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Nintendo Announces The Discontinuing Of Several Amiibos

Austin Cook | PopWrapped Author

Austin Cook

12/19/2014 12:09 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
Nintendo Announces The Discontinuing Of Several Amiibos | amiibos
Ebay and the internet have exploded with the news that Nintendo is discontinuing the Villager, Marth, and Wii Fit Trainer amiibos. The Villager and Marth amiibos are already selling on Ebay for upwards of $60 and the Wii Fit Trainer is climbing north of $35. Other amiibo news that hasn’t hit articles yet is that Toys R Us has already sold out of their exclusive Lucario amiibo. This means anyone who wanted this amiibo and hasn’t preordered yet will have to pay the ridiculous price that people will demand for this on Ebay. What does this mean for amiibos, and why is Nintendo doing this? These are the two questions I had as I saw prices soar into ridiculous amounts. Amiibos were something I was going to buy slowly as I leveled my other ones up to 50, but if they are going to continually discontinue random amiibos, then I need to buy them faster. Doesn’t this ruin the fun? I was going let people buy the Villager for me as a Christmas present, and I was going to pick up Marth after I had completely leveled my other amiibo, but now this is not a possibility. By discontinuing these figures so soon after launch, Nintendo is creating a demand for the next wave. This, however, is shooting themselves in the foot, because now people that wanted these three amiibos are unable to purchase them thus forcing Nintendo to forfeit the profit they would have made from the sales. With the constant discontinuation of items and creating limited stock, like the Gamecube adapter, they are only creating a higher profit margin for people who are buying up these items to sell on Ebay. I can forgive discontinuing amiibos once the new wave hits but killing these figures off so soon is only hurting Nintendo and their fans. In better news, the rumors were going around that Nintendo was also going to discontinue the Gamecube adapter for the Wii U have been dispelled, and the company assured the public that it they are still being produced.

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