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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Penguin's Genius Comes Full Circle In This Week's 'Gotham'

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

11/05/2014 5:52 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Penguin's Genius Comes Full Circle In This Week's 'Gotham' | gotham
Media Courtesy of IGN
gotham Courtesy of: IGN
[Insert quip about Banshee!Bruce here] Oswald is pimp-walking down the street (or is that a limp?), and the first words we hear is, "HE'S ALIVE?! ALIVE?! NO!" Oh, Fish. You just love chewin' that scenery, don't ya? She orders Gilzean to fetch Gordon, still breathing, so she can "talk to that son of a bitch." Gordon is at the police lockers, and calls Barbara, advising her to get out, before he is cold-cocked by Bullock, who draws his gun.  Gordon pleads for his life, and Bullock says he'll have to kill Gordon and take his body to Falcone and plead for forgiveness and a pardon. Gordon says he has a plan, and to help him, not kill him. Cops distract Bullock for a second and Gordon steals the gun, knocks him down, and Bullock tells him that he'd better not see him again, rejecting Gordon's offer to help him. Gilzean is at Barbara's house, and she doesn't answer the phone because she's at gunpoint. Gilzean creeps on her, and he tells her that Gordon failed to kill someone who he needed to, and she puts the pieces together and realizes he means Cobblepot (Oswald). I wonder how she felt when she realized he had been doing this for those reasons and how he didn't kill him, and that Montoya was wrong? Gordon pops up with his gun and tells them to get out. There's a scuffle, Gordon gets away with Barbara, and he sends her away on a bus out of town to meet up with him later. He's still got things to tend to. I wonder if he means Bruce among other things. Gordon heads back to the precinct and asks Alvarez for the blank warrants a judge signed. Everyone is quiet and murmuring about him, saying he's crazy. Fish is snapping at Falcone who is playing with chickens. They're back in that mysterious warehouse they meet in. She's telling him that "This cannot stand. Gordon must die, Bullock must die, Penguin must die, Romeo must die, today!" Falcone tells her to ask Maroni for Oswald nicely, and then if he doesn't respond, they can do stronger measures. He's playing with chickens, and Fish is suspicious; she tells Falcone that Gordon wouldn't come without a fight, so Falcone said he would send Victor. She talks to Nikolai (who grabs her ass, after which she tells him not to do so right there because the old man is there) about when they should strike, saying he's calm and that her girl reports he doesn't touch her, but likes to watch her cook and clean. She says she thinks Falcone is up to something, because he's got the type of calm that only someone who knows something everyone else doesn't can have. Essen calls Gordon into her office and asks him if he's insane. Gordon is going after the mayor and Falcone, since he'll be killed anyways. Essen says she won't help him, no one will, even if she wants to. She tells him she has a family. Uh-oh. Girl, you done fucked up. Revealing you have a family or any familial obligations/ties is a sure way to get you killed off this show. :( And I liked you, too. Victor appears, and it's clear from his appearance that it's Victor Zsasz, the psycho guy who cuts himself each time he kills someone, to mark his flesh with a mark to remember them by (in the comics, at least). I wonder if he's the creepy hitman who produces results? He kinda looks like Matt McGorry (Officer Bennett, OITNB; Asher Millstone, HTGAWM), but bald. He asks where Jim is, and everyone look to the office. He thanks them, and calls out to Gordon. Gordon comes out, denies Falcone's request to come with him "alive", and tests Zsasz's theory by saying that there are fifty cops in here and to try something. Zsasz screams for everyone to get out "PLEASE", and they leave, all except Essen who hesitates. Gordon pleads with her to leave, and she doesn't want to, staying by her man/employee, but she finally does so. All that's left in the room are Zsasz, Gordon, and the two dominatrices (a Black one and an Asian one) that Zsasz came in with. A gun fight happens between the four of them (Zsasz and his ladies vs Gordon), and he's shot by the Asian dominatrix. I am actually surprised he got hit. How often do the main characters get away without a single scratch? But then again, this is Gotham, and people in the first few episodes have had amazing accuracy. They play a game of cat or mouse in the underground parking lot, and when Zsasz is close to catching Gordon, a female cop interrupts after she sees them and is confused and furious at them having guns, but then shoot the shit out of her legs. Poor lady. Gordon is running away from that distraction, but the Black dominatrix spots him and Zsasz shoots him, causing him to fall. Allen and Montoya roll up all boss-like and have a shoot-out, rescuing Gordon in a "Big Damn Heroes" moment. And while they were annoying