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Parenthood Recap 5x08 - "The Ring"

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11/17/2013 1:19 am
PopWrapped | Television
Parenthood Recap 5x08 -

Shelby Parker

Staff Writer

This week's episode of Parenthood showed us the potential for a lot of heartbreak that seemed to be lurking around the corner for some of our favorite couples. Let's not waste any more time, and just jump right in. Zeke Braverman is living the single life while Camille is in Italy living out one of her dreams. He's hanging out at their house alone in his shorty shorts, eating whipped cream out of a can, and some might say he has it made, but the kids are a little concerned about him. He finally gets a chance to talk to Camille over Skype, catching her on her way out, so she rushes through the conversation, leaving before she gets a chance to hear him say, "I love you." Sarah stops by a couple times to check up on him; bringing him ribs and potato salad that he likes from San Francisco, and just keeping him company because she has nowhere else to go. But, when she gets invited to Carl's get together at his apartment, he encourages her to go, and she does. Someone her age shouldn't be at home on a Saturday night, at least according to Carl. Over at Crosby and Jasmine's, they're starting to get used to the fact that Jabar is starting to take up ballet. Well, actually, Crosby is taking some time to adjust to this new idea. Jabar later tells Crosby that he thinks he might love ballet and says that he enjoys the class he's taking with Jasmine, along with getting Burger and Pie after class. Jasmine has a talk with Crosby; she knows he doesn't like the idea and is worried he won't be his "guy" anymore, since he's not playing basketball. She tries to talk him into coming to one of the rehearsals to see how good Jabar is. He also has another chat with Adam, who helps him to see that your kids aren't always going to be into the same things as you are, and that's okay, you just need to be there to support them. Crosby decides to check Jabar out in action and he sees how much he loves it. It may not be the number one choice, but it seems that he's coming around to it. Joel and Julia are still going through a bit of a rough patch. They discuss the outcome of what could happen to Victor if he is held back, but it's pretty obvious that Joel still isn't into that idea. While Julia is working at the school a little later on, she runs into Victor's teacher and asks her to just say what the verdict is, because she's been losing sleep over the decision with every night that passes. The teacher explains that she should really wait until their scheduled appointment with the principal to say anything, but tells her that they've decided to pull Victor back to the fourth grade. Julia needs a minute and ducks into a classroom, when Ed comes in and sees that something is wrong. He gives her a hug and they seem to have a deeper connection, but Julia pulls back and says she needs to talk to Joel and walks out. Eventually, when Joel gets home, Julia breaks the news to him. He's upset that she didn't bother to call or text when it happened and says they're going to find a way to help him stay in the fifth grade, like possibly going to a private school. "All these decisions you're making, they're not good decisions – you’re not helping here," Joel tells Julia. They continue to disagree about the matter at hand, and as the episode goes on, the kids are starting to catch on to their arguing more. Joel tells Julia that they're not getting it from him, and Julia continues to press the that they need to talk more about everything going on. They tell Victor that he will have to stay behind in the fourth grade, and he takes it pretty hard; Joel and Julia both agree with him that it isn't fair, and things are still no better for them. As for Kristina's campaign, things are starting to get very personal. After all, it’s the world of politics. Kristina is just two points away from Bob Little when Heather gets a phone call that Bob has leaked information about Adam, who once hit someone in the grocery store line. However, he didn't mention the fact that it was because the guy had insulted Max, calling him "retarded". Heather tells her that if she has any dirt on Bob, she should speak up, because they need to fire back and go negative on his campaign. Let's also not forget the picture that later runs in the paper of Kristina and Adam, who appear angry and are yelling, but they explain to Heather that it was just at Haddie's soccer game, and someone must have pulled it from Facebook. Kristina talks about "getting back at Bob" over with Adam, and he thinks they should bring up the fact that Bob Little had something going on with Amber a couple years ago, but Kristina doesn't want to bring her into it, because it'll make everything messy. She barges into Bob's office and starts questioning why he would do something like that, when they were friends at the time and she confided in him. "There are some things I could share about you..." she tells him, but he doesn't think she'll go negative, because that's not who she is. However, we get to see that spitfire side of Kristina that we all love to see, as she fights for what's right and tells her that he doesn't know her. Hopefully that scared him a little bit for what's to come if he keeps trying to mess with her campaign. Amber gives Kristina the okay, and says they can't let him get away with blasting Adam in the press, "I don't want to see this guy in office," and Kristina agrees. They call a press conference to address the issue with Adam, but she doesn't say a word against Bob. She "stuck to her guns," as Adam tells her, and it seems to be paying off when she sees the responses online. But, she seems to have a look in her eye that might just suggest that she's ready to go to the dark side to prove her point. As for Ryan and Amber, the engagement ring seems to be causing Amber a little bit of stress. Although, it seems like it could be a cover up for deeper issues in the back of her mind, she says the ring cost way too much, and they could be putting that money towards traveling or other things after they're married. They both seem to be tiptoeing with each other’s feelings a little more and apologizing about the littlest details. Ryan returns the ring, and Amber keeps asking a lot of, "Is that okay with you?" and "Are you sure you're okay with it?" He's very quiet and to the point, but says it's okay. It'll be interesting road to the altar for them. Guess we'll have to keep tuning in to see what the future holds. And next week, it looks like a whole lot is going to be shaken up for election night, while some past struggles might come back to haunt Amber and Ryan. I'd explain a little more, but it’s so good you should check it out for yourself. Visit NBC to catch up on full episodes of Parenthood. The next episode of Parenthood, "Election Day", will air on Thursday, November 21st, at 10/9 CST.


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