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Television PopWrapped | Television

Top 10 Dysfunctional TV Family Thanksgiving Dinners

Marissa Messiano | PopWrapped Author

Marissa Messiano

11/21/2016 2:58 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Top 10 Dysfunctional TV Family Thanksgiving Dinners | Thanksgiving
Media Courtesy of Showtime

If you thought your family's Thanksgiving dinner was dysfunctional, think again! For decades, television writers have been crafting some equally disastrous and hilarious Thanksgiving celebrations for some of our favorite television families!


10 Dysfunctional Thanksgiving Dinners:

10 - Modern Family

Thanksgiving Courtesy of ABC

Whether it's slingshotting a pumpkin across the lawn, or partaking in an over-the-top Turkey cook-off, or replicating classic dinner table portraits, the Dunphy's and their extended family always know how to make audiences laugh on Thanksgiving. 


9 - Big Bang Theory

Thanksgiving Courtesy of CBS

It doesn't get much more dysfunctional than getting Sheldon drunk, but other Thanksgiving episodes have seen marriage annulments, aquarium cafeteria meals, and many many orders of Chinese food. 


8 - The Middle

Thanksgiving Courtesy of ABC

The kitchen sinkhole once moved Thanksgiving dinner to the local buffet, but full-out Thanksgiving reenactments and eccentric guests are what make this family meal dysfunctional year after year. 


7 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Thanksgiving Courtesy of Fox

Because when you're nervous that you might spill Thanksgiving food on your shirt, you should just take it off altogether. Belated dinner proves to be disastrous with awful cooking and precinct tensions. This show proves once more that dinner at the workplace is never a good idea.


6 - The Vampire Diaries

Thanksgiving Courtesy of CW

Thanksgiving in Mystic Falls will never go smoothly. Coven drama -- melting brains, killing people with magic... you know, the usual family issues. Perhaps this show is the only one where the dinner guests aren't plotting to kill just a turkey. Place settings look nice though, right?


5 - New Girl

Thanksgiving Courtesy of NBC

Famous for its Thanksgiving episodes year after year, the roommates often come up with absurd challenges and last year's episode was no exception. Deemed "Bangsgiving", how could anything go wrong? Bringing a date for someone else isn't dysfunctional at all...


4 - Supergirl

Thanksgiving Courtesy of CBS

There was some "high-voltage" drama on Supergirl's Thanksgiving themed episode. At least we know that even superheroes are anxious about their parents coming to dinner. When honesty and awkward childhood conversations come up at the table, just grab the wine. 


3 - Life In Pieces

Thanksgiving Courtesy of CBS

With a quintessential ruined turkey, dinner was doomed from the start. Stealthily sending your husband off to find a replacement. The episode is called "Godparent Turkey Corn Farts," so how could this show not make the Top 3 for dysfunction? 


2 - The Originals

Thanksgiving Courtesy of CW

Thanksgiving with the Mikaelsons turns deadly when an attempt at a truce turns into a series of epic fights around the table. Maybe if you receive a Thanksgiving invitation for dinner with your enemy's family, you should think twice before attending. Fingers crossed that no one holds a knife to your throat this holiday season. 


1 - Shameless

Thanksgiving Courtesy of Showtime

The title of the Showtime dramedy speaks for itself, but when it comes to the Gallagher family, holidays are epically shameless. With an alcoholic Frank delivering grace, the family gathers together around a cooked bald eagle that was shot by Carl in the backyard. And dinner is only the beginning of the heart-wrenching twists that shock viewers -- all before dessert.


Is there another dysfunctional television family Thanksgiving dinner episode that you love to watch? Let us know in the comments below!


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