with their self-righteousness all season, now it makes the perfect excuse for them to be on his side because they were the only ones willing to stand up the corruption, and now they're among my favourites. Zsasz kills the cop lady who is suffering on the ground, and then pulls out a razorblade and digs into his forearm, staying, "Twenty-eight." Creepy. As. Fuck. Gordon wakes up in a veterinarian's place, patched up. A black vet lady asks him how he feels. She reveals herself as a friend of Montoya and Allen. Turns out she's not a vet, but they're in the dissection lab of the university, with rats in cages. He is raring to go, despite being told he lost a lot of blood, needs to lie down for at least a week, and exerting himself could kill him. He ignores this, and she calls in Allen, who says he'll help, but first Gordon needs clothes. Fish is chatting with Maroni, trying to convince him to hand over Oswald, while said Oswald is watching from the porthole in the window. She tells Maroni it's about respect, and so Maroni calls out Oswald to apologize, and he does so in a very condescending, fake-sincere way. Fish deems this worthy of bloodshed, and she calls Oswald a, "scaly-faced little bitch", and details she's going to do things to him that make torture seem like a nice word. He tries to sass her by saying, "I'm sorry you feel that way, Fish", but she instantly smacks the fuck out of him, reasserts the power dynamics, and grabs his face, hissing, "Only my friends call me Fish" before throwing him away. Yes, Fish, Yaaaasssss. You show him his place. I love Oswald, but I love Fish more. Yaaaassss. Sister Act 2 is traveling down the sidewalk, a whole gaggle of them, Gilzean pops up in a truck, saying, "Hey, Sisters! How's it hanging?"
gotham Courtesy of: Fox
"'How's it hanging?' Withered and uncomfortable. Haven't seen any action since Jesus was still walking on water and would turn it into wine, shiiiiiieeeettttt. We got turnt on that shit, didn't we, Sisters? I mean...forgive us, Father, for we have sinned."
The nuns are chained up in the road and are about to be run over by a truck in a tunnel, but he manages to stop in time. Gilzean steals Maroni's truck supplies (that's what was in the truck...a-durrr) and tells the moving men that nothing is going over the bridge until Penguin is given up. He then asks them if they would like a bullet or a beating, since he has to send a message. They question why, but they he just shoots their legs. Maroni is pissed at them stopping the truck, and believes it's because they "know" Oswald is a golden goose and they're trying to get him to give up. Frankie (Maroni's consigliere) is advising him to sell Oswald for a price, then, and Oswald is subtle in his machinations, saying that "Falcone is the #1 family right now, and selling me off is the safest thing to do." He's playing to Maroni's pride and ego, he knows Maroni refuses to be second any longer, and acts the devoted supporter when he's really pushing for Maroni to fuck Falcone's shit up. It's clear Oswald is beginning to be a manipulating mastermind. In a forest in her car, Montoya is apologizing to Gordon for her actions, and acknowledges her personal feelings for Barbara may have gotten mixed up in there and clouded her judgment. She apologizes and expresses her happiness that they're now on the same side. She offers a hand to shake, and Gordon takes it, saying, "Yeah, me too." He hesitated for a second, though. Maybe he doesn't plan to work with her. A3 slams Allen against the car window, and Gordon reassures him it's alright, before A3 drops his knife. Gordon said he couldn't risk a direct approach, so they're out here. At the Wayne Manor, Gordon introduces Montoya and Allen to Bruce. He apologizes in that he may not be able to keep his promise to find Martha and Thomas' killer. Bruce snaps, telling Gordon to "stop treating me like a child." *galactic side-eye* Gordon calls him out on being a child, but Bruce banshee screams over him about how he has a right to know, yadda yadda yadda. Gordon hands off the case to Montoya and Allen, assuming he dies. Oswald leads Frankie and guys with guns to Nikolai's warehouse (does everyone operate in warehouses aside from Fish in her lounge?) and they shoot up the place, taking all the money. Frankie lets Oswald know exactly what he things of him, punching him in the gut, and detailing how he could kill him right there and tell Maroni that it was Nikolai's men who did it. However, Oswald proceeds to give him a Hannibal Lecture, break him down, reveal he loves his money, and then Frankie's men grab him, restraining him as Oswald notes that Frankie's a cheapskate and he bought out Frankie's men to be his own. He pulls out a switchblade. God, I'm getting hard just thinking about this master-level mindfuckery. It's beautiful. Right before stabbing Frankie, Oswald says, "It is a sad fact that there is no loyalty among thieves. He repeatedly stabs him, and says, "Love, Mr. conquers all." Right before he plants a kiss on Frankie's head.
gotham Courtesy of: Fox
"I don't get paid enough for this shit."
