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Odds Are Not Looking Good For Walter And Jesse Living In Breaking Bad

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/16/2013 10:59 pm
Odds Are Not Looking Good For Walter And Jesse Living In Breaking Bad

Lobcke Hein

Staff Writer

It would be a massive understatement to say that last night’s events left us in a state of shock.

Fans of the hit television series Breaking Bad are still in a state heartbreak after Sunday’s “Ozymandias” episode. (The episode is aptly named after the poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley.) 

It’s complete chaos and the lives of each character is uncertain at this moment. 

Which one, however, will make it to the series end?

Here is a quick recap of what happened. 


is needed for those who have not seen “Ozymandias”. 

 We didn’t have to wait long to find out that Gomez died. We watched in agony as Hank Schrader of the DEA was shot. Both Gomez and Hank were dumped into the pit that had held Walt’s drug money.

Marie, who hadn’t yet found out about Hank, told Skyler that it was all over. She said that Walt was taken into custody. Walter kidnapped his own daughter, Holly who was later rescued.

Walt got out of town and was somehow was separated from his $11 million. He did however go back to Albuquerque to get at least some of his cash back from Jack.

Jesse is still chained up and cooking meth for Jack and his crew.

After an ending like that, things aren’t looking good for any of the characters. 

So with all the drama going on, who will live to be in the series finale of Breaking Bad?

None of us could possibly say for certain. Though there could be a guess for who will survive.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, sports book manager for Bovada, Kevin Bradley gave his take on what he believes are the hypothetical odds that one of five characters (Walt, Jesse, Skyler, Saul, and Hank) will die before the series ends.
Walter White 
Yes: -200 (1/2) 
No: +150 (3/2) 
Translation: Odds are Walt is not going to live to the finale.

Jesse Pinkman 
Yes: -150 (2/3) 
No: +110 (11/10) 
Translation: There is a SMALL chance that Jesse will die before series end.

Skyler White 
Yes: +200 (2/1) 
No: -300 (1/3) 
Translation: Skyler is probably going to live.

Hank Schrader 
Yes: EVEN (1/1) 
No: -140 (5/7) 
Translation: There are really close odds with Hank. It looks like they’re in a very small favor of him living.

Saul Goodman 
Yes: +150 (3/2) if you bet 100 you win 150 more 
No: -200 (1/2) have to bet 200 to win 100 
Translation: Saul lives to go onto his (possible) spin-off.

So the chances are the series finale won’t see Jesse and Walt. There’s still hope for Skyler, Hank, and Saul. How will any of them survive the disaster that was “Ozymandias” is the real question though.


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