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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Orphan Black 03x09 Insolvent Phantom Of Tomorrow

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

06/17/2015 9:42 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Orphan Black 03x09 Insolvent Phantom Of Tomorrow | Orphan Black
Media Courtesy of Credit: Mashable

On the latest episode of Orphan Black, Sarah, Felix and Siobhan are in London. Siobhan meets up with a friend and tells the two that there's only one way this can go: she has to kill the Castor original.

Virginia is with a Castor clone (Rudy?) and she says they'll find the Castor original in order to cure him.

Helena is describing to Alison's daughter how to win a fight, and Gracie interrupts and tells them not to do that, because Helena is thinking like a killer, not a mother. Helena says she is a mother and walks a different path now.

Siobhan's friend notices that the code indicates the Original is the guest of the Queen, so he'll talk to a guy and see what they can do.

Because Donnie fought Jason, who vouched for them to Pouchy, he rescinds his vouching and Pouchy wants his pills back. Donnie doesn't have them, so he takes Helena's nitrogen canister of eggs instead, thinking it looks important.

Oh no.

With Scott's help, Cosima deduces Shae is in fact the spy.

Siobhan's guy gets caught by Ferdinand, who has him tortured. Helena is singing and dancing and mixing ingredients. She sees Donnie injured on his face and she says she'll make the pain go away, and maybe he'll tell her some truths. He agrees.

Cosima goes to Delphine to ask for help, and when Delphine asks why she should, Cosima comes clean and confirms that what she hasn't told Delphine is that Sarah and the others are in London, trying to kill the original Castor clone. In exchange for her help, Delphine adds a stipulation: leave the book with her.

Helena heals up Donnie with some cream ointment she made that she used to use on herself when the nuns in the convent beat the demons out of her, and he lets slip that they took her kids. When Helena reveals to him that they were her kids, she says she wants to know where they are so she can handle it. Donnie says no, because she's "on a new path now" (something she said earlier), and says he'll handle it.

Their friendship is so cute.

Siobhan, Sarah, and Felix find Siobhan's dude and see him all bloody and beaten, and he whispers something in Siobhan's ear before he dies. She says they have to go home because they lost their advantage.

Sarah picks up the guy's phone, impersonates Siobhan, and sets up a meeting with the person called twice. They're to meet in an hour in the square, with him sending someone. Ferdinand and his enforcer watch them. A taxi guy pulls up and takes them somewhere.

Donnie and Helena pull up to Pouchy's place. He goes in alone.  He returns his products and asks for the nitrogen canister. They deny him, and Helena, hilariously dressed up as Alison, comes in and sees what's going on.

She gets the tank back, but then they threaten Alison's kids. Helena asks them if they did that, and then pushes Donnie out the door and locks it behind him before saying they shouldn't have threatened the babies.

Delphine, being the most boss character on the show, shows up to Shae's apartment with two men and tells Shae to sit down and that they're going to have a conversation.

Taxi Dude is the one who answered the phone and says they're not Siobhan and so they spill the beans, he gives them info, and then drives them to the place they see on the sheet he gave them.

Donnie is on the phone with Alison and Helena comes out of the place with a huge machete and blood everywhere. She has their refund.

I love Helena as much as I love Delphine. They've become my favourite characters.

Delphine interrogates Shae, who denies everything. She sets up a bath and pulls out a razor blade.

Helena thanks Donnie for saving her babies. Alison comes in and she asks what happens to his face before seeing the money after he draws her attention to it.

Delphine tells Shae that she had a roommate who once tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrists in the bathtub, but it wasn't enough. She needed to slit some arteries on her feet too. This is why she asked Shae to remove her shoes when she came in.

Cosima receives a call from Gracie, who apologizes and reveals she was the spy and that she did it so she could be with Marc because they told her she could have him, and that she loves him.

Oh no. Delphine is about to have Shae killed for no reason.

Cosima calls and, MERCIFULLY, Delphine answers, so it's not one of those "oh she killed the wrong person and only found out about it too late" kinda situations. I'm glad. Delphine looked at Shae after Cosima told her, and you could tell she wasn't thrilled about the ridiculous situation she was put into.

Taxi Dude drops Sarah and Felix off at the place where the original Castor clone lives. Sarah resolves herself to kill him so Felix, cursing, remains look out.

Ferdinand gets into the seat behind Taxi Dude and says they'll talk. He calls Delphine and they talk about the blackmail she has on him, and then she says to meet her at the Institute. He leaves the taxi, Taxi Dude's throat slit.

Sarah sneaks into Kendall Malone's house (the apparent original Castor clone), and when an old woman pops up with a butcher knife asking what she's doing, Sarah says she's looking for Kendall. The woman says she's got her, and then Siobhan comes in and tells Sarah to put the gun down. Kendall whispers Siobhan's name, but then Siobhan says, "Hello mother."

1.) Oh my God.

2.) Nicely played, Orphan Black. Playing upon our collective expectations that Kendall would be a man because of the name. I'm impressed.

Kendall spills the beans, and reveals she was the original male donor because she absorbed a male twin in the womb and has two cell linings. She's the Castor original clone. And, because Castor are brothers to Leda, she's also the original Leda clone.

Siobhan begins to clear the place out, opening the oven and turning on the gas, and placing a plate above a toaster after putting two Eggo waffles in it. She's going to blow the place up. And kill her mother.

Sarah, justifying that she's also the original Leda clone, says that she can't. And the episode ends with Siobhan holding a gun to her mother's head.

The finale is going to be so wicked, oh my gosh. Can't wait until Saturday!


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