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Music PopWrapped | Music

Oscar Vega Stuns With 'Lucy' And 'Back'

Ryan Donnelly | PopWrapped Author

Ryan Donnelly

05/01/2016 6:17 am
PopWrapped | Music
Oscar Vega Stuns With 'Lucy' And 'Back' | Oscar Vega
Media Courtesy of Essentially Pop

From Woodbridge, Virginia, U.S.A comes the smooth and methodical sound of the talented Oscar Vega. Bringing us a couple of new tracks for us to sink our teeth into, Oscar Vega is here to grab your attention and hold onto it. In an industry choked with a multitude of genres that seem to grow by the day, Oscar adds Trip-Pop to the list. A combination of highly-produced vocals, masterfully mixed beats, Oscar daringly walks the tightrope between over-produced and what is usually enough, but he clearly knows what he is doing, as he doesn’t look to be ready to fall anytime soon.

His first single, entitled "Lucy", is dark and beautiful. With haunting piano hits and ethereal-sounding vocals reminiscent of Kanye West, this track has all the makings of a hit. Not holding back on the layers, "Lucy" embraces a sense of almost falling apart at times. With a slight crackle in the background that brings back that record player feel, a vicious beat that begs to be turned up as loud as you can stand it, Oscar is clearly aiming to stand out among the crowd, and, with a song as infectious as "Lucy", he shouldn’t have a trouble.

Currently promoting the track entitled "Back", Oscar is focused on showcasing his vocal capabilities a bit more on this track than what could be found on "Lucy". The song, itself, is a bit slower and also a bit less effective as a single than "Lucy" is, if I am to be honest. It is a fine song in itself and quite clearly belongs on the future album this is to be placed on, but, as a single, it might miss its intended mark a bit. The song keeps to a safe formula, which is great in one way, but where "Lucy" daringly journeyed through some interesting soundscapes, "Back" doesn’t bring anything really new to the table.

Oscar Vega could very well have a solid career in the music business, as long as he keeps from shying away from the heavier and more creative music compositions. He has a great voice with good control over it and clearly loves what he does, and all he needs to do now is push the envelope even further by taking more aggressive chances.


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