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Parenthood Wants Us To "Get Mad Together"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/31/2013 10:50 am
PopWrapped | Television
Parenthood Wants Us To
Media Courtesy of NBC

Shelby Parker

Staff Writer

Before we settle in to enjoy tonight's episode, let's take a look back at what happened last week on Parenthood. Once again, this show proves to be about those little moments that life brings-- The heartfelt conversations, the small gestures and how sometimes life just isn't fair, but you have to deal with that and find a way to work around it. Adam lets Crosby know that they gained the rights of the songs for the new band they've been working with, Ashes of Rome. The catch is that he traded it for studio time, which Crosby isn't happy about, because he wasn't crazy about the lead singer. Later on, they have a talk over the creative process they want to take with the band, as well as the direction they want to take with the album. Adam tells him they have the rights to the songs and that they're going to make a great album, but the lead singer still isn't sure. Adam tells them that they're taking a chance with them, and that seems to be all he needs to hear. However, studio time with the group does not go well, since Crosby is starting to get irritated with the lead singer's "diva" ways; wanting to re-record one of the songs, and he just doesn't have time for that. He ends up leaving, even though Adam keeps telling him not to. Eventually, Crosby comes around and gives the band an inspirational speech; naming off famous albums that were recorded for really cheap. "They had something to say and they said it..." He says that they're good and that they need to just sing and leave the rest to them. They agree, and get right back to work. Max is really enjoying his new passion of taking photos. He's walking down the halls at school, taking random pictures, whether people are ready or not. As he says, "Photography's about real moments. Fake smiles are not real moments." But, when he captures a picture of a young girl crying on the staircase, it causes big problems. Max's teacher tells Kristina that the girl and her parents are very upset, and he will be moving Max to layout. Hank tells Kristina that Max is talented and needs to be working in front of the camera, not on layout. Kristina meets with the principal and teacher again, to explain how much taking pictures means to Max and how good he is. She also reminds them that he was the president of his class last year, and how good that went, but they didn't share the same feelings. There were more bumps in the road than she knew about. And they decide to keep him with layout, because it will be better for everyone that way. When Kristina has to tell Max, he's understandably upset. Kristina is too, and agrees that it isn't fair. They sit there in silence taking that in. Sarah's neighbor, Carl, has an issue with his plumbing, which Sarah tries to fix and it doesn't go well. Joel ends up sending Ryan out there to fix it, but doesn't give Sarah the heads up. When he shows up, Sarah starts immediately talking about him and Amber rushing into marriage, and the conversation they had about it. However, since that's not what he's there for, he's a little shocked to hear her revealing all of these things. He shuts it down and just goes to fix the toilet. Talk about awkward! When Ryan gets home, he asks Amber why she hid that from him and the fact that her and her mom aren't exactly talking. She tries to explain that she wasn't hiding it, and doesn't understand why he's so upset. He just doesn't understand why Sarah is so concerned with his family not coming to the wedding. At the end, Ryan goes to Sarah's place again and tells her all the details she's been wondering about. He tells her, "I want to be worthy of your family. I want to be worthy of her." He then adds, "It's fixed..." and though he might be referring to the toilet, it seems like he's talking about something a little deeper. Someone comes to Zeke and Camille's house; taking pictures and admiring it, since she was in the area working on another house in the neighborhood. Camille asks whether they would need to remodel things, because she can't remember the last time they did anything on the house. The lady says she will be in touch about figures and such. Zeke is not happy about it at all. Later, when Julia stops by to drop Victor off, she goes inside to see Camille, who ends up pouring her heart out about the situation with Zeke. She tells her daughter about her wanting to consider selling the house, but Zeke just doesn't want to. She tells her that she feels like she lost her voice at some point in the relationship and doesn't know how to get it back. When Julia comes back to pick Victor up later on, she decides to have a little chat with her dad. She tells him that she talked to Camille about what's been going on, and he says that he's glad she's concerned, but that's between them, and isn't really for her to be involved with. With everything Julia and Joel have been going through, it all hits close to home, and she starts telling him that she's his wife and she has the right to know. Zeke can tell something else is really bothering her and just holds her close in a hug. As for Joel and Julia...Joel is dealing with Pete, who he's working for. Julia warns him against letting her take advantage of him when it comes to pay, and he says that won't be a problem. But, she thinks it's best that they set some boundaries so that doesn't happen. While on the site of Pete's project, Joel tells her they should have a "conversation" about the creative process, which Pete immediately knows as "boundaries" and decides they should have dinner together to discuss it. Over dinner, Pete explains that she wants someone to be in it for the long haul, and they decide that she will just pay him for it all at the beginning, rather than for overtime. Joel ends up having a little too much to drink, and ends up at the grocery store looking at cakes, when he runs into Crosby. Crosby drives him home, and they eat cake in front of Joel and Julia's house. Joel starts getting philosophical, talking about business and life. Then, Crosby says, "You're drunk, that's not good cake." The next morning, Julia recognizes that he was out until really late last night, with Pete, nonetheless, and isn't happy about that. Joel tells her that she shouldn't be upset, as nothing happened. Then, she asks about what happened with the boundaries they discussed. Joel tells her that she won't be paying for the extra hours, but instead explaining her theory of beings in it for the long haul. She starts saying again that he's going to be taken advantage of, but he tells her he knows what he's doing and that it's his thing. She's at a loss for words after that.


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