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Fandom PopWrapped | Fandom

Pop Art: Whovians Rejoice, Doctor Who Is Back

Sash | PopWrapped Author


09/21/2015 12:59 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Pop Art: Whovians Rejoice, Doctor Who Is Back | Whovians
Media Courtesy of Credit: SashDoesDoodles

What's that noise? It's the army of Whovians waking from their hibernation. There's been little news from the TARDIS since Christmas, but that is all set to change as Series 9 crashes into our lives this weekend! Let's take a look at TWELVE artists, eh?

I was lucky enough to meet Capaldi this week at the premiere...

Whovians, Pop Art Credit: SashDoesDoodles

Anyway, enough about that...let's take a look at some amazing arty types!

Credit: Greyfin Credit: Greyfin

Greyfin kicks off this week's bumper Who feature, with this piece of Twelve being disgusted with some fruit. After all, an apple a day keeps the Doctor away...

Credit: MadelineSlytherin Credit: MadelineSlytherin

MadelineSlytherin has created a wonderful ink piece of our favourite Lord of Time.

Credit: RabidDog008 Credit: RabidDog008

RabidDog008 shows us just how much Twelve likes selfies. Probably not much...

Credit: WongHyo Credit: WongHyo

WongHyo gives us a more domestic look at the Doctor and Clara, enjoying a book together. Cute!

Credit: LadyBubelle Credit: LadyBubelle

LadyBubelle has created a very sweet piece of the duo in a style similar to the retro travel posters of years ago. Lovely.

Credit: Song-Of-The-Bad-Wolf Credit: Song-Of-The-Bad-Wolf

Song-Of-The-Bad-Wolf has drawn the baddest of the Doctor's ensemble... She may no longer have a beard or laser screwdriver but she's just as terrifying. Can't wait to see how she's involved in the series...

Credit: Mistress Ainley Credit: Mistress Ainley

Mistress Ainley gives an incredible alternative look at the two best friends/worst enemies. Seeing them in their Prydonian robes on their home planet. Will we see this in this series? Who knows...

Credit: Splendidriver Credit: Splendidriver

Splendidriver's piece is brilliant. Look at that expression...I wouldn't cross him. No sir.

Credit: fonora Credit: fonora

fonora shows us that the Doctor does have a sense of humour.. Twelve's moustache is fabulous and I love Danny in the background desperately trying to get some attention from Clara.

Credit: RaRo81 Credit: RaRo81

RaRo81 sums up Peter Capaldi's first series with a clever illustration. Spot all the episode references!

Credit: RedundantThoughts Credit: RedundantThoughts

RedundantThoughts takes an interesting look at the relationship between the Doctor and the two women in his life...brilliant.

Credit: SashDoesDoodles Credit: SashDoesDoodles

My piece this week is a coloured pencil look at Twelve and all the Doctors that have come before him...

Keep up to date with all Doctor Who news and gossip here on PopWrapped, and be sure to say hello to the featured artists who were kind enough to share their work with us!

Until next week!


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