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People Are Preparing For "Movin' Out" And Movin' On In This Week's Glee

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/21/2013 11:55 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
People Are Preparing For
Media Courtesy of FOX
Bec Heim Managing Editor Is it just me or has there been an abundance of tribute episodes lately? I mean is this like some Hunger Games thing? All these artists volunteering as tribute and battling it out until only one remains? Because that is the vibe lately. Nearly every episode has been a tribute of some kind minus last week’s “The End Of Twerk.” I-volunteer-as-tribute I can’t, however, fault the show here. It’s Billy fucking Joel. He’s one of the greatest of any generation. I can say that I am highly disappointed they haven’t done this sooner. Mark Salling would have been amazing in this episode. So I know that at least we’re getting amazing and good music. Though sadly we are going to be without “We Didn’t Start The Fire” because apparently life is not fair like that. Register your disappointment somewhere, anywhere. I want this song performed. Why? A simple answer is needed. If Will Schuester is teaching History, then he should be gifting this to his students. Even my most hated history teacher played this in high school once. Also Tyra Banks is going to be on this week because if you are going full force for the true star of Glee, Sam’s abs, to have a modeling career, then you want her there. Obviously. Plots Say Goodbye To Hollywood (But Hello To New York): It’s Career Week at McKinley! Sue has set up a Career Fair full of potential minimum wage jobs that the graduates can aspire to. Will is mad because there are no careers for the arts. Sue points out that there is no such. Will goes to glee club and admits that having a career in the arts is a very difficult path in life to follow. He believes, however, in his students and brings up the point of Billy Joel. He struggled for years and now look where he is. In honor of that its Billy Joel week in glee club. They are going to be down two, who are going to prepare for their own artistic pursuits. Blaine and Sam are leaving Lima to the bright lights of New York City; since the majority of New Directions seem physically incapable of not ending up there. Blaine is going to his NYADA audition. Sam is interested in attending Hunter. The River Of Dreams (She’s A Frigid Bitch): Sam epically, epically blows his interview with the Dean (?) at Hunter. He goes back to the apartment feeling dejected and admitting to Rachel that he doesn’t think that college is for him. What he really wants to do is model. He likes the idea of using his body to tell a story? Rachel, in her well-meaning way, gets a photographer friend from Funny Girl to take some shots of Sam. The photographer than sends Sam to House of Bichette. Bichette is a horrible person but also honest. She tells Sam that he has a very small window of opportunity. He won’t get paid much. He is going to hear “no” a lot. She also tells him he needs to lose ten pounds. Sam doesn’t care about being told “no” because he knows who he is. At the loft, everyone tells him that he doesn’t need to lose ten pounds because his abs can have their own character credit from how much they are whipped out. So they sing him a song. Sam renews his vow to be a male model regardless of whether Bichette wants him or not. The Entertainer (The Doubting of Blaine Anderson): Blaine is really nervous about his upcoming NYADA audition. Why? No clue because Blaine is the New Rachel and Rachel got in. So why wouldn’t he? Kurt is being the supportive future husband. How? By making Blaine sing at the diner to boost his confidence. Blaine, however, is still really nervous and starts throwing around other schools. Maybe he wants to go to an actual four year college? Maybe he doesn’t want to be a performer, he’s always loved Clooney in ER that means he can major in Pre-Med. Kurt sees this for what it is though. Blaine is scared of failing. He tells Blaine that he needs to be strong. He may get in and he may not. He’ll still love him no matter what. Blaine feels renewed and has his audition off screen. Why? I guess Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t available for the episode. But according to Sam: “FACT! Blaine nailed his NYADA audition.” A Matter Of Trust (Dance With Me, Marley): Marley is still hurting over the fact that Jake cheated on her with the future Anti-Christ, Bree. Jake tries to apologize by shoving flowers in her locker and making promises that he will “never, ever, ever” do it again. Marley says she can’t trust him, that she can’t believe his promises. She said she took a chance on him, that she wanted to see his reputation. In the end though, Jake lived up to it and that all his talk of change is cheap. Jake starts playing up the bad boy womanizer image. Ryder confronts Jake about his behavior. Jake says it’s none of his business. Meanwhile Marley talks with Mama Rose about how she can’t believe she trusted him. Mama Rose shares some hard won life knowledge. She said that she used to attract the bad boys but