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Once Upon A Time: Read Our "Witch Hunt" Recap Here!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/18/2014 10:04 am
PopWrapped | Television
Once Upon A Time: Read Our
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Kay Ziegler Staff Writer @Kay__Drew

At one point last night, Prince Charming proclaimed, “I didn't expect that!” Those words could easily sum up the newest Once Upon a Time episode, ‘Witch Hunt’. Intermixed with the thrills, chills, and surprises, there was a lot of humor to be found. Dancing between present day and one year in the past, viewers were taken on a whirlwind ride. The woman of the night was Regina. The Evil Queen played more the hero than the villain. She not only saved young Roland in the Enchanted Forest, but also joined forces with Emma in attempts to figure out who cast the new curse. Viewers watched as she went from a grieving mother who felt life was meaningless to a woman hell-bent on destroying her foe as she came to terms with the fact Henry was happy without his adoptive mother. In-between action-packed scenes (creating earthquakes, saving children, you know the usual stuff), glimmers of romance shined between Robin Hood and Regina. Through the episode, a mild friendship bloomed between Regina and Emma as they worked together to uncover the truth, though it probably won't last. This episode played out like a big game of Clue. Everyone is attempting to figure out what exactly is going on and who caused it. All they know for sure is that a second curse is upon them and they have people being kidnapped. So far, to the members of Storybrooke, there is no real contender. There were several huge surprises and shocks in this episode. It was nice to see Dr. Hopper, Ruby, and Dr. Whale; I wasn't really expecting them to show up. The revelation that the flying monkeys can change humans into more flying monkeys was definitely a holy cow moment of the show. Vampire-monkeys are on the loose Storybrooke – watch out! I'm unsure if Zelena being Regina’s half-sister was a shock or not (the writers did a brilliant job cluing viewers into that bit of family history). The biggest shocker of ‘Witch Hunt’ was seeing an insane, disheveled Rumplestiltskin imprisoned by the Wicked Witch herself. Even with all the drama - and there was quite a lot - there were plenty of comical moments. Regina turning the giant monkey into a stuffed toy was amusing; hopefully the spell will not break while Roland plays with it. Making Leroy into the town gossip was brilliant; his alarmist proclamations added to any scene he was in. Whale shouting, “I’m a doctor, not a vet!” was one of the best lines of the night; what a great Star Trek reference. Charming being daddy is always sweet, but it was downright hilarious when he found out Emma almost got married. Yes, there were missing people. Yes, the man was a monkey. Neither point, for a brief moment, married. Emma was going to get married without David’s permission and he was furious. Finally, Snow White’s cover for her relationship with Emma was brilliantly orchestrated and said without missing a beat. As we wait for next Sunday’s episode, let’s talk theories. I predict that Rumpelstiltskin is Zelena’s father. That means she is blood-related to Henry Mills, Regina, Cora and Neal all the while indirectly related to Emma, Prince Charming, Milah, Snow White, Leopold, and Henry (Regina’s father). Would Hook, Tamara, Kathryn, Greg, Graham, and Walsh be in that list, too – they were, after all, lovers of various family members. What are some of your theories?

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