Maroni and Falcone meet at the pier (is that symbolic, or is that just where they do all their killing? If so, who is going to be leaving alive, and which will leave dead? Can you leave dead? Philosoraptor, please get back to me on that), hug and kiss, and Fish strolls up as fabulous as ever. While Falcone and Maroni talk, Fish glares down Oswald who stares back. They both mourn the loss of Nikolai and Frankie, and broker a deal: Maroni gets to keep Oswald if he gives Falcone real estate: he wanted a warehouse on the river, but Maroni said no, and Oswald whispered in his ear, before offering Indian Hill; Fish says that it's worthless, a toxic waste dump on top of an Indian burial ground. Falcone says nothing is worthless, and takes it. What is Falcone playing at? They all leave satisfied, but seriously, Falcone is plotting something. Maroni asks Falcone if he caught Gordon yet, noting that there's nothing more dangerous than an honest man. Gordon stocks up on weapons and automatics/shotguns in his study. Bullock comes knocking; odd, as he hasn't been seen for most of the episode. He brings in a woman, he's obviously drunk, and tells her to explore while claiming his loyalty to Gordon's plan and saying he'll help him. I have a feeling that the girl he brought home will knock Gordon out or hold him at gunpoint. And I have a feeling they're both not really drunk. Well, wow. Look at that. I was wrong. Bullock, actually helping Gordon because he's doomed anyhow and may as well take the "moral high ground" like he commended Gordon for, helps him arrest the mayor. The mayor drives on up to Falcone's place where everyone is put at gunpoint and Falcone is told he's to be arrested, and he questions what the fuck is wrong with Gordon. Falcone says they'll all go down together, and reveals Zsasz has Barbara, knife to her throat, because she came back directly to Falcone to plead for Gordon's life. He swears on his mother's grave that he has Barbara. Ok, fuck, now we know he's serious. This guy has a creepy mother fetish. Aaaaand yup, Barbara is actually back. God damn it. God damn it, Barbara. You had one job! Love makes you do stupid things. Remind me to stay single and bitter for life. The mayor is a hilarious guy. He doesn't want to be there when the murders happen, says he's late for work, and it was "quite an adventure." Lmfao, he's amusing. Falcone has them dead to rights, and even says so, but he says Gotham needs men like Bullock and Gordon, so he lets them go. Zsasz seems pissed, but Falcone quiets him. Gordon asks what the catch is. Falcone says to think on what he says, and that the catch is someday soon, Gordon will see he's right. Back home, Barbara's crying, apologizes and said she was trying to help, and Gordon just kisses her. I guess her bravery and/or stupidity is a massive turn on for him. Falcone is chatting with his house-maid/mother-fetish-object, the girl who works for Fish, and he eats her delicious muffins aa she says she followed the recipe. He apologizes for what she saw, and she says she understands that business is business. He says he'll tend to the chickens, and goes out into the rain and henhouse, bawking at them. What the fuck, you cuckoo cloudlander. Are you insane? Oswald comes limping up (I swear this guy comes out of nowhere and gets around so fast despite his leg; plus he gets his own creepy music). He calls out Don Falcone's name. Falcone greets him as a friend, and says he was just thinking about (bullshit you were) the night they met. Flashback to the night Fish had Gordon and Bullock strung up in a meat locker. Falcone tells Gilzean he wants to talk to the snitch. Falcone intended to kill him, but Oswald detailed his plan to get Gordon to fake Oswald's death so he could come back to Gotham under a new name, work his way up into the Maroni family, and snitch for Falcone. Falcone accepts, and Oswald tells him that Fish and Nikolai only fake hate each other and are lovers; Fish is pushing for Nikolai to take over from Falcone, but only so she could take over from him. Falcone agrees it is a good secret. Flashforward. Falcone says it's uncanny how everything went according to Oswald's plan. He spared Gordon on Oswald's request, as a favour, even though he thinks he's trouble. Oswald reassures him that Gordon will see the light, one way or another. And this just segued into Young Justice territory.

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