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One For The Money, "Three For The Road" In Last Week's Twisted

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/23/2013 2:58 am
One For The Money,

Nicole MacDowell

Staff Writer

After what happened at the Fall Festival, Jo and Danny get dirty glares everywhere they go. So they decide to go to the fort where they meet Lacey. The three teens talk about how the envelope came from an apartment complex in Connecticut. Lacey mentions that Regina had a boyfriend back in Connecticut. Jo suggests that they just take the envelope to the police and let them handle it, but Lacey disagrees and walks away.

At home, Danny confronts his mother about the necklace. He tells her that the necklace was left in his locker the day after Regina was murdered. He says that whoever planted the necklace knew that it would make him look guilty. He tells her that the only reason he kept the necklace was so that if he found out who the killer was he could plant it back and clear his name.

At the diner, Jo meets Rico and tells him that she’s sorry that he can’t trust Danny. Rico asks her what would happen if he had evidence that might make Danny look guilty and she says that it doesn’t matter because she, Lacey and Danny have evidence that might clear him and prove that somebody else killed Regina.

At school the next morning, Danny confronts Lacey and suggests that they drive to Connecticut that night to find out who lives in that apartment.

Later that night, Danny texts Jo saying “L picking me up in 20. Call u when back.” Downstairs, Kyle tells Tess that he’ll be working late. Jo comes down with her backpack and tells them that she’s meeting Rico at the diner to study. Kyle points out that the diner is closed for a private party. She then acts like she forgot and says that she’s meeting him at the school. Her father doesn’t believe her and tries to force her to stay home, but Tess tells him that she just forgot about the diner being closed and tells Jo to go study.

At the Desai house, Danny is getting ready to leave when his mother asks where he’s going and he tells her that he and Lacey are going for a drive. He doesn’t tell her where, but she lets him go. He meets up with Lacey outside and Jo joins them, which aggravates Lacey. But they decide to ignore each other and just go.

Karen arrives at Tess’ to pay her for Danny’s pottery class and arrives in time to hear Kyle freaking out because he has no idea where Jo is. Karen tells him that she may be out with Danny and Lacey on their drive. The Chief gets mad and leaves abruptly to hunt them down.

In the car, Jo, Lacey and Danny talk about some of their memories as kids and they listen to radio and sing along to the songs. Things turn sour when Lacey makes a comment that Jo knows isn’t true and the two girls get into an argument.

Back in Green Grove, Chief Masterson finds Rico and questions him about Jo’s location. Rico asks where she is but she refuses to talk to him because she knows that her dad is most likely watching. The chief leaves and Rico begins contemplating what to do with the information he has about the necklace.

Back at the Masterson’s house, Tess and Karen talk about their husbands and stressful children. Then they begin talking about Tess’ pottery and Tess offers to teach Karen how to make a vase. Karen accepts and they disappear into the garage.

Back in the car, the three teens cross over into Connecticut, which means Danny directly violated the terms of his probation. Just over the state line, Jo and Lacey begin fighting again and Danny tells Lacey to pull over because he thinks there might be something wrong with the car. After luring the two girls out, he locks himself in the car and refuses to let the girls in until they make up and apologize. The girls get mad at Danny for locking them out but he tries to convince them to talk about their issues. They eventually apologize just to finish up the trip.

Back in Green Grove, Rico stops by the police station to talk to Chief Masterson about Jo. He tells him that Jo is with Danny and Lacey out for a drive. He offers to stick around and keep the chief company because all the police business interests him. Kyle agrees to let him stay.

Back at home, Tess and Karen are bonding over high school memories while making a vase. They reminisce about high school and all their old adventures as crazy teenagers, including going out and getting high. Tess tells Karen that she still keeps a stash of marijuana hidden for when she’s alone or when she needs inspiration. The two decide to dig it out and get a little high.

In Connecticut, the girls reach the apartment but get kicked out when they try to go upstairs. Outside, Jo tells Danny about what happened in middle school and how Lacey turned almost everybody against her and left her behind. The two begin accusing of each other of causing the fallout before walking off in different directions. Danny finds Jo sitting alone on a park bench and asks her if she’s ok. She tells him that she’s fine and he tells her that he cares about her and she tells him the same. Danny admits to Jo that he really didn’t care about what happened in middle school, he just wanted them to talk out their issues. He also apologizes for ruining their friendship.

In Green Grove, Tess and Karen are high and Tess apologizes for calling Karen a bad mother. The two women then begin gossiping about their high school years. Tess accidentally tells Karen that while she (Karen) was dating Victor, she (Tess) would sleep with Victor. Karen gets upset and leaves angrily.

Back at the police station, Rico talks to Chief Masterson about Jo and about the red necklace. He almost gives away what he knows but keeps his mouth shut because he doesn’t want to hurt Jo.

Back at the apartment complex, Danny insists on finding out who lives in apartment 413. Before getting out of the car, he calls Jo and Lacey out and tells them that it’s his fault they stopped being friends and they need to make up. He goes around behind the building and sneaks in through the service entrance.

At the Green Grove police department, Chief Masterson questions Rico about all the questions he keeps asking and Rico tries to evade giving answers. He almost tells the chief everything but shuts his mouth and leaves.

In CT, Danny is alone. He reaches apartment 413 and opens the unlocked door. He looks around and realizes that the apartment is abandoned. HE turns to leave only to be caught by the security guard. Outside, Jo and Lacey are waiting for Danny when Lacey sincerely apologizes for what happened in middle school. The two girls get tired of waiting and go inside to find that the security guard isn’t at his post. Jo takes the opportunity to go through the building directory. They discover that Apartment 413 belonged to Vikram (Victor) Desai. You know the one who died.

Inside, Danny tells the guard that they really wanted to return the envelope to its sender, they didn’t mean any harm. The security guard doesn’t believe him and calls the police. Back in the lobby, Jo and Lacey talk about Vikram and they aren’t sure if Regina knew him or not.

In Green Grove, Karen returns to Tess’ house and the two apologize to each other. After making amends, the two return to making Karen’s vase.

At the apartment, Jo and Lacey rescue Danny by making up a semi-believable lie. The security guard believes them and they leave without ever having to deal with the police, saving Danny from returning to juvy.

At the police station, the chief is still working when Rico returns. He decides to tell Chief Masterson about what he saw the night of the Fall Festival and apologizes for not telling him and admits that the only reason he didn’t say anything was to protect Jo because she cares about Danny.

The three teens return to New York unscathed. Danny mentions that he’s slightly miffed that they didn’t find anything. Jo and Lacey decide not to mention finding out about his dead father possibly being the one sending Regina the money.


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