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Pop Of Opinion: Why Klaine Should Get Engaged

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/02/2013 2:56 am
Pop Of Opinion: Why Klaine Should Get Engaged

Kirsty Wallace

Content Editor

From the exact moment that Kurt Hummel stopped that random Dalton pupil on the staircase with the words “Excuse me, can I ask you a question, I’m new here,” I have been a Klainer. I make no apologies for this, and as a result I have been in my own personal hell, watching my boys being apart.

When the idea of Blaine proposing to Kurt was first discussed, I was firmly in the same camp as Papa Hummel, no way, no how; I still believed that they would have their happy ever after but come on Anderson, don’t do it. My reasons for being against a Klaine engagement were Kurt still wasn’t in a place that meant he could consider going back to Blaine, Blaine isn’t in New York, and we still had to get rid of creepy “Essex” lad Adam.  

When the pictures surfaced last week of Chris in his Kurt costume with a suspicious looking piece of metal on his left hand, to my surprise I found myself thinking “YAY Klaine are getting engaged”. 

No one was more shocked than me at this reaction. I think that because we know season five is going to be heartbreaking due to Cory’s death so I find myself looking for any ray of happiness. For me? Klaine is a freaking solar flare.

Let me explain why I am ok with Kurt and Blaine “putting a ring on it”.

First of all, there is nothing to say that it will be Blaine that does the proposing.  We know that Klaine will be reunited in episode one, and therefore Kurt has realized that Blaine is the one for him. Kurt has always been one to go and get what he wants; look at the lengths he went to in order to get into NYADA. So if Blaine is what he wants, maybe him proposing is the ultimate gesture.  If Kurt does propose, it shows that the pair of them are finally on the same page. No one will be saying yes because there are no other options (ahem season three Rachel).


In spite of Burt saying no to Blaine when he asked for his permission at the end of season four, something must change as Papa Hummel is front and centre for the big grand gesture at Dalton for “All You Need Is Love”.  We don’t know what that is yet, however, with having the big number at Dalton and the courtyard duet and Klaine.

Klaine is back all guns blazing.  This being said, I do hope that any proposal is more subtle and heartfelt, which is another reason why I hope that Kurt does the asking because Blaine is not always the most subtle or sensible where matters of the heart are concerned. Remember “When I Get You Alone”?

Blaine will be graduating and heading to New York and if the boys are planning to get married (or are already married), it means that there is something to keep both of them grounded and give them something to hold onto when things get rough.  By Klaine being engaged or married by the time Blaine relocates, it will also give the Bushwick apartment a whole new dynamic. There will be extra support for Rachel in the aftermath of episode three.  It also means that Kurt will have an anchor with him when he dealing with the death of Finn as Burt is in Ohio and will need to be there for Carole.

I do agree with my esteemed colleague when I say that I do NOT want to see a Klaine wedding in season five. I am surprisingly fine with the potential of an engagement.

Finally, I am so so struck that if there is a Klaine engagement it is during the Beatles episodes. We all know that the best Klaine realizations happen to the music of the Fab Four. Remember “Blackbird”?

Yes, Blaine and Kurt are still young however if time is taken with the engagement then we have the potential for lots of lovely happy moments in what will be a generally subdued sad season.

Let me finally fall down on the side of yes to a Klaine engagement but still a big fat no to a season five Klaine wedding. As a rampant Klainer, I just want my boys to be happy, so if a ring does that then all is good.  All I ask is that any Klaine angst is kept to a minimum. We have had nearly a year of that, and let the boys prove that “love is all you need”.




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