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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

No 'Surrender' of Power This Week on Revenge

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/08/2013 11:33 pm
PopWrapped | Television
No 'Surrender' of Power This Week on Revenge
Media Courtesy of ABC

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues

Staff Writer

This week's episode of Revenge was a special one, because this time we have been waiting for three weeks instead of just one. It’s a good thing we hung in there because boy was this episode a doozy. This week on Revenge we get to see the aftermath of Lydia’s surprise resurrection. It turns out, her revival was just as big a shock to Emily and Victoria was it was to us. Unsurprisingly, this was more of a pleasant surprise than anything for Conrad. We now know that Lydia is Margaux’s source for her big profile piece on Conrad. Naturally, Margaux wants to protect her source, but Lydia doesn’t want protection. She wants to get even. She concocts a plan to get Conrad in her hotel room, and expects him to say something incriminating. She plants a voice recorder in her hotel room but Conrad is all sunshine and roses (we know, how uncharacteristic). While it seems Conrad is ready to pick up where the two left off, Lydia is not sure what her next move is. Oh. Right. It’s sex. Her news move is rekindling her relationship with Conrad in the most biblical of ways. Of course, we wonder if her motives are genuine. It’s Revenge, you never know. Margaux, however, always seems to know everything and have every minute detail under wraps. The stunning French journalist is pulling her sources together and digging up some dirt on Conrad. Nolan gives her a lead, but Jack is less approving. Jack explains to Margaux just what she’s getting into by digging into Conrad. Still, she remains fearless. Did we mention we love this kick-ass character? Sarah, while a little less head strung than Lydia, actually seems to know what she wants. After her steamy make out session with Daniel, Sarah has decided she will only stay with her first love if he dumps his fiancée. Sounds fair, no? Problem is, Emily is pregnant. Well, at least that’s what she’s telling people. Emily and Daniel are caught up in press for the wedding, but Daniel is more and more distant is as he pushes harder for a good feature on the wedding for the magazine. Daniel tries to keep Emily’s pregnancy under wraps to keep it from Sarah, but when Emily strategically shares the news with Victoria, the secret comes out. When Sarah finds out, she takes back her ultimatum. There’s no denying Sarah is a character to sympathize with. She loves Daniel but accepts they are not meant to be. She will not be a home wrecker, nor will she allow a child to be born into a broken home. Daniel shares the sentiments, and the two break ties. Is it bad that’s almost sad? The two obviously have real feelings for one another and it doesn’t take a genius to spot the tension and distance between Daniel and Emily. Unfortunately, real happiness for Emily, Daniel, and Sarah, has to be sacrificed for the ultimate event on Em’s revenge to take place. However, there are signs of hope this week on Revenge. We are happy to report that the grown up Charlotte we loved so much at the beginning of the season has returned. The youngest Grayson finally comes around and tells her mother that she will meddle no more. She plans on moving out and removing herself from the drama. She saw how much pain her meddling caused and has decided she will scheme no more. If only Victoria would follow suit. Instead, she returns Emily’s wedding invite not-so-kindly declining the invite. Sorry…what? This may be the curve ball of the season. Emily’s plan of faking her death and framing Victoria as her killer may be hard to achieve if Victoria doesn’t show up. Wait, but we know Emily still gets shot…if its not staged, and Victoria isn’t coming, what is going to happen? Victoria doesn’t just change her mind about these things so we have a feeling someone else is out to get Emily…we just don’t know who. Share your theories with us in the comments!


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