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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Orphan Black: 04x02, Transgressive Border Crossing

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

04/26/2016 12:45 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Orphan Black: 04x02, Transgressive Border Crossing | Transgressive Border Crossing
Media Courtesy of BBC America

Another week, another bloody mess — to paraphrase Sarah Manning.

Orphan Black delivers another weird and wonderful episode, so let’s see what happened in “Transgressive Border Crossing”, shall we?

So Sarah, S, Kira and Kendall are holed up in the Antarctic (or what looks like it), and Sarah runs frantically, begging them to pack their stuff and go. Kira gets a premonition (and I have Charmed vibes), so they make a run for it and literally burn the house down.

Two houses in three months? That’s getting excessive.

Anyway, stowed away in the back of a truck, they high tail it back to Clone Club Central.

Cosima and Scott are holed up in “the Batcave” -- or the basement of a comic book shop. It’s the same thing, really.

They’re currently doing gene therapy on Cosima from the genome Kendall provided. When S suggests she use Kira’s stem cells as a temporary fix, Cosima says she can’t because it will skew results. Once a scientist, always a scientist.

Meanwhile, Alison, Donny and Helena are living the suburban life. Helena poses as Alison, and Donny takes her for a check up on her babies. Guess what? It’s twins. I’m so happy for Helena, and I think you can’t help but laugh when she says her babies are fighting.

Alison also provided a laugh riot on tonight’s episode — and, let’s face it, she always does — when she qualified killing people because she’s not a trained assassin.

She’s some character for one character.

Anyway, Alison also meets up with Felix, who seems to be avoiding Sarah, Kira and his foster family. Alison informs him they’ll be supportive of his decision, and we are wondering what is on our lovely Felix’s mind.

Sarah turns up to Felix’s apartment while he’s showering and drags him along to Club Neolution. She and Art discover the surveillance footage Beth had of Paul before she died and see the pregnant neolutionist from last week’s installment. Felix gets Sarah into the club by letting her in the back, and she asks if anyone knows the mystery woman while he gets a drink. He is off with her, and Sarah gets annoyed and asks what’s wrong. He tells her he’s looking for his biological family. She says that S, Kira and she are his family, but he says they’re not; they’re each other’s family, even biologically. Sarah is less supportive than Felix or Alison expected, so he storms off and meets a guy on the floor for a dance and a kiss while Sarah gets pulled away by someone who thinks she is Mika.

He tells her about the maggot-bots from last week and shows her video of their defence mechanism. It’s gag worthy.

She goes to the launderette where he arranged to meet Mika. Mika calls Sarah and talks to her about Beth’s last days. Beth went to a hotel with a blonde wig, a gun and a key card and came back three days later, panicked and destroying the key card. Mika turns up and tells her not to leave her. Beth asks her to take care of the family and goes off to meet he fate at that doomed train platform.

A moment’s silence, please.

Sarah realises that Mika is outside watching her and runs out before Mika drives off in a mask. That can’t be safe, can it?

Anyway, Sarah runs back inside, and the two EMTs from last week’s episode turn up, lock her inside and pin her to the ground. They feel inside her cheek and say it’s Sarah.

Sarah runs back to the hideout, looking for a torch. S shines the light inside her cheek and sees a maggot-bot planted inside.


Another notable moment: Kendall has Leukemia, and now Scott knows. Under patient confidentiality, she swears him to secrecy. But will the truth come out?

We’ll have to wait and see.


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