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Pop Of Fandoms: Hiddlestoners Really Do Have Hearts And More

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/25/2013 5:06 am
Pop Of Fandoms: Hiddlestoners Really Do Have Hearts And More


Erika Rivera

Senior Editor

It is safe to say that there are a lot of fandoms out there in the world. You have your Gleeks, Whovians, Sherlockians, etc… and they all have their purpose in pop-culture.

With all the fandoms out there that one might belong to, it is kind of hard for those fan bases to make themselves stand out.

There is one fandom, however, that has managed to do just that and more.

The Hiddleston fandom or Hiddlestoners (as they call themselves) have made themselves really shine and break out from the typical fandom mold. As far as fandoms are concern, they do a lot more than just idolize their favorite entertainer. They have shown that they have hearts and have used their force collectively to show their support and to do a bit of good in the world, all in the name of Tom Hiddleston.

For those of you who might have been living under a rock the last few years, Tom Hiddleston has been making his presence known to world and has found quite a bit of success for his role as everyone’s favorite Marvel villain, Loki from the Thor franchise. Hiddleston also has shown that there’s a lot more to him than just his acting but that he has a quite the generous spirit with his charity work, which in turn, has inspired his fans, the Hiddlestoners to follow his lead and try to make the world a better place.

While there are a lot of groups in the Hiddleston fandom that fans can belong to, there are some that have gone above and beyond with their work to show their support of Hiddleston’s work and his causes. These fan groups have shown the positive side of what a fandom can do when there are so many other fan groups that spend their time attacking one another and giving fandoms a negative reputation.

There are several Hiddlestoner groups that have devoted their time to making sure that fans of Hiddleston are up to date with the actor’s latest news and projects.

TomsFans4life, Loki_Page, and Hiddles Army on Twitter and Facebook, for example, keep fans entertained by constantly seeking out the latest on Tom Hiddleston and have become well known on those social media sites as the go-to accounts for Hiddleston fans.

Other groups have shown their support of their favorite actor in other unique ways as well.  The group called Hiddle Cougars’ main goal is to get Hiddleston’s name out there, and they also created a petition to send to NBC so they can book him to host Saturday Night Live. Hiddleston took notice of this group and even tweeted on his page that he would love to do it. Their goal is to have 5,000 signatures and currently have over 3,000. This particular group would love to see him on that stage like so many greats before him and show the world his many talents.


The Hiddleston Army Romania is another group that has also gone above and beyond. They are an international group who devote their time helping Hiddleston fans from all over the world stay connected and encourage them to interact and get involved with some of things that Hiddleston is passionate about. They have participated in several of the charity projects set up in Hiddleston’s name and hope to grow and develop the international Hiddleston community and keep it respectable.

They have even teamed up with another group, Hiddles Goddesses, a group that is making a fanzine called Hiddles Made, to show off fan work that is devoted to Hiddleston as both these groups believe that by promoting fan talents along with promoting Hiddleston’s talents, the fandom can remain a positive force.


As mentioned before, Hiddleston also devotes part of his time to lending a hand to several charities. This display of charity from Tom inspired two groups to also pay it forward and try to make the world a better place in Hiddleston’s name.

Hiddles It Forward is a group that encourages and persuades other fans and non-fans of Mr. Hiddleston to donate on other’s behalf. This groups takes on compassion, empathy, and kindness as Mr. Hiddleston has as an actor and use it in a way to put their selves in other fans’ and people’s shoes to understand them more, to be more kind to one another through their work.


Hiddlestoners Have Hearts is another group that has done some charitable work on Hiddleston’s behalf. This group channels their energy into helping UNICEF in Hiddleston’s name. UNICEF is the major charity that Tom supports. UNICEF is the world’s leading organization working for children and their rights in more than 190 countries.

This groups encourages fans to join and celebrate Tom Hiddleston by helping be a force of good in the world. This group manage to raise  £30,000 in Hiddleston’s name for his favorite charity by his birthday this and have set up another fundraiser to help out UNICEF with the tragedies going on in Syria at this moment.

The Hiddlestoners, have a set of values like humanity, solidarity, respect, and kindness that has made them really stand out in a world of so many fandoms.

With their combined efforts whether it was for Project Wendy to UNICEF and even just by promoting Tom’s works , this fan base has shown the world that fans can do a lot when they set their minds to it and remain a positive force to be reckoned with.


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