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"Old Dog, New Tricks" Wreaks Havoc In The Season Premiere Of Being Human

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/14/2014 10:21 am
PopWrapped | Television

Kay Ziegler

Staff Writer

Things are getting weirder for Josh, Sally, Aidan, and Nora. Their lives have gotten even crazier and hectic this season, too. That is really saying something when they are living-breathing monsters. Warnings, from here on out there are spoilers for this week’s Being Human! Do not read any further if you don’t want to be spoiled. “Old Dog, New Tricks” starts out with a bang. Aidan is being chased by werewolf Josh while Nora runs after then with a dart gun. Sally’s in a spa-like limbo and is desperate to leave this place so she can be with her friends in the realm of the living. As Aidan and Nora use a live goat to lure Josh into a barn, the spa Sally’s in starts dripping blood. Apparently, even though our bubbly ghost looks calm she is freaking out and will have to rebuild the “happy place” again (at least according to the witch, Donna, who is trapped with her). Back in the real world, we discover Nora and Aidan have basically been living in a trailer for the last three months while they take care of Josh. The poor man now spends 99% of his time as a werewolf with the only time he’s human is during the full moon. Aidan spends every day running his werewolf buddy through the woods so Josh will chill out a little bit (at least enough to keep him from attacking them). They are all at their wits’ end. Aidan is physically tired from racing around as live bait. Nora doesn’t feel like she’s doing enough for her husband. And Josh – he just wants it all to end (either to break the curse or to be killed). With Sally, she’s just sick of being stuck in limbo. Sally’s character seems to have had the most growth in the hour-long premiere. She broke free of her companion and managed to escape from limbo. However, not before making the walls bleed a second time, being thrown against a wall by Donna, and then escaping through a bloody vortex into a shopping center that was built on the historical site of a witch hanging. Finally free, Sally visits her friends. She also learns she can start a fire with her hands. Sally can teleport, too. What did limbo do to her? Throughout the episode, we find Aidan trying to have a life that doesn’t just involve working or taking care of werewolf Josh. He still has his girlfriend, Kat, and they make time to go to faculty parties and romance each other. Kat has even told Aidan she loves him, but the vampire never got a chance to respond (work called). There were three shocking things that happened, that I’ve previously not mentioned above. First, was the return of Aidan’s wife (who seems to have been drowned for being a witch). The second, was the reveal that Aidan’s son was alive and ruling the Boston vampire clan. The third and final bit was that Sally stumbled upon a room where a girl was being exorcised. Oh and did I mention this room appeared in the middle of the forest? It did. The episode was action packed. There were so many layers to this season premiere. I’m not sure where the writers plan to take this story. However, I look forward to see what happens next! What about you? Did you catch the SyFy show? Did you like it? Are you excited about the new season? Please, share below!


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