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Television / Recaps / Spoilers PopWrapped | Television

Once Upon A Time Ends Season Three With A Bang

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/11/2014 10:56 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Once Upon A Time Ends Season Three With A Bang
Media Courtesy of ABC

Jacob Elyachar Staff Writer @JacobElyachar

When Once Upon A Time returned to the ABC airwaves this past March, there was sense of wickedness in the air. That was courtesy of Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West. It turned out that the infamous Wicked Witch was Regina’s half-sister. Their mother, Cora, abandoned her as a baby when her lies cost the future Queen of Hearts a ticket into royalty. Enraged that her sister got the better life, Zelena conducted a nefarious plan that would involve her going back to the past to change her life. If the Wicked Witch was successful, Regina and the Charmings would not have existed! Luckily, the Charmings were able to defeat Zelena…but it came at the cost of the death of Henry’s father (and Rumple’s son), Neal, and Emma losing her magical powers. Enraged at the Witch for killing his son, Mr. Gold broke into her jail cell and seemingly killed her. However, Zelena’s powers activated a curse that caused a time portal to open. What were the repercussions of the portal’s opening? Read on to find out… As Storybrooke gathered to celebrate Snow and Charming’s baby, multiple couples are preparing for some special moments, including a potential wedding for Rumple and Belle. However, everyone noticed that Zelena’s time portal opened and that the Wicked Witch was gone. Mr. Gold warned everyone that a trip to the past could bring major repercussions. Unfortunately, no one told Emma and Hook! They fell into the portal and traveled back into the Enchanted Forest. Using the guidebook, Emma and Hook began to look for a wizard to help them. They also saw Regina in action and when her parents met. However, Emma’s actions had consequences, as her parents did not meet when Snow tried to rob the royal carriage. Because of their actions causing a Ripple Effect, Snow wants to escape from the Enchanted Forest and wants to use Blackbeard’s ship. In order to stop her from leaving, Hook and Emma traveled to Rumpleskiltskin’s Palace and met with the Dark One. While he did not believe that they were from the future and wanted to kill Hook on site, Emma spilled that he will reunite with Bae. However, Rumple stated that while he could help them reopen the portal…they had to put things back on track. Emma and Hook travel to where the Jolly Roger was. They were able to convince Snow to go steal Charming’s wedding ring. When they arrived at Midas’s Palace, they disguised themselves as Prince Charles and Princess Leia and enjoyed their first royal ball. However, the party was cut short when Regina arrived and captured Emma for assisting her mother getting away. Charming captured Snow, but Hook convinced them to help them save their daughter. As they received assistance from Little Red Riding Hood, Emma was able to rescue her fellow captive and they reunited with the others. However, Snow was a little more daring and confronted her stepmother…the old fashion way. Regina was almost successful in burning the princess at the stake. At the last minute, Snow turned herself into a ladybug and the Blue Fairy was able to save her! After reuniting her parents, Emma and Hook returned Rumpelstiltskin with help. The imp refused and captured them in his dungeon. Emma revealed that she wanted to go home and admitted that Storybrooke was her home. She got the portal to open and as Hook grabbed the stranger and jumped into the portal, the Dark One demanded that Emma tell him about his son’s fate. She tearfully told him that Neal died a hero saving everyone from Zelena and begged him not to do anymore damage. As she raced back towards Granny’s Diner, Emma reunited with her family and the Charmings named their newborn son: Neal. Once, hearing the news a touched Mr. Gold met Belle in secret to marry her. However, just as it was all Happily Ever After…the woman from the past’s identity was revealed as Maid Marian. An angry Regina confronted Emma and asked her if anything else with the past came with her…sure enough, a woman appeared was released from the bottle and looked like a certain Disney princess…Elsa, the Snow Queen!  

Will Storybrooke freeze? Is Regina going back to the Dark Side? Join us this September as

“Once Upon A Time

” begins its fourth season!

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