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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Once Upon A Time: 05x05, Dreamcatcher

Alina Martinez | PopWrapped Author

Alina Martinez

10/27/2015 6:56 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Once Upon A Time: 05x05, Dreamcatcher | Dreamcatcher
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On the latest episode of Once Upon a Time, "Dreamcatcher," we are reunited with Emma's plan to make Rumpel brave. As Merida attempts to defy Emma, her heart is revealed in Emma's hand as she grips it. Merida takes Rumpel by the arm and they are sent off to the forest for training. Back in Camelot, Regina shows Snow and David where she hid the dagger, but insists on questioning them on if King Arthur can be trusted. As the couple attempts to bombard Regina, Emma uses her dark magic to freeze the two and lets Regina know that Arthur can not be trusted. Sadly, Regina isn't too sure if she can trust Emma herself.  Emma shares that she has the ability to see memories through a dreamcatcher, and that is how she is able to free Merlin. We also learn in Merlin's efforts to destroy the dark one for killing his first love, he was bound inside a tree by the dark one. Regina and Emma conclude that they need another tear over the loss of a first love to free Merlin. Meanwhile, as Henry gets closer to Violet, he is abruptly stopped by her father, who tells him that he is not a knight and he should leave his daughter alone. Henry also sends a note to Violet to come to Grannies for dinner; he wants to show her that even though he is different, she will like him. During the present day, Regina, Hook, Robin, and Belle attempt to figure out what it is that Emma is hiding from them. Merida throws Rumpel a sword and chastises him for being such a coward; her life is on the line too if he does not become brave. Despite her best efforts, she is getting nowhere with him and his weak body, so she lets it be known that she will find something to bring out the bravery in him. Regina then offers to use her tears for her first love, while viewing a memory through the dreamcatcher. Thus, Emma learns the severity of Regina's pain because her mother was the one who ripped her first love's heart out. As the tear is captured, they move quickly to the tree where Merlin is bound. As we revisit present day, Violet comes to Henry, saddened because her horse has run off; she claims that her father is using pumpkins to lure the horse out because those are his favorite. Henry then goes to Emma, believing that she can help him like during Operation Cobra. He tells her, "I believe you can still help, like old times." She then agrees to help her son find the missing horse. Finally Emma and Regina have reached Merlin's tree, but learn that the tear won't work, because Regina has moved on past her first love because of Robin. Henry appears before his mothers crying, because during his dinner Violet expressed to him that she did not feel the same way about him. Emma quickly bottles up his tear. Suddenly Arthur and his knights appear, attempting to stop the release of Merlin. He is too late, as Emma began casting her spell; the good and evil magic were completely separated into each hand. Upon his release, Merlin tells Emma that he has been waiting for her. Arthur screams at Merlin for the false prophecy he was given, but Merlin merely tells him he had hope for him, and that he couldn't harm him in the state that Excalibur was in. The heroes manage to get into Emma's house and find Excalibur back in its stone. Before leaving the house, Regina finds a dreamcatcher with a memory on it. The memory shows the night that Henry and Violet were to have their dinner. Emma ripped out Violet's heart and told her that she needed to break her son's heart, because she needed his tears. There goes Mo of the Year. I felt so sad for Henry. Unfortunately, he even witnesses that memory as Regina is watching it. During the quest for bravery, Merida brings Rumpel a tea cup and says, "My father taught me, to get a lad to fight, you have to give him something to fight for." In his concern for where the tea cup came from, because it symbolizes Belle, he grabs the sword and swings at Merida, well on his way to bravery. As we near the end of the episode, Merlin tells Emma that he can get rid of her darkness, but her heart has to be ready to let it go.


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