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On This Weeks Mindy Project: Mindy Lahiri Is A Racist

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/20/2013 11:01 am
PopWrapped | Television
On This Weeks Mindy Project: Mindy Lahiri Is A Racist
Media Courtesy of FOX

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

Morgan is still trying to make amends with Mindy after the whole Cliff sexting debacle. And plus she’s on her period so that just increases rage by 100%. She admits that she does like Cliff and maybe she kind of likes to reread those texts. Of course during this conversation Cliff enters the elevator and things are mildly awkward. Since Cliff is after all now dating her neighbor Heather. Mindy uses this opportunity to use a line from one of his infamous sexts before she heads off. The jig is up. Cliff is now also mad at Morgan for not deleting the messages. Poor Morgan just can’t catch a break! In the office Danny is having a chat with one of his patients who is a big fan. She admits that she has been talking him up on her mommy blog. Danny Castellano is not one to shy away from adoration. In the break room the partners are discussing how to spend their surplus. Reed fancies a lactation consultant, Mindy wants a table at the Golden Globes (umm who wouldn’t?), while Peter tries to interject his idea. His friend has an old party bus they could buy and turn into a mobile office. The group disagrees and remind him he’s only a junior partner anyway. The argument is far from over but the pretentious midwives from upstairs have arrived and are requesting an audience. They are promoting a new candidate for congress Tracy Whitfield and they want to hang some posters in their office. Peter knows him, they were drinking buddies. Are you surprised? Still upset from getting shot down earlier Peter goes to see Mindy and asks if he can be involved in more business decisions. She escorts him out of her office as a way of politely ending the conversation. Back in the reception area Danny is bragging to his co-workers about the blog that he is featured on. His excitement soon turns to regret as he realized that it’s a white power blog that he has been featured on. Tamara points out that poor Danny is always getting played. Reed brushes it off and remarks that no one really reads that blog anyway. Well it seems the midwives have gotten a hold of the blog and have begun to protest outside the office. It looks like their surplus is going to be spent on a PR firm before anything else. In walks Priscilla Lane (Jenna Elfman) who is at the top of her game. She’s so good she got Taylor Swift out of a hit and run that no one seemed to find out about. It seems that all 3 senior partners are actually a bit racist. Priscilla offers to give Danny one on one training so he will be able to talk himself out of the situation. Mindy and Tamara are giving the task of going to dinner to write a statement about how much they like working at Shulman and Associates. Simple enough right? Morgan is still upset about being on the outs with everyone. He consults Peter who told Morgan he should have just deleted the texts and been done with it. He then advises him that Cliff probably just wants to beat the crap out of him. Tamara arrives at dinner and she had brought Ray Ron (Josh Peck) with her. It is apparent very quickly that Ray Ron is out of his element. Back at the office Danny and Priscilla are embarking on their first one on one session. And boy does it become one on one. It seems he’s forgotten that he may have feelings for Mindy, but I digress. Ray Ron excuses himself to vaporize and Mindy uses this opportunity to express to Tamara that she can do better than him. But Tamara is in love and defends Ray Ron webbed feet and all. Mindy puts a nail in her coffin when she says ‘I think you should be with someone more like you’. She meant education wise but that’s not how Tamara took it, and with that she storms off. Things are looking good. The next day Mindy and Danny walk to work and Mindy is astonished that he has been with almost every race of woman except for one. Danny won’t tell which, but I think I may have a guess. Mindy begins spouting out some guesses and he still won’t come clean. But they have bigger fish to fry when they notice a protest in front of the office lead by the midwives and now they’ve got Tamara on their side. Tamara is twisting what Mindy said and things are just getting worse and worse. Reed suggests that Danny get up there and say something to fix things. I mean they have spent a good chunk of change on his coaching. Danny declines and Peter steps up to the plate but Reed shoots him down and insists that Danny do it. Danny sucks it up and does it. What a mess. He has no idea what he is doing and in the process of digging the whole deeper he admits to sleeping with Priscilla. During all this Danny realizes that the midwives ultimate motive is to take over their practice. What dirty dogs they are! Morgan encounters Cliff in the middle of the shitstorm and offers to let Cliff beat him up. But just in case Cliff declined he brought along Big Mead to do it for him. Just as Big Mead is winding up Cliff steps in the middle and takes the punch. I’m pretty sure that’s not what Morgan was going for. Morgan cleans up his wounds and apologizes for what he did. But he also is not sorry, because Mindy really did like him. Not to mention it seemed like he had a case of the ‘hornies’ for her too. Cliff doesn’t think Morgan is a bad person, but he’s a bit unbearable. Not to mention he’s with Heather now. The midwives announce that there are multiple news outlets on their way. Without their publicist they are running out of options. Tracy Whitfield arrives and Peter is their saving grace. I mean he did go to college together. He does however take a moment to gloat that a junior partner has to step in and save them. Or not. When Peter goes to address Whitefield it seems that he is in fact not the guy he thought he was. He was always drunk when they were together. Ooops! It seems the Associates are left to their own devices. Tracy Whitfield announces that he is going to do everything he can to shut down Shulman and Associates and the gang sits by and watch their lives crumble. Mindy is not going to stand by and watch this go down, but first she needs to make right with Tamara. She admits that she doesn’t think Dr. L is racist, but a bit condescending. They make up and Mindy steps up on stage and takes the mic. She admits people enjoy telling edgy jokes but she is not a racist. Shulman and Associates treats so many different patients and never turns anyone away. She also calls attention to the fact that Danny has slept with almost every race but one (he’s not happy about that). Mindy then brings up Peter’s idea. Once a month they will take their van and go to low income areas and help women in need. She then points out that some of the areas are in Whitfield’s district. It seems that they are on the same page now. Once again Mindy saves the day, well and Peter’s idea. With that Peter becomes a senior partner. All is well once again.


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