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Television PopWrapped | Television

Peggy Spreads Her Palm In "Valediction" On 'Agent Carter' Season Finale

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

03/18/2015 3:18 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Peggy Spreads Her Palm In
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After chief Dooley's shocking death last week, Agent Carter comes back for the series' eighth episode and season finale, "Valediction". While hoping it won't be the last we see of the show, let's break down what we got this time around, shall we? With the Captain America show playing on the radio, Peggy visits the cinema the disaster took place last time, along with Thompson and Sousa. She realises they were made to kill each other and even though Sousa finds the cannister, he breaths the deadly gas and attacks Thompson. Thankfully, he's stopped in time. As Dottie and the doctor make their sweet escape from the city with their stolen weapon, a policeman stops them and they manage to distract them at first, they soon need to take more extreme measures. Sousa is now tied down and Peggy's watching over him and reveals the gas made him want to kill everyone, but he's fine now. With the S.S.R. members wondering what the bad guys want to achieve with it, Stark walks in with Jarvis and reveals it's him that they want. It turns out he created the weapon by mistake and people are not supposed to survive it, although Sousa and some Russian soldiers are doing perfectly fine with it. Howard Stark soon decides to collaborate with the agents and play the bait in a trap to catch the villains. As Dottie and the doctor have made their way to a safe private property, the latter hears the news of Stark's comeback on the radio. Howard is preparing for a public press conference to announce his return and once it's time for his speech, a shot is heard from the building across the street. Agent Carter goes after the shooter and Jarvis gets his boss in a police vehicle to get away. What they don't realise is it's all a set-up, with an automatically-set shot and a hypnotized policeman driving him to the villains. The S.S.R. agents realise the gas attack at the movie theater was only a test, and the real thing is about to take place in Time Square. As they rush after them with no clue of where to look, Dottie's pointing a gun at Stark, who previously slept with her and doesn't even remember. When everything seems to have gone south, Jarvis reveals he has a clue of where they might be. Howard ends up hypnotized by the doctor, trapped into a dream of flying through icy landscapes to get Captain America. In reality, he's flying a plane to Times Square, ready to unleash the gas. Jarvis flies right behind him with a helicopter in order to shoot his boss, unless he snaps out of the vision. Meanwhile, Peggy finds Dottie and the doctor, with the latter giving orders to her old pal. Even though she holds a gun, she gets into a serious fight with the other lady, with the doctor making a sweet escape. Agent Carter does seem to be getting her ass kicked, but she ends it quick by throwing Dottie out of the window, leaving her for dead. Peggy's now got control of the doctor's devices and talks to Howard, trying to prevent him from flying to his destination. With Sousa and Thompson after the doctor, that bastard manages to hit the latter hard and get him on the ground. The former arrives to the scene right away though, pointing a gun at him. The doctor tries to hypnotize them and get him to kill his co-worker, but our good agent has his ears covered and hits him hard enough to get him down. As time is almost up, Jarvis is close to Stark's plane and ready to shoot, so as to avoid the disaster. Peggy insists on holding back and tries to talk him out of it, starting an emotional conversation with Howard about Captain America. Eventually, she achieves her goal and awakes him and everything seems to have gone well. However, when she looks out of the window for Dottie's dead body, she finds out her former spy-neighbour is gone. Soon as Agent Carter makes it back to the S.S.R., she's getting the standing ovation that she truly deserves. Despite Thompson accepting her, he does take the credit for her work when a United States official arrives to congratulate him for the accomplishment of the mission. Sousa is mad at it, but she knows her value and doesn't really care about it. Her fellow agent then kind of asks her out and even though she's flattered, Peggy prefers to visit a friend. Jarvis takes both Angie and Peggy to one of Mr. Stark's luxurious mansions, where they can live together for free. He then gets to speak privately with Agent Carter, saying his sweet goodbyes and reveals Howard has decided to destroy his dangerous inventions. There is a gift for her though, as he hands her Captain America's blood, which Stark assumes was lost for good. In a genuine moment of loving and letting go, she pours the liquid in the endless sea and they lived happily ever after. ...Or not? Apparently, the doctor is put in a cage with his mouth permanently shut. His prison roommate turns out to be an old villain though, as Armin Zola appears to be a fan of his work and wants to communicate with him on paper. Damn, not again! And that's all of Agent Carter we're getting for now, as the first season of the show has come to an end. Hopefully, this episode only serves as a season finale, and not a series one. May we someday meet again!

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