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Pop 5: Shows We Cannot WAIT To See In Fall 2013

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/07/2013 3:54 am
 Pop 5: Shows We Cannot WAIT To See In Fall 2013


Bec Heim

Managing Editor

It’s almost upon us everyone! The beginning of the 2013-2014 television season! It’s a magical time of year. The metaphorical smell of spoilers are in the air. We’re getting new pictures. We’re discussing these new characters in our favorite shows.

Plus we’re getting new shows! It looks like we’re getting a good crop of shows this year too.

We can’t tell you what to watch. We here at PopWrapped though ARE more excited for it to begin! Naturally some shows have captured our hearts and excitement more than others.

Now these are based strictly off the trailers for the shows. We’re not lucky enough to get first look privileges at the pilot.  So here is the Pop 5 list of the shows we cannot WAIT to grace our screens this fall!!!

5) The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC)



This could be personal preference but I freaking love Michael J. Fox. Naturally, I am thrilled as all hell that he’s making his return to television with The Michael J. Fox Show. This is loosely based on Fox’s experiences with his Parkinson’s. I say loosely because Fox’s character is New York’s Most Beloved News Anchor who quit five years ago to spend time with his family after his diagnosis. Now his family and his former boss want him back in the game.

This looks like a sweet, funny, heartwarming sitcom with one my favorite actors from the 80’s and 90’s making his return to television. I got all nostalgic about it watching it.

The problem is that it airs during Glee and Grey’s Anatomy. It looks like if I want to get a dose of Michael J. Fox, then it’s going to be online.

The Michael J. Fox Show will premiere September 26th at 9pm EST.


4) Sleepy Hollow (FOX)


Sleepy Hollow just looks like fun. It’s creepy. It’s dramatic. It’s weird.  It’s fantastic. I admit that I love a good genre show. So Sleepy Hollow had me sold just by viewing the trailer. Come on there’s a time traveling Ichabod Crane going head to head (pun intended) with a decapitated madman…that he decapitated! It’s brilliance I tell you. Alright so the plot is this: Ichabod Crane is one of General George Washington’s top soldier in the Revolutionary War. In battle, he decapitates a man with a strange marking on his hand. Crane passes out and wakes up two hundred and fifty years in the future where he teams up with police detective Abbie Mills who is dealing with beheadings in her town. As a lover of fish out of water time travel stories, I get this my most hearty approval. It looks dramatically hilariously awesome in that sense. It seems to know that it is a bit silly of a premise but it goes along with it, which in turn makes me want to go along with it.

I think what I want to say here is that the show embraces its own insanity. I can also see a Sleepy Hollow drinking game in the immediate future.

It is going up against stiff competition in the form of The Voice, which has proved to be a heavy hitter for Monday nights. Fingers crossed though that this genre show will find an audience!

Sleepy Hollow premieres September 16th at 9pm EST.


3) Once Upon A Time In Wonderland (ABC)



This just looks epic. The pilot alone was picked up based on 19 minutes of filmed footage.  I can hardly imagine what it’ll look like with a full show behind it. What we did see? It’s gorgeous.

I mean it. Everything from the costumes to the sets to the shooting is just perfection. The story seems to be this Alice is in a mental institution where she is about to be scheduled for the lobotomy. It seems no one quite believes her stories about the mystical world. She is then whisked away to Wonderland in order to find her lost lover and avoid the villainous Jafar. 

I love a grand sweeping love story with strong characters.  Once Upon A Time has shown a knack for delivering both. So here’s hoping that with the focus on two characters (Alice and the Genie) the story will be even more amazing. Also it looks like Alice kicks ass and that makes me happy. 

Now we need to see how Wonderland will stack up against Thursday night juggernaut The Big Bang Theory.

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland premieres October 10th at 8pm EST.


2) Almost Human (FOX)


J.J. Abrams brings us a “action buddy cop show” set in the near future with androids.  J.J. Abrams is an evil genius because it combines things people love: robots, buddy cops, snarky anti-heroes, and crime procedurals.

Okay the basic plot is that Detective John Kennex hates androids after one sacrificed another human to save him. He wakes up from a coma with robotic legs and a deep hatred for anything robotic.  This means there is a lot of self-loathing over his own robo-legs. Anyway! He goes back to work where he finds that everyone must be paired with an android. It does not go well. (Android gets pushed out of a moving care violence. Ow.) So he gets partnered with a much more “human” model that was decommissioned. I would say hilarity ensues but yeah I won’t. The premise is ripe for a lot of exploration that we can expect from J.J. Abrams TV show. Mainly nature versus nurture and what makes someone actually human. The chemistry between the cast is fantastic especially Karl Urban and Michael Ealy. Naturally we can all expect a bigger over-arching plot to spring forth. 

At the outset though the premise is solid and promises definite interest. Hopefully this means it can go toe to toe with other heavy hitters like The Voice.

Almost Human premieres November 4th at 8pm EST.


1) Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (ABC)




Okay yeah. This is probably the pilot of the season. Everyone is talking about it since it was announced. Can you blame us though? Coulson! Joss Whedon! Marvel! 

This is an extremely potent and successful combo.  Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD is poised to be a dominating force. People are saying that it’s full of action, drama, and that trademark Whedon-esque humor. Also the emphasis on dysfunctional characters becoming a family is a solid movie. The show is, at least according to Whedon, going to be a character piece. Each person has something that the other is missing. So it’s about balance in addition to characters. Plus add in explosions and superheroes? Then drizzle it all in the mystery of how Coulson is exactly still alive?

Oh. My. God. I am so sold!

Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD will premiere on September 24th at 8pm EST.



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