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Pop 5: Reasons Why We Love Lea Michele

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/30/2013 1:53 am
Pop 5: Reasons Why We Love Lea Michele

Bec Heim

Managing Editor

Happy 27th Birthday to Lea Michele! 

We here at PopWrapped are huge fans of the Glee female leads. There are so many reasons why we are fans to begin with. If you read my glee-caps then you know that I have an issue with Rachel, but that’s really from the development of the character rather than the actual actress. 

Seriously I love Lea Michele. I’ve loved her ever since I saw Spring Awakening. There are so many reasons why we love her. Since this is a Pop 5, however, we only choose five to honor her on her birthday.

So let’s get this list started. 

5) Her Singing (duh)


This one was kind of obvious. It’s why it is so low. Lea is more than her. Her voice, however, makes up a big part of why we love her. That big of a voice coming out of that tiny girl? I remember being blown away when I heard her belt. There is a good reason why she has the most songs on Glee. Her voices conveys a lot of emotion and power that makes her one of the best and biggest voices of our generation. 

My favorite song of hers is actually from her pre-mega fame days. Below is a clip of her singing “Mama Who Bore Me” from her Tony-nominated role in Spring Awakening. 


4) Her Relationship With The 




Any Gleek will tell you that the friendships within the cast are the most adorable thing ever. So of course this was also going to appear on the list. 

I love seeing Lea play around and interact with her friends on set. It’s so sweet to see! Plus she just looks so happy to be there and be with them. 

Below is my favorite clip of Lea giving Chris Colfer a sneak attack hug during an interview about his Golden Globe nomination (It happens at 4:53). 


3) She Has A Really Positive Body Image


Rachel Berry may have struggled with her body image in “Born This Way” and, possibly, “Naked.” Lea Michele? Totally different story.

Lea Michele has a great body image that frankly I think more young woman should have. She’s even talked about how she honestly doesn’t give a damn about what people think of her look or her body. Plus, if you know Spring Awakening, then you have to admit it takes a very good body image to go topless on stage for eight shows a week. 
My favorite quote from her on the subject is “If anyone tells me I can’t eat, then I’m going to tell them to you-know-what themselves.” 

My second favorite quote on the subject is “I’ve always been proud of my body. Hollywood’s Hollywood, but that’s not going to change.” 

Lea, I totally feel the same way. 

2) Her Charity Work


Lea Michele does a lot of charity work. The list includes animal rights campaign, gay rights campaign, HIV/AIDs research, disaster relief, raising money for 9/11 orphans, cancer research, and music education. 

She performs at a lot of charity benefits. She has been honored by PETA for her animal rights charity work. She has also been particularly involved in the Broadway Cares/Equity Fight AIDs charity which sponsors such events as Broadway Bares and The Flea Market and Grand Auction. 

Below is a video that Lea Michele made for PETA. 


1) Her Strength


Lea Michele is the strongest person. Period. 

In light of recent tragic events, we’ve seen Lea become a pillar of strength for the entire fandom and for her Glee family. She has shown dignity, compassion, and true strength during this terrible time. 

The fact that she can still smile is a testament to that strength. The fact that she wanted Glee to continue, despite what are sure to be painful memories, is also proof. 

Not many people are as special or as strong as Lea Michele. She has definitely proved this fact. 

We love her for it. 

So happy birthday, Lea Michele. We wish you many years of happiness, health, joy, and song.


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