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Police Prevent Bystanders From Helping A Drowning Woman

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

09/27/2014 12:24 am
PopWrapped | Current Events
Police Prevent Bystanders From Helping A Drowning Woman | police
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This just feeds into my belief that police are scum. Countless instances of cops abusing their power against those in their charge, especially people of colour and black people, have left me a cynical, jaded dude who would sooner die than rely on the police. Just look at Ferguson, where they shot and killed an innocent black boy who was surrendering to an unreasonable cop, and peaceful protests were met with the national fucking guard being called in and people being tear-gassed and beaten and arrested. How many of you had heard anything of that lately? They're supposed to be our saviours, our authority figures that we rely on when we're in a jam and they're to protect us and aid us. They're supposed to be our knight in shining armour, our Tom Hiddleston, our Tuxedo Mask. So why were they actively barring people from helping a woman in a submerged car who subsequently drowned? 64-year-old Constance Manzanares of El Paso, Texas, along with two other motorists accidentally drove into a flooded ditch when they were unable to tell where the road ended. KFOX-TV reports that a witness claims she saw Constance waving her hands inside the 2005 Toyota Corolla, but police interference prevented three men from going into the water and coming to her aid. The witness said the following:
They hit the window on the driver’s side, and she tried to get out but there’s a fence right there, and she couldn't get out. So she had all that weight with her and all the water inside. The men got scared, they didn't want to leave, they were mad, so they got scared, people were yelling so they had to leave before they got arrested.
Several other witnesses backed her claims. Another witness added:
We thought they were going to rescue her or come and do something, CPR, take her out, something, they have the tools, everyone had the tools, but they didn’t do anything. Nothing, they didn’t even touch the water.
Another witness said she and her daughter sought to help a man who drove his pick-up truck into the water, which she recalls as being waist-high and swift coursing. 45-year-old Patricia Lopez told the El Paso Times that "the neighbourhood was powerless." El Paso Police Department refused to comment. No one is surprised. The woman was trapped for an hour and a half, according to witnesses. Her body was then pulled from the vehicle. Now, say it with me, everyone: fuck the police.

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