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Introducing The Pizza Hut Box That Also Plays Movies

Lisa Marsella | PopWrapped Author

Lisa Marsella

06/09/2015 6:55 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
Introducing The Pizza Hut Box That Also Plays Movies | Pizza Hut
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Thought your Loot Crate box turned into something cool? I bet you Pizza Hut can top that.

A recent Pizza Hut commercial in Hong Kong paints the picture that no pizza night is complete without a movie. Not an entirely new concept. The pizza chain has given out movies in the past as a marking promotion for their product, but this time it is something a little more unique than a free DVD...

If you happen to find yourself ordering pizza in Hong Kong, don't be so quick to toss the box. Pizza Hut's latest feat doesn't involve a culinary stretch this time. Instead, your pizza box, fittingly called the "Blockbuster Box," has the ability to transform into a movie projector.

Yes. A movie projector.

How, you might ask? It is actually pretty clever.

That tiny little tri-legged "table" that helps project the lid of the box from smashing into the top of your pizza (yes! It does have a purpose!) will now include a lens. Once you punch out a perforated hole in the side of the box and pop that bad boy in there, you're just one more step away from movie magic via pizza box. It is designed to hold your smartphone in place, and whatever you play off your phone will project onto the nearest surface.

Going one step further, Pizza Hut has four differently-themed boxes, each with its own QR code that can be scanned to download an associated themed movie. They are called Slice Night (horror), Anchovy Armageddon (sci-fi), Hot & Ready (romance), and Fully Loaded (action/adventure).  While the punny titles are amusing, the question I'm sure everyone is wondering is, "Does it actually work?"

At the end of the day, it is still a free gimmick from a pizza chain so I wouldn't have very high expectations. Side effects most likely include muffled sound and a greasy phone, and perhaps a stubbed toe if you're trying to walk around in the pitch-dark room you'd need to play the movie in for it to even remotely come close to working well.

No news on if the box will find its way out of Hong Kong just yet. To see for yourself, check out the commercial below!

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