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Pop Of Opinion: What's The Deal With Dianna Agron And Glee?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/07/2013 12:51 am
Pop Of Opinion: What's The Deal With Dianna Agron And Glee?


Heather O’Connell
Staff Writer

When E!Online announced that Dianna Agron wouldn’t be reprising her role as Quinn Fabray in the Cory Monteith/Finn Hudson tribute episode, people have had very strong feelings about it. Looking around twitter most of the comments I saw ranged from angry to disappointed that she wouldn’t be appearing in the episode.  People, including myself, wanted to know why she wouldn’t be in the episode. Was she too busy promoting her new movie, The Family? Was she not asked to appear in the episode? Everyone wanted to know.

Last week an article was published stating that Dianna seemed to confirm that she was not asked to be in the episode. I read the article and to be honest I had a few problems with it, one being that there was no direct quote of her being asked or even saying that she wasn’t asked to be in the episode. It is simply implied in a paragraph of the article. Another problem I had with it was the randomness of the quotes but no question to go along with them an example being this :

"It’s a surprise, given her formerly pivotal role.

“Yeah,” she says coolly.”              

My problem with this is what was she saying “Yeah” too? I mean there’s no direct question stated so based on the article we really don’t know what he asked her to prompt her to say “Yeah”. Also given that I have seen quite a few Dianna Agron interviews I don’t think I have ever heard her give a one word answer, so it makes me think that there might be more to the quote that was cut out.

Sorry I’m getting off topic and nit picking… Back to the topic at hand: I really don’t know if I believe that article where she supposedly says she wasn’t asked to be on the episode. Do I believe it’s possible that she wasn’t asked? Absolutely. Do I think that article was a confirmation of her saying she wasn’t asked to be in the episode? Not so much.

This brings me to my next topic: Ryan Murphy, one of the creators and show runners of Glee. After the article I spoke about above came out, I decided to do a little survey and ask some fans what they thought about Dianna not being in the tribute episode. One MAJOR thing that I got from comments was that people were VERY angry with Ryan Murphy and the idea that he wouldn’t ask Dianna to be in the tribute episode.

One of the questions I asked was “How do you feel about the rumor that Ryan Murphy didn’t ask Dianna to be in the tribute episode?” and many people shared their feelings. Most of the comments were stating how disappointed and angry they were, while others stated their strong feelings about Ryan Murphy, using mostly profanity laced words to describe him. Something that bothered me about the profanity laced comments, were not just because they were profanity laced, but because they were all assuming he hadn’t asked her though there is no clear confirmation that he didn’t.

Based on past comments from Ryan Murphy, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t ask her to join in on the tribute episode. A comment that stands out to me on why he wouldn’t is this one where he speaks about Dianna ruining the part of Quinn Fabray for him:

"When we cast Dianna as Quinn, she ruined the part for me," Murphy says. "She was supposed to be the Cybill Shepherd, Last Picture Show c**t, so to speak, but she humanized it. She can cry at the drop of a hat. So now her character has a conscience, a soul and great vulnerability.”

While that quote was from an interview he had with Rolling Stone in 2010, I feel like he’s always held it against her throughout her seasons on Glee with all the ups and downs her character went through. Quinn Fabray went through a lot in her Glee days but to me it never seemed like she was written to have any character growth. It was like one season people would think she might be growing up and taking a step forward but the next season she’d be taking two steps back.

Her character always seemed to be written to have hardships and problems and every time you might think that Quinn was making some character progress the next episode she would be back to doing the same things you thought she was over doing. It was almost like the writers forgot what had happened the episodes before and just wrote it to make her the bitch yet again.

This leads me to the next one of my survey questions that I asked “Are you disappointed that Dianna won’t be appearing in the Cory Monteith tribute episode?” Out of all the people that took the survey about 94% of the survey takers said that they were disappointed that she wouldn’t be in the episode.

Now as for If I’m disappointed that she won’t be in the episode, I’m a little torn on how to answer. There’s a part of me that would have loved to see another Quinn Fabray appearance to see what she’s up to and to see Dianna on my TV screen again. I also would have liked to see her with the cast again and there to support her fellow cast members in what will be a very emotional episode. Quinn was a huge part of Finn’s life, being his first girlfriend, and while they had their ups and downs they were still a huge part of each other’s lives. Dianna did get her chance to say goodbye to Cory in the memorial they had with the cast on the Fox lot, but with Dianna not being in the episode, Quinn won’t get a real chance to say goodbye to Finn and that’s a tragedy.

 There is also a part of me that isn’t disappointed that she won’t be in the episode because I get the feeling that her presence in the episode just would have been just another attempt to make Quinn look like a crazy person all over again and I don’t want that for Quinn or Dianna. In my opinion Dianna deserves better than some guest appearance where her talents aren’t fully appreciated.

