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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

'One Door Closes', Another One Opens For 'Agents Of SHIELD' This Week

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

04/07/2015 6:34 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
'One Door Closes', Another One Opens For 'Agents Of SHIELD' This Week | Agents Of SHIELD
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Another week, another episode of Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD. With a lot currently going on for the well-known gang, let’s see what’s in store for them in this new episode, titled “One Door Closes”. It all begins with a Captain America: The Winter Soldier flashback to the day SHIELD fell, with Mack and others being held hostage by HYDRA, before Bobbi and Hartley arrive to rescue them - they got orders from Fury to savve SHIELD and it probably marks as the beginning of the real one. Back in the present, Mack is taking a look at Coulson’s car Lola, when Bobbi arrives to claim she had no sign of Hunter. She then goes straight into a database kind of room and connects a USB that’s linked with her outfit. As a video call between Simmons and Skye is over, Fitz takes advantage to express his resentment. Coulson calls out Mack over the component he put on his version of Lola and wants some explanation, before all mechanics point guns at him. Meanwhile, Bobbi manages to get hold of the toolbox from Coulson’s office and even though May ends up aiming at her with a gun, she manages to get away. May’s straight after her and the two have some serious fight, before Bobbi ends up cornered. She then makes use of that USB she earlier plugged to cut the power down, so that she and Mack can escape. Fitz reveals the model Lola was used to track the toolbox, while May tells Coulson about Bobbi’s mention of some real SHIELD. Another flashback finds Bobbi, Mack and Hartley saving Gonzales, the head of the real SHIELD, from HYDRA. Back to reality, Bobbi checks with her bosses and updates them on the current situation, revealing she doesn’t know where Skye is. Meanwhile, Skye wears the gloves Simmons designed and tries to call her, but can’t find her. She kind of destroys the wall to find out the cabin is actually built like a cell, only there’s the leftovers of a huge punch on it. She then hears noises and secures the place, but the eyeless Gordon ends up knocking her door and asking to go inside. He reveals that the mist affects everyone differently and that he did have someone to guide him through his transformation, in contrast with how SHIELD treated her. Bobbi finds Simmons and pretends they’re still on the same page, while Simmons tries to solve the electricity problem and Coulson finds May. Even though Mack has disabled both the bus and the jet, no dead bodies were found and May implies that it can’t be HYDRA. Gordon offers to take Skye to a place with others like them, where she’ll be embraced for who she is now. Over at HQ, it turns out Simmons is aware of Bobbi’s actions and gets her on the ground, while Mack interrupts Fitz as he’s trying to solve the power issue. Yet another flashback finds Bobbi sending Hartley to clear the way, so that the others can get the real SHIELD’s head out. According to Fury’s orders, she’s got to stay back and sink the ship, but they all decide to stay and help her out. The present comes back with the agents realising Bobbi and Mack weren’t trying to get out, but the real SHIELD was meant to come inside, which eventually takes place. Another flashback finds Hartley kicking ass and revealing SHIELD’s got the deck, which gives hope about taking back the ship, but the plan has holes and it is soon left behind. Back at HQ, the real SHIELD’s taken over and they intend to go after Skye, who’s kept in Hulk’s safe house. They’ve caught everyone but May, who’s hidden and watching things. Skye takes Simmons’ gloves off and washes her hands, finding out that she can control the water’s flow with her vibrations. At the same time, Simmons is called to take a look at Mack’s injuries as Fitz and she are introduced to the real SHIELD. Coulson meets with Gonzales and is accused of being an alien messanger, while he’s also criticised for the way he treated Skye, before he’s called to open Fury’s toolbox. May calls Skye and tells her to run, and so she does but SHIELD’s already there. Bobbi warns her co-workers to only use icers, as Skye’s a SHIELD agent. The last flashback finds the agents deciding to fight and take back the ship from HYDRA, instead of sinking it. Gonzales further disapproves of Fury and Coulson’s actions, before May arrives to ice down the guards and the real SHIELD’s head. She helps Coulson escape and tells him to save Skye from them, before she’s caught by Weaver. Skye is found by an agent and she puts him down, but when she’s shot by another, she sends a vibration to protect herself but causes several trees to collapse. She then calls Gordon for help and he’s right there to take her “home”. It all ends up with Coulson enjoying a drink at some bar close to the beach, with Hunter joining him and signing on a napkin to officially enter Phil’s version of SHIELD. And we’re done for now! With Agents Of SHIELD getting better and better, week after week, make sure you don’t miss the next episode for even more action.

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