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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

No 'Mercy' is Taken This Week on Revenge

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/20/2013 11:42 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
No 'Mercy' is Taken This Week on Revenge

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues

Staff Writer

This week on Revenge, Emily is not the only one in the Hamptons with little mercy to spare. Due to everyone’s’ personal vendettas and revengeful plans, things really start to unfold in the Hamptons this week. For the first time, Emily and the Grayson’s are not the only ones with plans to put in action. Jack has had enough sitting on the sidelines, and this week the cute and mainly innocent bartender insists on being involved in Emily’s plans. Bad move Jack, in case you haven’t noticed. Emily’s plans haven’t exactly been going as planned. Last episode ended with an epic car accident leaving Priest Paul dead, and Conrad with some bumps and bruises. Looks like Conrad won’t be confessing to his part in David Clarkes arrest and murder after all. After being rushed to the hospital, Paul is named dead, Conrad gets a few stitches, and Emily confirms Conrad was in fact not at the wheel during the accident, and therefore is not at fault.  We can assume Emily prepared to change that story once she met with the authorities. Until… Whoops. Being the darling fiancee he is, Daniel makes a statement on behalf of Emily to clear his father’s name. In retaliation, Emily shares a tell-all comment for a piece on Daniel ran in his upcoming magazine.  Did we mention the two are supposed to be getting married in eight weeks? Given how the two duked it out this episode, and Emily’s failure to really share with Daniel why she wants to marry him, we are not so sure about that summer wedding anymore. However that haunting flashback does show Emily in a wedding dress…so many questions. Daniel isn't the only Grayson looking out for himself and his family. Victoria faces the facts she is broke and her husband is a ticking time bomb (pun intended), so she tries to nab a job at her old friends art gallery.  This sounds painfully working class of Victoria, so obviously she has a plan. With the help of Patrick, Victoria ends up exiling her old friend and claiming the whole art gallery as hers. Yeah, that sounds a little more like her. Right. Patrick. Well, Victoria’s always-shirtless, long lost son seems to be pretty keen on helping his mommy. Still, there is something about him we can’t put our finger on it. Good think Nolan was able to. Put a finger on it that is. Nolan is up to something, and it definitely entails getting close to Patrick. Very close. By the end of the episode the two share quite the kiss, but we are not convinced either party is genuine. Nolan is up to something, and you can’t blame him after his last two love interests have died. Patrick also seems to be conniving…as Victoria’s son, how can you not? Still, the two are pretty cute and we can’t wait to see what both have planned for the other. All our favorite Hamptonites seem pretty busy this weeks episodes, especially Aiden. When the double agent finds out Emily told Jack who she really was, sparks of jealousy were basically flying out his ears. The shocking ending? Emily tells Aiden someone tampered with Conrad’s car, so Aiden takes it upon himself to tell Conrad his discovery. Oh, and he says Jack Porter is trying to kill him.  Conrad has finally found out he is not a dying man, so he will be back and with bigger and badder plans to hatch - getting Jacks head on a platter. Great. Good. Thanks Aiden. NOLANISM OF THE NIGHT: “Sweet chord of connectivity”


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