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Are You The One?: 03x01, Once In A Lifetime Chance Brings Romance

Tamara Fuentes | PopWrapped Author

Tamara Fuentes

09/26/2015 6:42 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Are You The One?: 03x01, Once In A Lifetime Chance Brings Romance | Chance
Media Courtesy of MTV

Another summer has come and gone, which means another season of Are You The One?! Last season, we saw the game change as two girls had the same perfect match, and now it looks like the game is about to change again.

The show is back in Hawaii this season, and this new cast is excited to find love and win that $1,000,000 grand prize. However, as we saw last season, anything can happen. The first episode of Season 3 is called, "Once In A Lifetime Chance Brings Romance".

Right off the bat, Ryan reveals this season's twist: get no matches and no lights during the match ceremony, and the prize drops down $250,000. This causes a panic within the cast, especially with the number of blackouts last season and how much it actually helps them in finding their matches.

"You guys are here to find love, so, if you follow your hearts, every penny of that million bucks is yours," he said.

The houseguests soon walk into their new home and, of course, start to get to know each other and try to find who their match is.

Alec and Rashida hit things off right away, but it soon goes sour when he hooks up with Stacey right in front of her.

Eventually, a game of spin-the-bottle heats things up between some of the couples; Alec kisses Hannah, and Stacey is just about over it. Stacey blows up to Alec about it, and he tells her that it's just a game and they're there to find their match.

The next day, Devin leads a yoga class to impress Kiki after letting her know the night before that he loves yoga and meditating.

The first getaway challenge gets underway with the guys and girls trying to win a date with their believed perfect match.

The guys were up first, and they had to guess who the girls in the bad photos were. Mike and Hunter won on the guys' side. The girls, then, got to see embarrassing photos of the guys and Melanie and Cheyenne.

Melanie gets to pick her date first, and she picks Devin -- which Kiki is not to pleased about. Cheyenne picks Chuck, Mike picks Hannah, and Hunter picks Kiki.

Despite having their other dates, Devin and Kiki still hook up that night. Hannah and Mike agree that they're not each other's match, and they're fine going into the truth booth together since they won't be leaving Week 1. Mike assures Amanda that he is her match, and the two proceed to have sex in one of the rooms.

The couples go on their dates, which involves swimming with dolphins. Cheyenne, however, gets seasick and doesn't get to swim with Chuck. The rest of the couples enjoy a little swim and then head back to the beach for their one-on-one alone time with each other.

Back in the house, the rest of the group has to decide which couple to vote into the truth booth. The contestants are split between sending Hunter and Kiki or Mike and Hannah.

At the truth booth ceremony, it's revealed that Hunter and Kiki got the most votes and have to go in. Despite the fact that the house voted them in, Hunter and Kiki don't think they're the ones that should be going into the booth.

Hunter says that he's devastated to be sent in with Kiki, especially since she has feelings for Devin. They go into the truth booth where they find out that they are not a match. Devin, of course, is excited to hear about this and wants to continue his relationship with Kiki.

It's ladies' choice the next night as they get ready for the matchup ceremony. However, as soon as Amanda goes to pick her match, Ryan asks her what happened between her and Kiki during the truth booth ceremony. Amanda says that she feels Kiki was fake, especially with her response about going into the truth booth with Hunter.

During Melanie's choice, she decides to go with Devin, and he says that he doesn't mind the love triangle going on between the two of them and Kiki, but he doesn't want them to fight either. Nelson mentions that Devin previously said that he would like to smash both Kiki and Melanie.

Kiki bursts into tears and feels crazy for falling for Devin. He tries to defend himself by saying he probably said it in passing, but Kiki and Melanie are not buying. Nonetheless, Melanie and Devin lock themselves in as a match.

The matchup ceremony continues with the rest of the girls making their matches. Ryan reminds them that if they get a blackout, their grand prize will be $250,000 less. The lights start to come up, and they receive two lights.

The group seems upset at only getting two, and Ryan reminds them to keep playing with their hearts, and, soon, they won't have a problem finding their matches.

We're certainly excited to see what happens next for these couples. Until then, check the chart below that we will be using throughout the season to try to guess the matches.

Chance Chance


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