“Do you think that Dianna should have asked to be in the tribute?” was the next question I asked in my survey. I asked this question mostly because of the rumor that she wasn’t asked by Ryan Murphy to be in the episode. 82% of the survey takers said that Ryan should have contacted her and I agree. While I do see the side that if she really wanted too she should have reached out to Murphy, but I also see the point that its Ryan’s show and it’s his choice on who appears and who doesn’t.

It’s no secret that something seems to be going on between Ryan and Dianna, and it seems to be nothing good. Dianna recently unfollowed Ryan on twitter and many are taking that as a sign that she isn’t very happy with him. So this leads me to the next question I asked: “Do you think that there is bad blood between Ryan and Dianna?” and 83% seem to think that there is. Now we can talk and guess about what’s going on all we want but I really don’t think we’ll know anytime soon if something happened between the two of them.

While the previous three questions I asked on my survey were landslide votes the last question I had was closer than I expected it to be. I simply asked if Dianna should appear in a future episode of Glee and 58% said she’s better off doing other projects, while 41% are holding on for another Quinn Fabray appearance.  Like I previously said I really don’t know if I’d want Dianna to appear again, but if she were to appear again I would want it to be for a great storyline or at least something that make it worth Dianna’s time to come back, like the tribute episode.

Those are my thoughts, and before I go I wanted to share one last thing which was some of the Final Comments that I got through the survey. The one’s I’m sharing are the ones that really stood out to me and that I thought other people would be interested in seeing:

-Cindy wrote: “It was very clear to me that after Season 3 ended, Dianna is pursuing her dreams and ambitions with movies and other experiences as every person should be able to do. But it does not mean that she is not grateful for what Glee gave her as she said it will “be a part of me and with me and I would always go back”. I will miss the fabulous complex Quinn Fabray as played by the enormously talented Dianna Agron on Glee. But what really saddens me the most is not seeing Ms. Agron be part of a final episode that is in memorial for a friend and costar who we will never have in our lives again. Remembering Dianna and Cory on Glee, at events together, doing the OP campaign, the video of Dianna sleeping on Cory or both of them filming each other—I will treasure all of those moments. But Ryan Murphy is denying me the final treasured moment of Quinn (and Dianna) saying goodbye and that just should not have happened”

@itsadeleee wrote:  “If it is true, I truly am disappointed. Dianna is part of the original Glee family and I think Quinn played a pivotal role in the development of Finn and vice versa. They both tested each other. They had many ups and downs throughout the seasons, and to me there is no doubt that their relationship is one of the special ones Finn had.”

@hahacass wrote: “I hope that this is all just an misunderstanding, that Ryan, Dianna, and the rest of the cast are on good terms. With the passing of Cory one would think that the WHOLE cast should come together to celebrate his life and share memories of him. For Dianna not being in the tribute episode is just totally ridiculous. She was one of the originals and will always be one of my favorite characters. Quinn played a big part in Glee and had so many interactions with Finn. The fact that the writers gave Quinn and Finn so much history and now want to pretend none of it mattered because we obviously won’t get to see Quinn’s take on Finn’s passing is just sad. If it had to do something with her scheduling or her promotion of her new movie they could have surely worked something out to allow her even a five minute scene. All I know is that the tribute episode won’t really feel complete without Dianna/Quinn’s participation”

Anonymous wrote: “Misconstrued comment written by a journo and taken out of context. She was present at the wake held privately at Paramount Studios. Whatever the relationship between her and Murphy may be, I’m sure they are professional enough to be in each others company. Besides she is about to embark on her movie career and will have press junkets. It would be a conflict of interest to have her back in the role of Q. Fabray when she is about to star in a role not suitable for the target demo that Glee caters to. Dianna does not need to be in the tribute to solidify her sorrow for Cory. It does not demean what she shared with him. It only shows that she is living her life in the wake of his tragic passing. That is probably what she and the rest of the crew will take from this experience; it is probably what Cory would have wanted for them. We shouldnt pass judgement on their life choices. This is what is truly sad in this. To claim to be fans and support them but then crucify them for something we do not truly understand.

@Smurfgron wrote: “Quinn was such a big part of Finn’s short life. They were the first Glee couple, they were each other’s first love, they lived together under the same roof. They became friends with time. Right after Rachel, Quinn was the most important girl in Finn’s life and maybe the most important person. She made him who he was, made him grow up. They dated TWICE. He helped her to be prom queen. You just can’t ignore that, you can’t ignore Quinn Fabray when we’re talking about Finn Hudson’s death. That’s just not fair. As much as I’m glad that Dianna is out of Glee and focusing on movies (because Glee has always been a jerk to Quinn), her absence for the tribute episode is just sad and not fair. If there was one episode that Dianna should have been in for the last time, it has to be this one.”

Thank you to everyone that sent in their comments and filled out the surveys! I wish I could post all of the comments in the article, but I just want everyone to know that I appreciate everyone that took the time to fill it out for me!


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