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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Orphan Black: 03x05 Scarred By Many Past Frustrations

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

06/05/2015 3:09 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Orphan Black: 03x05 Scarred By Many Past Frustrations | Orphan Black
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Helena wakes up in her cell, chatting with that talking black scorpion that is most assuredly a hallucination. It slinks under the next door to find Sarah slumped over a bed, unconscious.

Sarah wakes up and finds out Helena is in the next cell, but she refuses to chat with her; Helena is furious with Sarah and says she put her in there.

Gracie turns up at Art's apartment, and he ushers her inside.

Felix advises Cosima to go on a date, and she does. Art and Gracie chat and she reveals she lost the baby.

Cosima and her date Shay (or Shae) get along and they're adorable together. Shipping them already. :P

Helena and Sarah are on bad terms now, and Helena gets fed while Sarah is searched and handcuffed. She's taken away, but not before she reveals to Helena that the Castor clones are their brothers.

Sarah is taken to meet 'Mother', or Dr. Virginia Cody. They take blood and stem cells from her, because of her unique genome (in that she could have kids while the other clones couldn't, aside from Helena).

Art brings Gracie to Siobhan's house, and leaves her with Felix and her. Siobhan is worried about Sarah, and Art says they'll find her.

Cosima's date with Shae is going great, except someone is snapping photos of them from far away. They go out to do the thing.

Sex. I mean sex.

(At least I think they mean sex.)

Dr. Cody debriefs Mark and tells him to fill his log book with relevant information.

Gracie opens up to Felix about what she's never done, but he doesn't care.

Sarah tries to get Helena to talk, but she refuses. Paul comes in and he and Sarah chat, and he calls her out on her hypocrisy, pretending Helena's innocent and that he's a bad person for wanting to protect the Castor clones the way she does her sisters (the Leda clones).

Siobhan has a motherly moment with Gracie and provides exposition of her backstory.

Paul storms into Dr. Cody's office and says Sarah wasn't part of the deal, but she says she fell into their hands anyways and that no harm will come to her.

Cosima opens up to Shae about Delphine, then they smoochez.

Sarah and Helena chat, but Helena is still aloof and frosty. Sarah reveals the reason she left Kira with Siobhan in the beginning of the series was because she was too young and felt tied down and trapped. She says she regrets it, the way Helena will regret holding this grudge. Helena seems to relent, saying Sarah will have to help her if she wants to escape.

Felix confronts Siobhan about not telling them about her husband, and she said she didn't want to relive the pain. Gracie shows up in revealing clothing and tells them she wants to go out to a club, but Felix laughs and instead they drink at the place.

Sarah and Helena hatch a plan, and when Sarah resists the men while Helena does nothing, Sarah gets a bloody nose for her troubles.

Siobhan plays some rock music and they have a little party and show Gracie how to dance and have fun.

Sarah sneaks a tweezer into her mouth and passes it to Helena.

Gracie is drinking and dancing and partying and then she feels sick. Siobhan has Felix call 911.

Helena frees herself of the shackles on her legs, slathers herself up in stashed butter pieces, and begins to use the shackle bar to break the bars on her jail cell. She slithers out of the hole thanks to her buttered up form.

When the dude comes to investigate, she pushes his head onto a spike, killing him. And then spits on him.

Helena charm, all the way.

She then leaves Sarah to rot, because let's be real, who didn't see that coming. Empathy is not Helena's strong suit.

Paul checks on Parsons' corpse while Helena escapes, running into some trouble.

Art meets with the woman from before and her eyes are messed up, hidden behind shades. She thinks the clones gave it to her. Turns out Gracie has them, too. The camp is on high alert as people search for Helena, who debates with the scorpion whether or not she should go back for Sarah.

What a doozy.

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