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Old Flames Spark Once More And Feed The Feud Flames On Glee's 100th Episode

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/18/2014 11:14 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Old Flames Spark Once More And Feed The Feud Flames On Glee's 100th Episode
Media Courtesy of Fox

Christa Tintelnot Staff Writer @ChristaMarie123

Hi Gleeks! It's finally time...the 100th episode of Glee is here. At PopWrapped, we have been anticipating this date for months, and the time has arrived.  Did you miss it? Here's what happened in "100"... We start with Rachel and Mercedes walking the halls of McKinley, each their minds...about their return, even though it is a sad occasion. Both are a bit disappointed there is no fanfare for their arrivals. Rachel is then seen being fawned over by Sam and Tina about her Broadway debut in the choir room. Meanwhile, Unique is giving the same treatment to Mercedes. We then see them glancing at each other in a virtual "diva-off" within their minds. The rivalry is certainly still strong. In addition to Rachel and Mercedes, we also find that Puck, Kurt, Quinn, Santana, Mike and Brittany are also in the choir room. Mr. Shue gives the group an sing a song they sang in the past. As he normally does, Mr. Shue gives an example of the assignment and brings out April Rhodes. It's nice to see everyone in the choir room the Glee I fell in love with... April and Mr. Shue sing "Raise Your Glass," which was originally done by the Warblers in "Original Song." Next we see Puck walking the halls of McKinley, where he runs into Quinn...and her boyfriend, Biff. (He is exactly what you would expect someone named Biff to be.) Meanwhile, Brittany is working on proving a hypothesis that is way over my head, when Santana walks in. Brittany, as we know, is a mathematical genius, but she tells Santana she just wants her old life back. Santana says that to do this they should reunite the "Unholy Trinity", and they sing "Toxic" by Brittney Spears, first done in the episode "Britney/Brittany". Biff doesn't seem to care about the girl on girl action before him, and following the song, Brittana is seen talking...and thank goodness, this segues into an episode of "Fondue for Two", everyone's favorite internet show. Mercedes and Rachel are the guests on "Fondue for Two" and the rivalry is still evident...and of course they are planning on singing the same song, so to settle it, they plan a diva-off.  (Called it!!!!) Biff is back, and this time he is at Breadsticks with Quinn. (Can you tell I am not impressed by this guy?) Santana, Puck, Artie, Mike and Puck join them. Quinn asks Biff to go get something out of the car, and she tells the McKinley group that she hasn't revealed a lot about her past to Biff. We then find ourselves in Principal Sue's office, where April and Mr. Shue are trying to pull one over on Sue. Since April pays for the auditorium, in other words, she gets to decide who uses it.  Is the glee club saved? Maybe not...Becky is on the case. Back to the choir room, Rachel and Mercedes do the diva-off, with Kurt, to "Defining Gravity", first done by Kurt and Rachel in "Wheels". (I really like Mercedes singing this song.) It seems like the group will vote on who is the ultimate singer in glee following this performance. Next scene we see Brittany and a weird chessboard set up with people serving as the chess pieces. She is calling out moves. Santana walks over and tries to convince Brittany that she needs to stop the math stuff, and go with her passion of dance. Brit says no. Rachel and Mercedes are meanwhile trying to get current glee members to vote for them as the best glee singer of all time. Back in the choir room, April is passive aggressively trying to get Kurt and Blaine to hold off on getting married and Santana walks in, announcing she wants to do a dance duet with Brittany..."Valarie", first done in the episode "Special Education". Puck is next with his song, "Keep Holding On", which he is singing to Quinn (who is wearing an outfit I would expect to find in an old person's closet). It was first done in "Throwdown". Best part? New Directions does the same dance they did in the original. Quinn bawls and admits that she is crying because she has forgotten about the past, but is in love with Biff. Back to the choir room for voting between Rachel and Mercedes for best glee singer of all time. Santana stands and says she has some words about her "good friend" Rachel. It's pretty epic, and such a throwback...and even breaks my heart because Santana admits she and Quinn stuffed the ballot box so Rachel would win prom queen. Rachel walks out after calling Santana an awful person and implying she is jealous. Now crying in the bathroom, Rachel is met by Mercedes, who comes in to comfort her. Rachel lets it all out to Mercedes, and they discuss ghosts of the past and how it could motivate them to be better. Perhaps a good lesson for us all. We now find ourselves in Sue's office. She has done some background research and has found that the money that April put into the account is gone because Will spent all the money. We also find that April's money is frozen because her latest man was Bernie Madoff...glee club not saved. Returning after commercial, Biff and Quinn are fighting over her tattoo. He is not pleased. Puck walks over, and Biff brings up Beth, asking if Puck is the father. Quinn says yes, and that she is only looking for acceptance. Biff calls her and her friends "losers", and says she is a hypocrite. Puck and Biff get in a fist fight, and Biff ends up in the dumpster. In the choir room, voting has begun for best glee singer. Rachel and Mercedes walk in and say it is ridiculous to have them vote...Mr. Shue interrupts and says the vote came out as a tie. At that point, April steps forward and says she has invited a special guest to help make the rest of their week happy...and introduces Holly Holiday. She updates the club on what she is doing, and they tell her they are doing songs from the past. She says she doesn't look back and starts singing "Happy", by Pharrell Williams. We then see Puck and Quinn looking at Finn's football jersey, which is now hanging in remembrance in the locker room. Puck wonders if he has forgiven them for what they did to him with the cheating/baby thing. Quinn smiles and says, "A long time ago. We saved him, Rachel was his soul mate." Quinn says Biff is on his way back to Yale. Santana and Brittany are also together, and Santana is pushing her to get out in the world and leave the math behind. Puck and Quinn are shown again, and Puck says he is getting ready to leave, unless there is reason to stay...and he knows who his soul mate is. Back to Brittana, Brit leans in and kisses Santana, but Santana pushes her away. Returning to Puck and Quinn, Puck admits that he loves her and says if she wants him to, he will stay. Brittana again: Brit tells Santana that it feels really good to be around her. Santana tells her she has worked really hard to get over Brit, but Brit says she really wants to be with Santana, and she is sure that they belong together. Back to Puck and Quinn: Puck asks her to tell him to stay. Now to Brittana: Brit kisses Santana on the cheek and says, "It's your choice. If you want me, I'm here". We see Puck walking away down the hall, and then Quinn running behind him. She kisses him and says, "Stay." Next to Mr. Shue and the old glee club; he shows them that the plaques honoring Finn and Lillian Adler are permanently going to be on display in the auditorium. He gives them a wonderful speech about saying goodbye and thanks them for traveling with him over the years. It is sad, and I tear up. Last scene...Holly and April up in the rafters.  They say after they finish their wine, they are going to figure out a way to save that glee club. How are you feeling Gleeks? Are you happy with the 100th episode? Where are my Brittana fans? What do you think next week, which is the unofficial second part of this episode, will bring? What was your favorite song? Let us know in the comments!

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