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Television / Recaps / Spoilers PopWrapped | Television

Orphan Black Recap: 03x02 Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

05/04/2015 11:12 am
PopWrapped | Television
Orphan Black Recap: 03x02 Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis | Orphan Black
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Some quick thoughts on this week's Orphan Black: Creepy clone dudebros share one girl during sex. She is sufficiently creeped out. Cal takes Sarah and Kira to his apartment, surprising Sarah. Paul Dierden shows up to clone dudebros' apartment. They work under him. He tests dudebro clone's logic and reasoning with postulated questions, and ultimately he hesitates too long, prompting Paul to tell them they're being extracted and sent to the home base. Scott comes over to treat Cosima. He tells her the guy Delphine put in charge wants a meeting with her. Alison tells Donnie she's running a campaign. She also learns that Ramon, the guy who sold her illicit drugs last season, is going out of business. She dubs him an "opportunity". Art calls Sarah and tells her dudebro clones look exactly like the Prolethean guy. She says she's on her way. My poor precious baby Helena is being waterboarded. Truly tragic.  They plan to do it again, but the lady who watched her on the monitor stops it, revealing she's pregnant because of blood test results they took. Felix goes to visit Siobhan and tells her she can't sit out, none of them can. He tells her to get to work. Cosima and Scott meet with the new dude in charge of Dyad under Delphine and they discuss the history of Projects Leda and Castor. Sarah meets up with Art to interview the girl. Alison and Donnie meet with Ramon, and tell him they want to buy his drug business, because he's going off to college. Dudebro clone with mustache is "glitching", which means he has blackouts and problems with his memory and perceptions. Dudebro clone with scars on his face says they're going to finish the job, while showing up at Felix's loft which he proceeds to break into. Cosima and Sarah talk on the phone, and Cosima tells Sarah that Siobhan is their best lead, because she can get in contact with Paul. Sarah is unwilling. Helena is being subjected to that same test that the dudebro clones were by Paul, logical fallacies and deductions based on A=B, B=C, does A=C? statements. Helena is not having it. Dudebro soldier clone says to answer the doctor's question. Helena says she met his brother, and that he's ugly; keep in mind, they're clones. Oh Helena. I love you so, you silly thing. The camera lady takes Helena out to have a bite to eat. They're in a desert compound. She says she's the dudebro clones' mother, though she never expected to have kids. She took them in when they were young. She tells Helena her family sold her out, but Helena doesn't believe her. She says they're invaluable, her and her boys, so they'll be treated well. Dudebro clone investigates Felix's place while he's over at Siobhan's house, where Sarah shows up. She chats frostily with Siobhan, who can't help them because "Paul's gone dark" after getting what he wanted, and she urges Sarah to leave with Kira because Cal is offering her a dream that will only hurt them in the end. I'm not even sure how she knew what Cal was offering them. Is she having them tailed? Is Cal working for her? Alison and Donnie chat with Ramon, and it's revealed they'll empty their retirement savings into this in order to get income and a loyal fanbase. They are now in charge of Ramon's drug trade. I am actually surprised. Alison is hardcore as hell. Paul pulls a gun on Cal in his apartment and tells him he needs to convince Sarah to leave because she's poking into things that will make everything end badly for everyone. Sarah takes Kira and goes to Felix's loft, setting up a bath but dudebro clone with scars is there and holds Kira hostage in exchange for the original castor genome. Sarah doesn't have it, Cal 'fights' with dudebro clone with the meninist mustache downstairs, and Scar goes down to see Stache. Stache is so far gone into his glitching he can't function anymore but scream and cry, so Scar shoots him in the heart and tells him to go sleep and that he loves him and it's all over and to let go. It's oddly touching. Siobhan arranges for them to be smuggled out of the country.  Sarah asks Felix if she's doing the right thing. He says she is and she's a good mom. Kira leaves with Cal. He's taking care of her now. Felix asks what now. Sarah says they go to Mark, the clone with Gracie, and proceed from there. Gracie asks Mark what he's doing in the bathroom. He tells her to go to bed. He then takes a flamethrower to his skin, burning off his tattoo shared with his clones. Wow. Now we'll see how they get Helena back. Exciting, ya?

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