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Our Minds Are "Frayed" After This Week's Teen Wolf

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/02/2013 9:14 pm
Our Minds Are

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer 

Any episode that starts with a thunderstorm is sure to have dark undertones.

The Beacon Hills Cross Country boys are off to a meet and things aren’t looking so hot. Specifically for Scott, who is having a vision/night terror. At the same moment Stiles is quizzing him on vocabulary words: the first word anachronism – something that exists out of its normal time. Foreshadowing much? Scott is in pain and reveals a nasty wound on his side given to him by an alpha. Then he reveals something else. Are you ready for this? Derek is….dead. SAY IT AINT SOOO!

The episode launches in to flashbacks while the gang heads to their meet. The first is of Scott coming to Allison to help with the Alphas. They play a game of who’s got better skills and the sexual tension is so strong it hurts.

Things get to intense when he doesn’t realize his own strengths and hurts her; with that the tension is gone. Leaving Allison’s, Scott runs into Deucalion who has set up base in the same apartment building as the Argents. Scott quickly relays the message to his pack and the plan is to attack.

Scott has a moral compass that Peter and Cora despise and would rather cut him loose from their plans. He is sick of everything involving killing people but their goal is to kill Deucalion and hope the others become weaker when their Alpha is gone. Deucalion and Scott have a chat about how you need to kill to protect sometimes, but Scott still refuses to succumb to those parameters.

We’re met with another flash back of the battle and we see Derek and a wounded alpha fall to their deaths as a wounded Scott watches in horror. Then we’re right back on the bus which is now stopped in bumper to bumper traffic and Boyd is getting ready to do something drastic.

Cora and Peter return to retrieve Derek’s body and both wonder where it went. They are also unsure if they should trust each other since Derek was really the only tie they had. Scott manages to calm Boyd but it’s only after he realizes Scott is still injured and is fighting hard to keep the death toll to a minimum.

We learn that Deaton had told Scott that he can’t convince them he has to lead them. Stiles and Scott try to get Danny to help them figure out who Alpha Twin is waiting to hear from. It’s a nice bit of comedy to break up the heaviness of the episode. We learn maybe Ennis is not dead but close to death. Ms. Morell heads to Deaton complete with the Alpha pack looking for help.

I have always known there is something that we don’t know about Deaton and it’s becoming more and more clear. He refuses to help and the female alpha threatens to kill Ms. Morrell and Deaton announces that it can’t happen there. Morrell reasons with him that if he doesn’t help they will kill Scott, and with that he agrees. Back on the bus Scott is not doing well – his wound will not heal and Stiles is worried so he calls Allison and Lydia and they get him off the bus.

Lydia deduces that his wound is not healing because it’s all in his head. His guilt from Derek’s death is preventing him from getting better. Allison stitched him up in hopes to make him appear that he is healing and to trick him. She’s a mess and her mother comes to her to walk her through. By the time she gets it together it may be too late for Scott. Allison snaps him out of it and he proclaims it’s his fault. He flashes back again to the night it all happened.

He tries to lose Isaac and go alone, but the two dash off together. Scott’s plan is to reason with Deucalion and Derek shows up knowing Scott’s plan. However, Deucalion is not alone either.

Back to the bus, Scott is back on his feet (barely) and Isaac is beating the shit out of Alpha Twin. Coach tries desperately to stop him but one scream from Scott and he stops. He’s commanding his pack already.

Meanwhile, Cora and Peter find themselves at Deaton’s. We learn the building is half made out of mountain ash – makes sense. After taking the time to fix Ennis up, Deucalion looks somewhat relieved but you know, being the demon wolf and all, he goes and smashes Ennis’ skull and takes his power. All that work for nothing!

Back to the night of the deaths:  It looks as if Derek has a choice, let his sister live by killing one of his own or they both die. It really is a tough choice. When it seems that he has nothing left to do Allison comes in shooting arrows of light. It gives them time to regroup, and when Scott goes after Ennis his eyes turn red… Alpha?! Allison catches it but within a second they’re gone. Derek rushes in and he and Ennis become entangled. Scott slashes Ennis’ leg and he loses his balance sending him and Derek over the edge. This is why Scott is taking the blame, but Allison assures him it is not his fault and all is right in the world again.

Back at school we see Jennifer getting into her car and, wouldn’t you know, a bloodied Derek shows up. HE’S ALIVE! REJOICE! Breathe again! I mean really they can’t kill off Derek Hale just yet. We also learn that Ms. Morrell and Deaton are brother and sister. And the plot thickens!

This week’s episode was good; however there was so much to attain that sometimes the flashbacks were a bit tedious. Next week looks like a nail biter and I can’t wait!


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