in the end they hurt her. Marley deserves to have a guy in her life that will treat her how she deserves. That she needs to wait until she has her first time with someone she loves and most importantly trusts. Tell Her About It (Just Don’t Lay It On Thick): Ryder thinks that he is the kind of guy who can treat Marley right. Never mind the fact that Marley is still clearly hurting over Jake’s betrayal. He promises her that he will be the kind of guy he will depend on, that she can trust. Marley asks for time to figure herself out. Ryder sings her a song and asks her out again. Marley put on the spot and a little wrapped up in things agrees to a date. After the date though, she feels that it was too soon. So when Ryder tries to do a grand gesture on social media, she tells him that she needs more time. She needs to be single for a while and figure out herself. The wounds are too fresh. While it was fun, she wants to be single. The Ballad of Becky The Kid: Artie, while looking for colleges are accessible to handicapable students, founds programs that cater to mentally handicapable ones. So he goes to see Becky, who has been feeling scared about her future. He thinks that she should try and put herself out there. Becky brushes him off. Sue threatens him repeatedly because she’ll take care of Becky with the girl as her secretary. Artie, however, prevails using the power of song to coax Becky to say that yes she does want to go to college. Sue, however, wants to make sure that Becky will be happy and cared for. So she sets Artie with a task in finding a place near home that will treat her right. Artie takes Becky to the University of Cincinnati where she sees the program first hand. She reluctantly tells Sue how much she loves it. Sue smiles and offers to help her with her application essay. In thanks (?) she sets up a booth for careers in the arts at the career fair. Random Thoughts/Favorite Moments Is that kid spraying another with poisonous chemicals? Well it’s nice that there is a career fair. Though I agree with Will about the choices of careers presented. So salad artistry and fecal sculptures are more legit careers than one in the arts? Really Sue? Kitty is a Marilyn Manson fan? I love her. Well at least Billy Joel makes sense considering his backstory mixed with pursuing a career in the arts. Wow! Someone is mentioning Hunter! Damn look at all these real life New York colleges getting name dropped. Okay if you sang on a bus in New York City you will get punched. The guy in the sunglasses is best with his “WTF” expression. He also looks like he wants to punch Blaine. Do you honestly think roses would help here, Jake? Oh snap Marley! “You’ll always be that guy!” No. No. I mean it sucks but why can’t anyone give the Puckerman boys a chance? They are always that guy and I don’t think they are. Oh so BLAINE gets safety schools but for Kurt and Rachel it’s NYADA or bust? Oh God I can feel my blood pressure rising. No one knows the concept of safety schools in this show. Is this even allowed? Where did Sam get that harmonica? My head hurts. And randomly dancing with candles? I have to wonder about codes here. Kurt is placing a lot of stock on Blaine getting into NYADA. Yeah. Well that could have gone better Ryder. OhmyGod Jake’s dancing. I forgot how…okay there are women in towels dancing. And now it’s confrontational, passive aggressive singing. Now Jake has reverted to his former manwhore ways and is making himself to be the victim. God Jacob Artist you’re dancing is a ray of sunshine. I just wish it was under better circumstances. No Sammy. Your interview is so awkward. No. Stop. Do not begin a sentence with “So you’re black…” Modeling makes so much sense for Sam. His abs get second billing on the show. Oh Artie you’re being so sweet and encouraging for Becky to go to college. Can we keep this nicer version of Artie? Please? MAMA ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh you are awesome. Wanting Marley to be with someone who will appreciate her. God I love her. Wow. Rachel rubbing oil on Sam’s naked body. This is something that has happened. Sue you can be legitimately terrifying when you want to be. Ryder no. Baby you need to wait. YES MARLEY GOOD! TAKE A BREAK FROM MEN! BE SINGLE! No do not think about it! STICK TO YOUR GUNS! No don’t say yes! She said yes. BE SINGLE FOR AWHILE!!! Not saying anything out of fear of the Klaine fans. Hi Tyra Banks. Wow. Three things I have learned here. Bichette is a terrible person. Tyra Banks is a surprisingly good actress. Chord Overstreet is never going to escape Trouty Mouth. Ever. How…how did they bring a piano up here? How? No. No I want to know. Also why?! How can they afford that much space?! OhmyGod BLAINE that is such an imposition! AGH! Logic conflicts!!!! Santana you are truly the voice of the people. Not everything has to end in a song. Oh you love the singing Santana. This is what I would like to imagine living in New York to be. It’s not. But it’s sweet. Sue is the sweetest with Becky. Yeah Jake is jealous. OHMYGOD! A date is just a date. It’s not a start of a relationship. Marley wants time for herself! THANK YOU! SO WE NEVER SEE