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Pop 5: Most Heartbreaking Doctor Who Moments

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/23/2014 7:47 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Pop 5: Most Heartbreaking Doctor Who Moments
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Kaitlyn Elliott

Senior Content Editor


If you have ever seen an episode of Doctor Who, you know that about 50% of the episodes will make you ball like a baby. So PopWrapped decided to narrow it down the the Pop 5 Most Heartbreaking Doctor Who Moments in no particular order. 1. 

The End Of Time

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After falling in love with the Tenth Doctor, he was ripped away from us in one of the most heartbreaking regenerations in Doctor Who history. Not only did he utter the iconic words "I don't wanna go," he was forced to regenerate alone. We all know the Doctor is never alone, and he was. Luckily, he had an Ood nearby to sing him a song while we cried our eyes out. 2. 

The Angels Take Manhattan

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"Amy. Just come back into the TARDIS. Come along, Pond. Please." *cue tears* or more like uncontrollable sobbing. After two and half seasons to fall in love with Amy and Rory, they were taken away from us in the most depressing fashion. The whole episode portrayed the love that the three, Amy, Rory, and the Doctor, have formed for each other throughout the seasons. This episode also answered a harrowing question; In the end, who will Amy choose? We all know she chose Rory, and we cried..and cried. 3. 

The Time Of The Doctor

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Well, we had just gotten over Ten's regenerations and fallen in love with Eleven when he too was ripped away from us. Not only was it heartbreaking, it was also heartwarming. Before he regenerated, the Doctor got to see his Pond one more time as Amy showed up to bid him farewell.
courtesy of doctorwhotv courtesy of doctorwhotv

As we already know, with any Doctor Who relationship, there must be eternal separation at some point, it is inevitable. But Rose? REALLY. The first love interest we see, the first person the Doctor loves, RIPPED AWAY. I have yet to re-watch this episode and not cry my eyes out. "And I suppose, if its one last chance to say it, Rose Tyler..." 5. 

Journey's End

courtesy of whatculture courtesy of whatculture
"I was going to travel with you forever." This was an episode that everyone felt. Donna was such a relatable character, she was sassy, she was hilarious, and she just wanted to travel with the Doctor forever, something all of us would kill to do. When Donna lost every memory she ever had of the Doctor, I cried uncontrollably. Especially at the end, when she passed him off as a stranger in her own home. *cue tears*

Honorable Mentions

Vincent And The Doctor

The Doctor's Wife The Wedding Of River Song

And there you have it, our Pop 5 most heartbreaking Doctor Who moments. Is there anything you thought should have made the list that didn't? Let us know in the comments!

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