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Panda Express Reinvents Dining Techniques With The Chork

Roxanne Powell | PopWrapped Author

Roxanne Powell

Staff Writer
08/18/2016 10:08 am
PopWrapped | Current Events
Panda Express Reinvents Dining Techniques With The Chork | chork
Media Courtesy of Mental Floss

Panda Express' new eating utensil could be the game changer we have been looking for. The fast food eatery recently introduced the "chork," a fork and chopstick hybrid, to its restaurants.

It is built entirely out of plastic, with one end serving as the fork, and the handle of said fork being the chopsticks. 

Along with the debut of their newest cutlery option, Panda Express came out with a new menu item on August 10th. General Tso's Chicken is "an old American Chinese dish," according to IndyStar, and will be available to order through December 27, 2016.

The company released a statement along with their double debut:

"Chorks were introduced to the public during the launch of the dish yesterday," the statement reads. "The tool is a perfect way to illustrate the mashup of American and Chinese cultures—just like Panda Express. Chorks are a unique utensil that elevate the way people experience their food. While Chorks are not currently available at Panda Express locations, there is a possibility that they will make their way into stores in the future."

The chork is not the first utensil combination that has taken diners everywhere by storm. The spork "has existed since at least 1874," according to The Eater. There have been other fusions, but none as iconic. Many are saying the chork will be a part of the new dining experience.

It is also pretty useful for those of us who still don't quite know how to use traditional chopsticks. It takes away the guesswork when the utensil is in your hand. With the plastic fork at the top connecting the pieces of the chopstick, it is technically considered a "cheater" tool. 

While a few Panda Express locations have already debuted the chork along with General Tso's Chicken, it has yet to reach every store.

The chork was created in partnership with the Brown Innovation Group.


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