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We Played "Superlatives" With The Pop Nation Tour

Mike Nied | PopWrapped Author

Mike Nied

09/19/2015 5:13 am
We Played
Media Courtesy of MarianaLeigh

This summer Johnny Wright recruited ten of the brightest up and coming acts in the music world to join his Pop Nation Tour. The show spent the summer traveling across North America and performing to fans at sold out venues. PopWrapped had an opportunity to attend the concert during a stop in Cleveland, and we had a great time interacting with all the talented performers.

Over the summer, the entire tour became very close with one another, a fact that they all revealed when we conducted interviews with them!  While interviewing some of the acts we decided to play a game of "Superlatives" with them to get a better idea of how everyone interacted with one another.

Everyone who has ever graduated from an American high school is more than likely familiar with the process of handing out superlatives!  They're silly titles like Most Spirited or Best Laugh that you award to your friends.  Boy, did we have a great time exchanging superlatives with the Pop Nation Tour crew!

Readers already got a sample of some of the superlatives that Round2Crew doled out in our exclusive interview, and we have a few more up our sleeves from Sweet Suspense.

While chatting with vivacious girl group Sweet Suspense we handed out a few more superlatives to other members of the tour, and we thought it would be fun to share them all with you now! As an added bonus, we are also handing out a few superlatives of our own to other members of the Pop Nation Tour.

One of the most awarded participants of the Pop Nation Tour is none other than Millie of Sweet Suspense. She and her ladies awarded her with the title of Clumsiest, Most Likely to have Lipstick On Her Chin (it happens to the best of us), and Most Likely To Be A Cat, since she meows in her sleep and is constantly fierce. We would also have to nominate Millie as our Spirit Animal. She’s a little bit clumsy, loves what she does, and she lives for Cracker Barrel while on the road; all of which basically leads up to her winning at life!

Bry and Summer picked up a few awards as well. Bry duked it out for Most Likely To Have An American Horror Story Marathon, claiming to be a fanatic of the show. She also proudly owned up to being Most Likely To Eat Pizza For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner. Summer on the other hand slayed the Valedictorian and Most Likely To Be A Bean categories. Overall we would also like to recognize Sweet Suspense as Most Cheerful! These ladies worked it onstage and off, and we had so much fun chatting with them!

Frankie Z was unanimously recognized as having the Best Sense Of Style by Sweet Supsense, and we have to agree. “He’s glitzed all the time, especially his shoes (which were studded with Swarovski crystals and were BOMB),” Millie stated while Summer praised his fierce baby blue eyes. “His eyes pierce you’re soul, and he’s just always ready!” We will also have to award Frankie Z with the Best Shoe Game on the Pop Nation Tour, because we STILL have some serious shoe envy! Those baby’s really glittered as Frankie Z worked it out in his tightly choreographed performance as well.

TC from After Romeo happens to be the Most Likely To Act Like An Animal, and apparently his animal of choice is a raptor. Drew took home the Class Clown and Best Laugh nomination, and Fellow band mate Blake tied Bry for Most Likely To Have An American Horror Story Marathon, though some would say that he edged her out of the competition. He was wearing a shirt for the brand that day, after all. We would like to award After Romeo with the Most Inspirational thanks to the creation of their Bully Proof Tour. These guys are dedicated to eradicating bullying across the globe, and they’re using their music to connect with anyone who has ever felt like they don’t belong, especially on their new single “Where The People Go.”

Although they were amongst the youngest members of the tour, Sweet Suspense thinks that The Bomb Digz are headed for big things. The girls thought that Devin was bound to be the Future President, with Kevin or Daniel ruling by his side. The group also is apparently the BEST at the Whip AND the Nae Nae. Since they taught us what it means to be gizzy, we have to say that The Bomb Digz were the Most Gizzy! I’m sure they aren’t surprised. We’d also call them the Most Spirited, because this high energy group never stopped moving or having a great time!

Sweet Suspense had equally high expectations for the equally young Carson Lueders. He received a nomination as Most Likely To Be Caught Riding A Hover Board Thing Around. “I think I saw Carson walk for the first time since he’s been on this tour last week. It was incredible; I was like ‘It’s so nice to see you walk again. Good thing those legs work,’” Millie joked. His time on the Lean Board is obviously paying off, since they also thought that Carson had a career opportunity in space. Carson Lueders: Most Likely To Be An Astronaut. We’d also award Carson the Most Tour Spirit superlative. After the show Carson was rolling around fans on his hover board (practicing for his time in space), and he was having a great time repping the tour and his fellow artists, getting the crowd to chant along with him as he did so!

Rap duo Round2Crew were in fierce competition with Carson Lueders for the highly coveted Most Likely To Be Caught Riding A Hover Board Thing (it’s a real official one) superlative. They were the only others to own the boards, and they gave them just as much use as Carson as they zipped around backstage. With their bright visuals and hot party anthems (I dare you to tell me that “Booty Had Me Like” doesn’t get you going), we’d also like to recognize Round2Crew as Life Of The Party! These guys know how to get the energy up and keep it there.

The Foo Supremacy got a nod from Sweet Suspense as the Most Foreign thanks to their Swedish roots. We will have to nominate them as the Most Mysterious since they are the only act we didn’t get a chance to chat with during the show! Maybe next time guys!

Sixteen year old rapper Chris Miles swept the competition to pick up the Best Freestyler award. With his sick flow and impressive lyricism we were hardly surprised, though we were pretty mesmerized by his sick skills. He also was nominated for the highly contended Most Likely to Wear a Hat, because there is something about guys that makes them want to wear hats according to Sweet Suspense. Watching Miles live onstage, we simply have to recognize him for his incredible rap skills, so he will be picking up a superlative for Sickest Flow. His laid back demeanor offstage also earns him the Most Chill nomination!

Dyllan Murray’s very blond and very twin sister dancers got a nomination for Most Likely to be Twinning from Sweet Suspense. Not too surprising there! Dyllan would easily pick up a superlative for Song of the Summer with the release of his Jack & Jack and Tyga assisted “Firecracker.” That song has been stuck in our heads on repeat ever since we first heard it!

And FINALLY Katelyn Jae is going to wrap things up by collecting Sweet Suspense’s Most Fierce award. We’d also recognize the mountaineering musician as Most Adventurous and Best Sense of Humor. I mean really, have you heard how she got the inspiration for her album title? It’s a classic!

And that’s a wrap on the Pop Nation Tour! If you saw the show along the road this summer be sure to chime in on the comments section below to dole out a few superlatives of your own! HUGE thanks to all of the acts on the tour for giving us so much time before and after their performances! We had a great time and are looking forward to more exciting announcements in the coming months!


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