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Pop-5 Tips For Crossing The 50,000 Word Finish Line Of NaNoWriMo

Kay Ziegler | PopWrapped Author

Kay Ziegler

11/04/2014 11:57 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
Pop-5 Tips For Crossing The 50,000 Word Finish Line Of NaNoWriMo | NaNoWriMo
Media Courtesy of Camp NaNoWriMo
This month people around the globe are attempting to complete a writing challenge. The goal is to pen 50,000 words of a novel in the 30 days of November. This is a feat that often leaves the writers stressed and panicky. While I can't promise to get you to the 50K (only the author of his or her book can do that) these 5 tips should help you cross the glorious finish line.  
  1. Use 'and'. Any time you can insert 'and' into a sentence, do it. Of course make sure what you write has a semblance of clarity. The use of that 3-letter word can bulk up lists and creates wondrous compound sentences and you may even find yourself adding a new character into a group. See, the previous sentence is 28 words; if it lacked some of the ands 3 more words to the one sentence (remember any will help bulk up your word count).
  1. Don't be afraid of the 'shovel of death'. This tool is a god-send. If you are stuck, it will get you out of a bind. It will help add conflict and action to your story. It will create a great plot twist. Plus, you can spend hundreds, if not thousands of words writing about the attack and the aftermath. The shovel does not have to be used to kill a character if you don't wish. It can be used to uncover something or it can be used to bury an item (or a person).
  1. Refrain from all contractions. Contractions are two words combined. For example: shouldn't is should not; isn't turns into is not; and it's becomes it is. You will have one more word if you refrain from contractions. The only one that would be usable is can't because it's the contraction of cannot - it's already 1 word.
  1. Make up complex speeches, songs, or poems. The wordier the better. Anything goes. A character can break into theatrics at any time you want. Maybe have your characters go to karaoke night and have them cover a song. Have fun with it. When you edit the novel, take the song out and make up your own or just take the whole scene out and replace it later.
  1. Add a plot twist. Is your story lagging? Are you bored? Shake things up. Have fun. Add a surprise. Bring in a long-lost relative. Have a character change genders. Have them discover a secret or treasure. Let ninjas literally fall from the sky. Do whatever you want. This is your novel.
  So do you have any tips for completing NaNoWriMo? Share them below! Good luck to everyone taking this challenge by the horns.

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