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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Orphan Black: 03x04 Newer Elements Of Our Defense

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

06/05/2015 3:14 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Orphan Black: 03x04 Newer Elements Of Our Defense | Orphan Black
Media Courtesy of EW

So Sarah sneaks out of the garage and finds Mark in the cornfield and he's surprisingly not dead. At least, surprising for me. YES.

Gracie's mom takes her home, where they now live with a Mr. Appleyard, who took them in after the fire.

Helena ties off her limb and causes a fuss, getting injected with a sedative; I suspect she plans to fake her sedation because her arm is tied off at the upper arm with a band.

Cosima and Alison chat on the phone while Alison counts her drug money. Donny rushes in, thinking the police are onto them, so he warns Alison who says they'll hide the evidence.

Sarah helps Mark get to a safe house and they plan to clean him up/get the bullet out, but she wants answers in return.

Helena sneaks out and scopes out the place. She manages to make it back to her room in time.

Sarah and Mark extract the bullet and some more exposition about what he does/their plans.

Alison and Donny are accosted by a shady dude who turns out to have a boss who Ramon worked under, and when Ramon went "to college," he really went off the grid with Alison's 30k. They're to meet the boss.

Cosima and Scott ponder over what Professor Duncan's cipher meant, and Felix takes Cosima out to forget about Delphine.

Gracie experiences pain and blood and a potential miscarriage. Some bloody discharge comes, and her mother fetches Alexis.

Sarah patches Mark up, and when he passes out, she calls an ambulance for him before leaving, taking the key out of his pocket to his hotel. Elsewhere, Scarface bro heads to the same location.

Alison and Donny meet up with the dude and it turns out to be someone Alison knew in high school and used to date. They reminisce.

Felix gets Cosima to sign up for a dating app, because fun.

Alison and her ex-beau strike up a deal and they're in business.

Sarah determines with Cosima's help that Henrik Johanssen (Gracie's father) was Professor Duncan's lab assistant and that his son is related to the Caster (boy dudes) clones.

Gracie's baby dies and with it, thankfully, that whole incest subplot. Her mother banishes her from the house.

Sarah gets accosted by Mark, but she tells him what she found out and they go to meet Henrik's son. Turns out he died as a baby so they have to dig him up.

Helena has been chewing on a bone all episode long and she fashioned it into a key. Is there ANYTHING she can't do? I suppose her inability to not be badass counts. She sneaks into the medical section, meets Parsons (who is a Castor clone whose brain is sawed open and plugged into with wires and restrained) and he begs her to kill him.

The little talking scorpion advises Helena to leave him and to escape, not wasting her time on someone who's "already dead," but Helena tells Parsons they've both been abandoned by their families and she will make the pain go away. She then stabs his brain, tells him to sleep, and kills him. She's apprehended by the guards and the mother is furious.

Sarah retrieves the baby's bones, but is accosted by Scarface dudebro, while Mark is passed out. He fights with Sarah, but Mark tells him to stand down. He hesitates, questioning his authority, but ultimately does so before saying they shouldn't leave loose ends.

As Mark looks Sarah in the eyes, he agrees.

Holy shit.

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