our hard work pay off. I miss that camaraderie, the family aspect of it." The impact that Buffy had on not only pop culture but audiences as well did not go unnoticed. Caulfield mentions that the show is fast becoming like Star Trek: even 11 years after the show concluded, fans are still re-watching the show, and parents are introducing their kids to not only the show but the themes showcased in the series, such as friendship, isolation, growing up, and redemption. "It has been a very strange slow burn that oddly keeps growing into a bigger and bigger flame," Caulfield muses. Brendon and Caulfield recall regularly hearing from fans who confessed that Buffy helped them get through tough times. Caulfield, clearly amazed and thankful, said "I still am very touched and blown away by the level at which that show affected people, like 'You saved my life', It's a lovely gift." Brendon also credits Buffy for teaching him valuable lessons, as well as helping him and other people get through difficult times and circumstances. "People who are suicidal, helping them get through the death of a loved one, or even fighting off addiction," Brendon says, and mentions his own struggles, "That's something I've been struggling with for ten years, the addictiveness of drugs and alcohol, so helping people do that as well [is great]." Brendon also confesses that Sarah Michelle Gellar was the one who taught him how to stand on a mark and which camera to look at for a particular scene. Brendon is currently writing for the Buffy comic series which has gone on for a successful eight, nine and ten season arc. Brendon also comments that he would love to do anything Buffy related but it all depends on Joss Whedon who is super busy with his successful Avengers franchise. Caulfield, who had been on the verge of quitting acting, got a guest spot on Buffy that ended up as a series regular! "Luckily they hired me and didn't let me go...the next thing I know five years went by," Caulfield said. The series would not have been the same without Emma Caulfield! I literally can't imagine anyone else playing the role of Anya. So kudos to the crew of Buffy who chose to keep Caulfield around! Now Caulfield dreams of being hired for an Australian television productions. "Could somebody, yes, I am willing to do anything," she said, "Please bring me to Australia." That concluded Brendon and Caulfield's interview. I wish we got more interviews like this, because for fans of the show (such as myself) its nice to here the cast and crews thoughts on the series. I pray to the old gods and the new that Whedon will eventually orchestrate a much needed Buffy reunion special. If you have not seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer or its sequel series Angel then please do yourselves a favor and watch both shows, you will not regret it!

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