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Television PopWrapped | Television

Pop10 Fox Kids TV Shows I Loved Growing Up

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

12/30/2016 9:51 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Pop10 Fox Kids TV Shows I Loved Growing Up | Fox Kids
Media Courtesy of Tumblr

One of the best parts of growing up in the 90s and early 2000s was easily waking up early on Saturday mornings and watching my favorite TV shows on FOX Kids.

Having the selection of shows between FOX Kids and Kids WB was always the best thing growing up because there were just so many different cartoons to enjoy every Saturday.

In honor of FOX's 30th anniversary and the ever nostalgic 90s/early 2000s child that I am, here's my list of the absolute best shows to come from the FOX Kids network.

10. X-Men (1992 - 1997)

With the success of movies like Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse, the second attempt for the X-Men universe in the media seems to be going pretty well. That being said, we can't forget some of the popular roots that helped influence kids into being curious about the mutants who lived among us. Superheroes were always fascinating, and watching this group of heroes try to stand as a positive example of society was always really good.

We may never see Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in the iconic yellow costume, but you can definitely appreciate the memorable looks that fans loved from the comic books. This show earns the number 10 spot because it captures the intensity of the stories you could read in the comics but still managed to stay light-hearted and gave good lessons for kids to watch.

9. Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century (1999 - 2000)

It's easy to say this short-lived series was a huge reason why I became such a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes and all things mysterious. The concept behind the show was absolutely fascinating. Moriarty had been cloned and was causing hell in the 22nd Century's New London. Thanks to Lestrade and a scientist that looked suspiciously like Arthur Conan Doyle, Holmes was able to be made young again to help stop the criminal mastermind.

It was always fascinating to see such an iconic Victorian style character in the world of the future. He was still the impossibly brilliant mind we all know, just taking on rewritten popular cases he dealt with and by the side of an android who was to be like the original John Watson. These facts, plus the super catchy theme song give it the number 9 spot on my list.

8. Goosebumps (1995 - 1998)

Although I might be a major scaredy cat, I did love watching this show from the safety of my blanket and through the hands covering my eyes. I might not have been under the ideal target audience, but there's nothing like a good spooky story about something in real life.

One of the best parts of the show was that you never really knew what kind of creepy ride you were about to get on. This show captured my favorite kind of horror -- the one that isn't just full of blood and gore but has some weird twist on reality that just sends a chill down your spine as you re-evaluate everything in your entire life.

7. Tiny Toon Adventures (1992 - 1995)

There's nothing like slapstick, violent cartoons. This show was amazing because it supplemented the Looney Tunes universe in an adorable manner. There was no hiding the inspiration the characters found from the popular characters that we all know and love, but it also managed to teach some important lessons on morality while still remaining light and cute.

This makes it onto my list not just because it was one of the games I used to play on my sister's Game Boy, but, as a kid, I also felt like I could connect more with these cartoons that were a little bit closer to my age. The shenanigans Buster, Babs, Plucky, Hamton and the rest of the gang got into while studying at Acme Looniversity was always fun to watch and definitely deserves respect as one of my favorite cartoons of all time.

6. Tom & Jerry Kids (1990 - 1994)

There was just something about adorable cartoons that involved vaguely dangerous shenanigans. Although most people associate Tom & Jerry with Cartoon Network, this younger version of the classic show was a part of FOX Kids right before the wonderful minds of Hanna-Barbera became the source for many other iconic cartoons for a generation.

Now, obviously the violence of the original series was toned down because this was directly meant for kids, but it still kept true to the original cat & mouse we loved to watch compete. As a huge fan of Tom & Jerry, this was just as great to watch and was easily a highlight of my favorite childhood cartoons.

5. Animaniacs (1993 - 1995)

This popular cartoon sketch comedy might have been one of the best things I ever watched when I was growing up. Looking back at some of the jokes included in the show makes it even funnier to watch today. (Thank you, Netflix.)

From the way all the segments somehow connected for each individual episode to the variety and personality of the characters, this show was just a riot to watch and nearly impossible to pick one particular character over the rest as your favorite. This show was just unbelievably clever with the humor they embedded within the content, even just the added "Wheel of Morality" being a part of the show to just put it a touch above your generic sketch cartoon.

4. Magic School Bus (1994)

Thanks to Ms. Frizzle and her logic-defying, science-enlightening school bus, this series made learning so much more fun. Even though I'm someone who isn't scientifically inclined, this made my childhood so much better.

Growing up, it felt like we were all going on a ride whenever the new episode started because we never knew where the bus would take us. Each one of the students were funny in their own ways, and sometimes it'd be funny to watch when you were little because you could imagine you and your classmates in the same position, too.

3. Digimon (1999 - 2002)

Pokemon might be celebrating its 20th anniversary, but, in the 90s, Digimon was just as popular for all the kids growing up. The names were a lot easier to remember and you always got a recap to try to remember what exactly was going on in the digital world.

Just within the three seasons, the show grew so much. You got to watch the digi-destined as they tried to live up to the element / emotion / concept associated with them. It was good for teaching lessons because it showed that being brave, a friend, loving, etc. was just something you could do. The series showed things in life were constant tests, and, sometimes, it let its audience know that they could accomplish and overcome the improbable.

2. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993 - 1996)

GO GO POWER RANGERS! As exciting as it is to see the revamp of the Power Rangers in the upcoming movie, this show was absolutely iconic. They were all trying to figure out how to deal with teenage life and save the world from the monsters that terrorized their home.

This was always so cool because it mixed cool science and technology with elaborate fight sequences while teaching good lessons about the struggles of growing up. Each of the rangers had their own personalities and problems, but it never stopped them from being the heroes they needed to be.

1. Batman: The Animated Series (1992 - 1995)

Mysteries, action and saving the world from terrifying clowns. This series had the memorable voice work of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, respectively, as the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Darkness. These were my heroes growing up. It was always great storytelling; every aspect from the art to the music helped tell an amazing story, and the way the show was drawn is still one of my favorite styles to date.

Even if I'm a huge Superman fan, this was my favorite thing to watch more than anything. This series needs to be appreciated for everything it did for helping raise a new generation of kids who appreciate superheroes.

Do you agree? What were your favorite cartoons from FOX Kids? Which ones do you miss?


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