BLAINE’S NYADA’S AUDITION?!?!?!! WHAT THE HELL?!!?! No. Seriously. WHAT THE FUCK?! THAT IS KIND OF IMPORTANT GUYS! Sue you totally invoked the gods of song there. Wow Will actually gets to sing an appropriate song for a change. Where did all these extras come from? Songs “Movin’ Out [Anthony’s Song]” sung by Blaine Anderson and Sam Evans: I’m really bummed. I was secretly hoping for “Why Should I Worry” for a New York transition song. But I guess Disney owns the rights to that. Anyway! Darren Criss and Chord Overstreet sound well matched together. They both have good vibes and their voices are well suited. I guess the only problem I have is the transition portion? Mainly the bus. I still think Rachel had the best transition song. Still it’s a personal favorite song of mine by Billy Joel. So I can give it leeway. B+ “Piano Man” sung by Blaine Anderson: I’m going to be honest here. This is not the most favorite song of mine that falls under the genre of “Blaine singing at a piano.” I mean Darren Criss is clearly trying. The set-up has been kind of change and there’s backing vocals. The issue I have is that it feels overly familiar. I’ve seen this set up before. I would love to see something different here. I was also comparing it to Neil Patrick Harris singing this in season one. Sorry but when you’re up again NPH? I’m going to go there. NPH felt more…raw. It was a little more desperate which is how I think the song should go. It sounded too clean and along with the too familiar set up? It didn’t do it for me. B- “My Life” sung by Jake Puckerman: Jacob Artist is such a talented dancer that it blows my freaking mind. I keep want him to do more dancing. More dancing would make me very happy. I really believe that. Also Jacob Artist has such a wonderfully smooth voice. I could listen to him sing the phonebook. What doesn’t make me happy? It’s the context of the song. At least when Marley sang “Wrecking Ball” she was alone. When Jake sings his song? It’s in front of everyone and makes him seem like a victim. Granted he could be just accepting the stereotype that everyone paints him as and just throwing it back in their faces. Either way it feels like a dick move. Vocals and Dancing Alone: A- Song With Context: C “Honesty” sung by Artie Abrams: Sometimes I forget what a great vocalist Kevin McHale is. Then he does a song like “Honesty” and reminds me. The setting was a bit bare but it just highlighted a very earnest performance. Artie clearly wants Becky to be honest with herself. Kevin McHale conveys that often difficult emotion. Sometimes it is hard to be honest. The song itself showed a great amount of depth in his voice. The number did lack something to make it really great. B+ “An Innocent Man” sung by Ryder Lynn: You do realize that you are basically begging for a date dude? Blake Jenner has a great voice and shows some really goofy dance moves. It was charming. Then you remember that he is essentially begging for a date through song. That makes it a little…pathetic? Can’t anyone respect people’s decisions to be single in this club? Alright so Blake sounds really great. He should definitely get more Billy Joel songs. Ryder needs to learn boundaries and not to be too clingy. B “Just The Way You Are” sung by Rachel Berry, Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel, Santana Lopez, and Sam Evans: This was really sweet. Everyone gathers around Sam to convince him that Bichette is full of shiette through song. It’s something that people do? It’s just a really nice song amongst friends. Everyone is very charming and it feels natural. Just voices and a illogical piano and dancing. A “You May Be Right” sung by Will Schuester with New Directions: Hey! Will gets an appropriate song for a change. Matthew Morrison sounds really good. Proving that he is being utterly wasted on the show. It’s a very fun and upbeat song, which is great to end an episode on. Although I wonder where all these random kids come from. But whatever. Logic conflicts. I’ll just be over here singing Daisy May. It was a great song full of energy, good voices, and a lot of just good vibes. A- Overall, the episode was pretty good. I liked parts with Marley trying to stick to her guns, Becky and Artie, Becky and Sue, Marley and Mama Rose, and some sweet bonding. Jake and Ryder need to stop being little boys and be men. The New York plot is starting to get much better. Tyra Banks was hilarious and a surprisingly good actress. Though I do have a fear of Kurt being swallowed in the shadow of Blaine. I hope that doesn’t happen. I am a little pissed that we got deprived of Blaine’s audition. But part of me is a little grateful? I can admit that despite a love of Darren Criss, Blaine has just been going down in my esteem. Hence me shipping Kurt/Elliot. Still the episode was good. It focused on the music which was important and tried to do character development with it. It’s all we can ask for in the end. Join us next week after you stuff yourselves full of turkey for puppets and something that will horribly date the show in a few years. Also! ADAM LAMBERT AND DEMI ARE BACK!! Yaaay!


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