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Orphan Black: 03x08 Ruthless In Purpose, And Insidious In Intent

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

06/08/2015 9:53 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Orphan Black: 03x08 Ruthless In Purpose, And Insidious In Intent | orphan black
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Another Leda clone! This one is a girly-girl, she's into fashion,  is working at a spa, and is doing the nails of Delphine Cormier. She's talking about twins, and the irony is she doesn't realize she's a clone.

Dr. Virginia Cody is at the bar where Sarah and Helena and Siobhan were. She's talking to Paul's contact, and he reveals he has a contact within Leda. She wonders if there are more factions than just Leda and Castor.

Delphine chats with the doctor in charge of helping Rachel recover, and she tells him Krystal (the clone) is naive and rationalized her encounter with Castor. She also tells him Rachel is a liability and can't be kept around indefinitely.

Cosima and Sarah chat, and worry about each other. She tells Sarah to call Scott because they' ve been holding back something big.

Alison has agreed to take Helena in and teach her some life skills and how to socialize. Donnie is against it, but is overruled. This dynamic should be interesting.

Cosima and Shae have a lovey dovey moment. Sarah chats with Scott about the secret code in the book, and they consider informing Delphine, but decide that she needs to meet with Rachel and see what the book says before deciding.

Delphine tells Rachel she's improving, which is unfortunate, and Rachel says it's because she's a threat to Delphine. Delphine leaves, and then Scott and Rachel Skype Sarah and Siobhan. She reveals she wants to leave this place (Dyad), and will translate for them if they manage to get her a quiet life in Taiwan. She will steal the Leda clone Krystal Goedrich's identity, and then translate it for them.

Sarah, Siobhan, and Felix argue and ultimately Sarah wins out because plot. Cosima is showing Shae around and she sees Professor Duncan's book in code, and Cosima snatches it out of her hands and gives it to Scott, and when he turns around after putting it in his bag, Delphine is there.

Delphine is honestly the best. Her power and jealousy is super interesting to watch.

She tells Cosima they need to talk, and it's business related genetic sequencing stuff. It's not good news.

Helena flirts with Donnie, who is taken aback but pleased to be getting along with her. He complains to Alison about Jason, though, and how he thought he kissed her when he really kissed Cosima, and claims she might have kissed him back. She says she'll talk to him, and then Gracie comes in for work.

Helena sees Gracie and they're both surprisingly civil; Gracie apologizes for losing the baby, and Helena says it's not her fault and that she'll be auntie to Helena's. They hug and Helena kisses her cheek.

Sarah and Felix pull up to the cafe/spa place where Krystal works, and Felix goes in to steal her ID. He then pretends to act "straight" and it's the funniest thing I've ever seen. He's surprisingly good at it.

Scott goes home and runs into Rudy. He threatens him.

Felix plays up the charade and when Krystal says something feels off, like she's not super smart nor super stupid but she's noticed things like her boyfriends rotate every two years and that security guards at her hotel carry machine guns, she feels like she's missing out on something big.

Felix feels bad, so he's about to spill the beans, but Sarah convinces him not to. He slips out to the "washroom" so he can snag her ID. He notices a notebook where she is piecing things together; she's not as clueless as Delphine thought. When he sneaks back out, he tells her he has to go but he drops his accent and apologizes when she starts to cry and tells her she's one of a kind and not alone. She appreciates it, he pays, and leaves, getting into the car and telling Sarah he feels like shit.

Cosima is with Delphine and trying to figure out what to do about her autoimmune disorder when Scott calls and spills the beans, and Delphine turns to Cosima with a pissed look on her face and says, "What book?"

Alison calls Jason to her store and he kisses her and she lets him but then pushes him away and reminds him that she's married and that they can't do that.

Delphine and Cosima are at Scott's apartment and talk about what happened, if they made a copy, etc. They say no. Delphine is PISSED.

When she asks who else knows, they have no choice but to rat on her: Rachel.

Felix and Sarah and Siobhan are musing on this when one of Scott's board game buddies stops by and drops off a package. It's a copy of the book, and Cosima says, "Of course we made copies; we're not complete idiots."

The writers get a high-five for this one. I love when that happens.

Delphine is raging at Rachel, but business calls her away -- Cosima is distracting her. Scott begins the breakout of Rachel with some assistance from a guard.

Donnie and Jason fight. Donnie's knocked out.

Cosima and Delphine fight, and Cosima tries to quit (which is why they're fighting). Delphine warns her about spies, how Shae could be one, and Cosima says if Delphine's not going to be with her, then she had to let her go.

Rachel shows up at Siobhan's house. She starts translating the thing, and when she does, the dude who is in charge of seeing her recuperation barges into the house with armed guards. He says Delphine knew they had a copy. He takes the book, and Rachel insists it's hers before falling out of her chair and succumbing to seizures. She's rushed to the hospital.  Delphine chats with Neelan and it's revealed she planned for the moving of Rachel and incorporated it into her plans. Rachel has to go into surgery. Rachel opens her eyes and Neelan glances at her. It looks like they were perhaps planning something and maybe duped Delphine?

He tells Delphine that the surgery was a minor success, and stress resulted in intra-cranial bleeding and to reduce it, she's been put into a coma. She might never recover. Delphine dismisses him and returns to her desk where Cosima and Scott are sitting. She snaps at them, telling them she would've been the safest guard for it, but now they cost all of them the only clue in the book, and then accepts Rachel's resignation and Scott's, even though he didn't resign. He's basically fired. She tells Cosima she might need this when she's out in the cold, and tosses a file with Shae's name on it. It's spelled Shay, but I'm too far gone to accept retroactively changing it, so Shae it is.

Dr. Neelan receives a call, and it's from Rachel. Turns out she was slipped out and got away, and the person in a coma is actually Krystal.  Rachel is getting a prosthetic eye and going to be her old self. She's put under and Dr. Neelan tells a mysterious woman that Rachel is all hers.

Oh shit. This entire episode was great.

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