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Top 5 Characters We Want To Make A 'Doctor Who' Comeback

Adam Barta | PopWrapped Author

Adam Barta

02/12/2015 2:57 am
PopWrapped | Fandom
Top 5 Characters We Want To Make A 'Doctor Who' Comeback | Doctor Who
It's been about a week since the finale of what I think has been a somewhat polarizing season of Doctor Who. There have been highs, there have been lows, and there have been lots of in-betweens. The dynamic with Clara and Capaldi's Doctor has finally fleshed itself out, but this paradigm shift from a fun, light, and airy Smith Doctor to a more somber (and hard to understand) Capaldi Doctor has left many of us yearning for some more substantial plot. Aside from the Missy/Master storyline, most of the episodes have been standalone, and while these work in a continuum, they don't really advance the overall arc of the entire show, and this is something I think has been lacking this entire season.

WARNING: spoilers ahead!

That being said, I've decided not to recap the finale since not much changed from point A to B. The Doctor stops Missy from pollinating the Earth with Cybermen she's harnessed from Earth's dead. She somehow escaped from Gallifrey -- and you'll get a headache trying to think exactly what history has now occurred since the Doctor phased them to a new location rather than time-lock them (i.e. did the events with the Master hearing the beating of the drums still occur at the end of "The End of Time"? If they didn't,  wouldn't Tennant's Doctor never have regenerated saving Wilf? (If anyone has theories, please share in the comments below!) Missy perishes at the end, as does Danny, but according to an interview with Radio Times, Michelle Gomez, who plays Missy, revealed to Doctor Who Magazine that she will be returning in the next series. So since we've seen the return of The Master, Cybermen, and Daleks this season, I wanted to shed some light on some characters we want to see that have yet to resurface. I've decided to compile a list, based on no science or mathematical data whatsoever, but from pressing my ear to the Who-sphere of the net and seeing whose names keep popping up!

5) Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton

The original Amy and Rory, these were the Doctor's first two passenger companions from Earth starting from season 1, episode 1. From the very first episode Barbara and Ian (schoolteachers) gave us the insight as to what it would feel like to travel with the Doctor. They were the first ones to discover the Daleks with the Doctor. They were our eyes and ears. We experienced the fear, excitement, joy, and terror of what it would be like for humans to travel with a Time Lord. They leave the Doctor unscathed, and wind up together back in London. I think it might just give classic Who-vians a treat and a nod to the very beginning of the show.

4) Donna Noble

Perhaps one of the most cheeky of the Doctor's companions, she accompanied Tennant's Doctor in his travels to Pompeii -- and even "met" Capaldi playing Lucius Caecilius in "The Fires of Pompeii". It would be interesting to bring back a storyline with Lucius, Donna, and the new Doctor. They hinted earlier in this season about an explanation as to why he chose the face he did. Also, Donna was never afraid to stand up to the Doctor and brought a fun, cheeky wit to the companion role that sometimes gets too somber with the way Clara and Amy are written. The last we see of Donna, she's happily married (after winning the lotto), and possesses a power to send a shockwave to render unconscious any alien threat that would come within 50 feet of her (albeit unknown to her).

3) Romana

The original "River Song" from back in the day, Romana was a Time Lady who assisted the Doctor in the quest for the Key of Time (an excellent series, if you get a chance to watch). She even regenerated a couple times, and she ultimately became the President of the High Council of Gallifrey, until being deposed by Rassilon. She would be an excellent companion to the new Doctor once Clara leaves, and we could get a lot more insight as to what happened to her in between becoming the Lady President and the madness of the Time War.

2) The Rani

Lacking morals and having a genius mind to rival the Master/Missy herself, the Rani was a renegade Time Lord, who became a nemesis to the both Doctor and Master alike. She was their school companion and had a wicked penchant for experimenting on other species. After foiling her plans on numerous occasions, she was trapped in a TARDIS and sent off to oblivion. It would be especially interesting to see the return of a non-Master related Time Lord villain, paving the way for for Missy to team up with the Doctor! From the finale it seems that Missy wants to work with him, rather than destroy him as in the past. This could be a real possibility, if Moffatt takes the fan's hints!

1) Susan Foreman

One of the original characters, in fact, the very first character we ever met on Doctor Who, Susan is the Doctor's long lost granddaughter. Whiny, but astute, she was the only glimpse we ever got of the Doctor's life on Gallifrey before stealing the TARDIS. Bringing her back could open a plethora of storylines about the Doctor's past, and life before he left. A companion of the Doctor in his first season, she parted ways with him after falling in love with a freedom fighter named David Campbell during a Dalek invasion. The Doctor sacrificed his relationship with her by locking her out of the TARDIS so she would be stuck with the man she truly loved and not travelling the Universe aimlessly with him. In the finale, Clara mentions that the Doctor's "children and grandchildren are all missing and presumed dead". Most likely Susan won't be returning any time soon, but why not give a nod to the legacy of the show by bringing back one of the original characters who helped establish the show? Plus, it'd be awesome to see the Doctor interact more with his own kin. It's always odd that if she was his true granddaughter he never would have gone back to visit or check up on her. If you don't recognize some (or any of these names) this could be a great time to go grab some popcorn and catch up, as some of the older series had some of the best moments. Do you agree? Disagree? Are you screaming at the computer? Let me know your thoughts! It all changes this Christmas, as Clara will be leaving. So anything's possible!

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