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One Thing Matt Smith Doesn't Want Capaldi's Doctor To Get His Hands On

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02/14/2014 2:33 am
PopWrapped | Fandom

Hannah Daglish

Senior Content Editor @hkdaglish

Doctor Who is a show of continuity; the 50th anniversary was an impressive testament to this. The show still uses the same terminology and running jokes as it did when William Hartnell first appeared in 1963. However, when it comes to the recently departed 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, there is just one thing that he doesn't want the show to continue with, one thing that he wants to remain firmly in Chapter 11 of the Doctor's life. It is perhaps fitting then, that this article should be written on Valentine's Day. For it is not the bow tie, the tweed, or even the fez that Smith wants to keep for himself; it is, in fact, River Song.  River Song, played masterfully by the fabulous Alex Kingston, is, in the simplest of terms, the Doctor's wife. But in reality, she is so much more than that. Though she first appeared (and incidentally died) during Tennant's run, her on-screen chemistry with Smith quickly propelled them into the hearts of fans worldwide. Their relationship, mainly due to the fact that they never met in the right order, was confusing, but overwhelmingly compelling.
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Despite the old Time Lord's habit of finding feisty female companions, River Song, with her intelligence, her knowledge of the Doctor's future (and her past... don't ask, timey wimey) and her sheer sass, took things to a different level. She had the emotional depth to make the love story incredibly moving, and at times, heartbreaking, but she wouldn't stand for any nonsense, making her relationship with the zany 11th Doctor hilarious and yet still very real. It is no wonder then, according to Blastr, that when the question of River Song's involvement with Peter Capaldi was raised at a recent convention, a certain Matt Smith was fairly clear on how he felt:
"Don't ask. I'm really possessive over Alex [Kingston]. I said this to Steven [Moffat]. I was like 'Listen, just don't! Just not Alex. Anyone else, but don't give him River.' But Peter is the Doctor now, so hey, what can I do?"
Whilst Matt Smith may indeed not have a say in whether River will pop into the 12th Doctor's timeline, talking purely realistically, River is dead. However, the fact that they never meet in the right order means that you never really can close the door on her, and it's not like Steven Moffat is a stranger to bringing people back from the dead.... a certain Sherlock Holmes comes to mind. Moffat has previously discussed River featuring in the Capaldi era, and admits he's "slightly tempted". However, the showrunner continued, saying, "It's always down to whether there's a good story. My immediate instinct was that story's probably done." In typical Moffat style, he's not going to confirm it either way. So whilst Matt Smith can't quite breathe easy, still not knowing whether or not River will  be set for a Capaldi encounter, fans will never forget that the love story was theirs. Whether she returns or not, Professor River Song will always be firmly rooted in Smith's tenure. Check out these videos below, featuring some truly memorable moments between Matt and "his wife", Alex:

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