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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Orphan Black 3x03: Formalized, Complex, and Costly

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

05/18/2015 11:11 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Orphan Black 3x03: Formalized, Complex, and Costly | Orphan Black
Media Courtesy of imdb

So Sarah and Felix are trying to get rid of dudebro clone's body but need to settle for a drink because shit's tough.

Art comes in and sees the body, and Sarah immediately says it wasn't them. Cosima says she can find out what's going on with the male clones, who are mentally glitching the way Cosima is physically glitching, but she'll need to examine his brain.

Gracie and original clone make out. And then do more recreational things with their body. Like cannibalism. Or sex. It's not clear.

Alison and Donnie are hitting up Ramon's old clients and essentially bribing them into supporting her campaign.

Turns out Gracie and original clone didn't partake in any (visible, at least) cannibalism, and he reveals he's there to get something her father had hidden. Gracie is upset, because everything she knows is a lie.

Sarah and Art track down a former member of the Prolitheans and she tells them that Helena and Gracie are pregnant.

Gracie visits the dude holding the stuff for her dad and procures it.

Art reveals the reason he's helping Sarah find Helena is because he wasn't there to help his partner Beth when she committed suicide at the beginning of the series. Cue angst + character development for Art, wrought from the posthumous pain of a woman.

The clones' adoptive mom and Paul chat and she wants him to buy them more time from the director of the program.

Cosima and Scott remove dudebro's brain, and Felix is squicked out by it. I am too, Fee. I am too.

Orphan Black

Courtesy of

Rachel is being tested on her cognitive skills with simplistic pictures and it's a pitiable sight and I feel so bad for her. She can barely speak or function. I feel so much pity, oh my gosh.

Dudebro clone who killed his dudebro clone speaks to adoptive mama and cries about how he saw the thing happen to his brother, and then she lets him hug her around the waist and he sucks a thumb. She probably mothered them closely and he developed an infantalization complex.

Alison operates her 'soap' (aka drug) business and Marcie pays her a visit, tries to bribe her with a house, but Alison shuts her down. The race is on.

Sarah and Art hit up that old guy Gracie visited, and he tells them what they want to know because blackmail.

The midwife Art and Sarah chatted up visited the place she used to work at, claiming she might know where Marc and Gracie were. Speaking of, those two open the box they received from Gracie's father's friend back at the farm and it contains a journal and documents. It's all junk, not the bio-samples he expected. He goes back himself.

Art reveals to Sarah that he was in love with Beth, and she urges him to get back to his work so he doesn't get fired. She promises she'll stay safe.

Paul apologizes to Helena, saying he's sorry it's come to that.

As Sarah is about to leave the diner, she spots Gracie praying for Mark's safety. Sarah slides into the booth and chimes, "Amen."

She chats her up about Mark, and reveals he's a clone. Gracie doesn't handle it well.

Mark is torturing the old man by hammering his fingers. He wants answers.

Gracie is trying to run away but her mother shows up, and berates her while comforting her.

Cosima and Scott and analyzing dead dudebro's brain, and Cosima cross-references it with Leda DNA. Something catches her attention, and she calls to Scott.

She calls Sarah, who's skulking around a garage, and she reveals that hundreds of identical base pairs and other things point to one thing:

The boy clones are their brothers.

Mark shows up and chats with Sarah, and she reveals they're family, but he refuses to believe it and runs off after Gracie. Except he's shot in the leg by a sniper by a mysterious woman whose face we don't see just yet.

It turns out to be Gracie's mother, and when Mark pleads for his life, saying he loves Gracie, she replies, "Not like her mother." And shoots him dead.

Damn. :( He was my favourite clone.

Did this episode give you all feels?

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