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Once Upon A Time Is Back With "Tiny"!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/12/2013 9:36 pm
Once Upon A Time Is Back With

Onyx Hamar

Staff Writer

Finally, after three long weeks, Once Upon a Time has returned!

Mr. Gold finally comes to collect on his deal with Emma, but doesn’t like that Henry is all of a sudden coming along. Didn’t you watch the promos Mr. Gold? As the three are preparing to leave, David approaches Mr. Gold with what first appears to be a threat, but what turns out to be a plea for his family’s safety.

Shortly after their departure, Regina shows up at the Charmings’. She feigns ignorance about Archie’s survival, and the Charmings apologize. Come on guys, really? Regina has been in hiding for like a week, and then just pops up on your doorstep without knowing that you know she’s innocent? Yeah right. Then Snow decides to add insult to naiveté when she tells Regina that Henry has left town with Emma and that, “I don’t think Emma has to run anything by you.”

Okay, Regina may have been the Evil Queen, but she still raised Henry for 10 years, and as far as the Charmings know, Regina is still trying to be a better person. Kind of rude, Snow, kind of rude.

David and Snow then go on the hunt for Cora, turning to Hook for assistance. Hook is back on his feet and certainly isn’t lacking in the innuendo department. He takes them onto his ship where we then meet Anton, the shrunken giant. Anton is in locked in a cage, and I’m assuming has been locked in said cage since Cora and Hook first sailed into Storybrooke. David sets Anton free, and Anton promptly punches him in the face.

As we see into Anton’s past, he’s had a run in with James, David’s twin brother. James, as a well as Jacqueline, better known as Jack, befriend Anton when he climbs down the bean stalk into the human realm. Jack claims to have slain a Jabberwock in a far off land where she found some magic mushrooms. These mushrooms make Anton human sized temporarily. They then sell Anton some story about needing money to save James’s kingdom, and Anton, thinking he’s just made new friends, offers to help by fetching some gold out of his treasure room.

Anton is truly a gentle giant. His brothers all call him Tiny and make fun of him for his stature. This is why Anton first ventures down into the human realm. He’s always been fascinated by them and just wants to fit in somewhere.

James and Jack follow Anton back to the Giant’s home land, and lead in armies to kill the giants and take their magic beans. Anton destroys the bean fields to prevent the humans from taking them. His last brother is stabbed by Jack, but not before he dealt her a fatal blow as well. Anton holds his brother as he dies, and his brother gives him the stem of a bean stalk.

Meanwhile, in real time, Anton has run off into the woods after accosting David, wanting to be as far from humans as possible. Regina finds him, tells him she supports his wishes to murder David, and gives him a magic mushroom which will make him giant sized once again. The Evil Queen is back ladies and gentlemen!

Anton stomps back into town and starts destroying whatever he lays his hands on. David, Snow, and Leroy charge to the rescue and attempt to reason with Anton. He doesn’t believe that David is not James, and Snow tells him that she knows Emma, but Emma’s already skipped town with Gold and Henry, so Anton continues throwing cars around.

David finally offers himself in exchange for Anton to stop destroying everything, and Anton takes a flying leap to crush David under his feet. Snow ninja rolls David out of the way, and Anton shrinks back into normal size, but he’s in crater. The town pulls together to get Anton out of the hole and everyone is happy again. Well, mostly.

Ruby goes to visit Belle in the hospital. She brings her some comforts from home; most notably a book by Jules Verne tilted “The Mysterious Island” (This episode was full of Lost references, by the way.) We learn that Belle is being treated as if she’s crazy and is being heavily sedated with tranquilizers. Who thought this was a good idea? Belle spent the entirety of her cursed years locked up in the insane asylum, but instead of trying to help her remember who she is, everyone is going back to treating her like she’s crazy.

Ruby, aren’t you supposed to be good friends with Belle? You’re not doing a very good job of showing it.

Greg Medel also pays Belle a visit after Ruby leaves. He’s the only one telling her she isn’t crazy and he’s the outsider!

Meanwhile, back at the diner, Anton reveals he has the ability to grow more magic beans. They decide to plant the bean stem regardless of the fact that Cora is running amok causing mayhem. The dwarves declare that she’ll never lay her hands on it, but we all know how that is probably going to go. Anton is handed one of the Dwarves’ magic axes and the handle now says “Tiny.” Anton has found new brothers in the dwarves, and it’s all very sweet and happy.

Now back to Gold, Emma, and Henry at the airport. Mr. Gold is having a difficult time with airport security. He’s going to have to take off the cloak which is the only thing standing between him and oblivion.

“If I let this go, I could forget who I am.” -Gold

“I’m not going to let that happen.” - Emma (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped


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